The Quadrantia Radeon are a Radeon subspecies now native to the Quadrant Galaxies. Notably smaller than other Radeon species found across the First Gigaquadrant, they are also known to be more friendly and generous, fitting well into Rambo Nation society. The Quadrantia Radeon were once Qiranit Radeon, living in Cyrannus but fled the galaxy due to the tyrannic rule of Agnassana and began viewing their Cyrannian brothers and sisters as misguided.

Most of the Quadrantia Radeon still worship Spode and hold dear to the ancient traditions of the Church of Spode. However, their beliefs are also influenced by local faiths, and they do not recognise the religious authority of the Divinarium and its ruler. For this reason, the Quadrantia Radeon have their own Clericarch, appointed by the monarch.


The Quadrantia Radeon, are fairly similar to their cousins in Cyrannus, being humanoid with rodent-like features. Their time in the Quadrants made the QRadeon slightly smaller and changed their furr color in blue, due to the mystic Atlantica magics and energies still present in the Quadrant Galaxies. The QRadeon aren't physical impressive, something they compensate with decorated armor, something they are known for. Their love for art, punctuality and decorations are well liked among many of Rambo Nation citizens. The Quadrantia Radeon are found at many planets throughout Rambo Nation, though most rather keep to themselves and pray in their churches.

Their rodent ancestors give them excellent hearing and smell.



The legendary Divine Agna, one of the first Radeon missionaries in the Cyrandia Cluster

Far into the past, missionary expeditions that occured towards the end of the Church of Spode's Golden AGe the Radeon found their way into the Cyrandia Cluster. At first, Radeon preachers were allowed to spread their faith in the Cyrannus Galaxy where they eventually settled themselves and lived for ages in peace and prospirity, now known as the Qiranit Radeon. When discontent took hold among the Church of Spode, those Qiranit that found their ideas and talents to be insufficiently appreciated left to return to the Primacy or went on expedition missions into the recently revealed Quadrant Galaxies.

Quadrantia Settlers[]

Radeon within Eleo Tarad

Upon the outbreak of the War of Ages and the threat of the Xhodocto, those that were tired of travelling asked refuge among Rambo Nation between 21 BQF and 04 BQF. The Rambo goverment welcomed them with open arms and allowed them to live among them as equals. The Radeon settled themselves among the others member species of Rambo Nation, though some chose to live among their own settlements at planets, among them their main pearl of their civilization, Eleo Tarad. Their right as Rambo citizens became a legimate when the QRadeon representative signed the Treaty of Fornaeria in 02 AQF.

The relations between the Quadrantia Radeon and the Qiranit soured when the Radeon female Agnassana started the systematic genocide of inhabitants of the Anastasis Sector during the Great Cyrannus War. Condemning their brethern and sisters the Quadrantia Radeon view the Qiranit as fallen from disgrace and are openly hostile against them. When Rambo Nation fell in 21 AQF (2819), the Radeon were allowed to continue their faith in Spodism albeit under the condition only on Eleo Tarad.


The following planets are mostly inhabited by the Quadrantia Radeon.



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