The Quadrantia Jelly-Fish are some of the most mysterious creatures in the entire Quadrants. They can be found everywhere in the Quadrant Galaxies, from watery planets to living into space.


The Quadrantia Jelly-fishes are mysterious creatures dwelling within the Quadrants. Often attracted to lights from space ships and feeding energy of their engines, the Jelly-fishes can become a real menace to ships in space. While in space they Jelly-Fish are often found in large groups, called "bubbles". As they "swim" through space, they encounter space ships and planets. When encountering a planet, whether it is by sheer luck or ill fate the Jelly-Fish decide to inhabit the oceans, causing a massive invasion of the local flora and fauna. While in the waters, the Jelly-Fish sting hurts and burn, though they have to remain in the waters or in space, else the Jelly-Fish will dry out and die.

The Jelly-Fish vary in size, while at planets they often are between mere centimeters up to almost 3-5 meters. Those Jelly-Fish in space have far greater proportions, reports indicate some are over 500 meters in diameter.


For years the Quadrantia Jelly-Fish have only been rumors, though ever since 05 AQF encounters with them seems to have increased, and more of the "Giants" are spotted near the borders of inhabited planets and empires.



- Claire Rambo

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