The Quadrantia Xenomorph are an exotic and dangerous parasite creature found within the Quadrants. Though often thought as simple creatures, the Q-Xenomorphs are sentient beings, showing observational learning and problem solving skills as well as understanding some basic words spoken by the other species of the Quadrants.


The Q-Xenomorph are agile and fast, quite strong as well. They perfected hunting prey and devouring it when hugry. The Q-Xenomorph lie eggs in their hosts or prey and as such new Q-Xenomorph can come into excistence. The Xenomporth arrived by unknown means in the Quadrants, some claim they come from another dimension but those are not proven. The Q-Xenomorph are a rather unknown species (luckily for the Quadrants) and so far have only been encountered in the Unclaimed Territories of the Quadrants and the Outer Regions.

Q-Xenomorph have a variety in appearance, the physical differance is often seen in their spikes or skins.


Arena match choas at Sanderhal!

Once subjucated by a Quarantia scientist, who found a lone Q-Xenomorph began to study the odd and dangerous creature. The scientist expiriment and discovered that the Q-Xenomorph could gain offspring by using hosts. Over time he saw the birth of over 20 Q-Xenomorph who managed to free themselves when the lab was struck by a black out. As such they were left loose upon the Quadrants by accident. Now, using cargo vessels these creatures plan to spread out over the Quadrans for food and hosts.

Since 0 BQF the Q-Xenomorph are often hunted down by the Saurdoshans of Sanderhal, who use the creatures to fight in arena fights. During the elventh month of 06 AQF a Xenomorph managed to attack the Saurdoshan Hunter during an arena fight that got out of hand. During the battle the creature stood above Claire Rambo, it's saliva dripping on her. Before the creature could attack, a Pidarrow came to aid Claire. Shaking of the creature, the Xenomorph launched itself at Claire who evaded the attack and allow the Xenomorph to crash into the Saurdoshan Hunter. During the ensuing choas, the Xenomorph escaped the arena alive and began following the one who set it free.


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