The Quadrantia Humanoids, also known as humanoids, humans or Rambo Humanoids are humanoids living within the Cyrandia Cluster- where most of them are found within the Quadrants.

A relative weak race compared to others, the humans of the Quadrants have forgotten all knowledge before their arriving within the Quadrants. They only thing they remembered is that they came form a place called Earth. They also believe a copy of this planets excists somewhere within the Quadrants.

Over time, many of the humans of the Quadrants decided to join Rambo Nation- soon becoming an important species who is found at every level of their society, as well as a great number of them serving within their Navy.

However there were those who remained neutral and didn't join any organisation, some humanoid planets are known in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82, while others are found elsewhere in the Quadrants.


Humans of the Quadrants are humanoid based life-forms, they use bipedal movement and walk on two legs. Humans have a large brains, with a well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, which enables them high levels of abstract reasoning, language, problem solving, and culture through social learning.

The humans always had an interesst in technology, and will study and test everything to let themselves advance.

Humans like to live in families, living close together and as such have a complex social structure. Their social interaction is extremely wide, with humans holding on to differant desires, values and morals. The humans havea desire to understand and influance their environment, often to the annoyance of other species like the Andormaru and sometimes even the Serindia. The humans are highly devoted in the believe of the Atlantica- though some aren't and believe in other things as well.

The personality of humans is extremely wide as well, some are very kind and noble, helping those in need without putting their own needs in fronts. Other are just as they like to call it normal, living their daily lives, having fun and go to work. Other humans have great ambitions, desiring to have important position and use their power over others. Like most races, also humans have sadistic and less kinder individuals among them and some will not hesistate to murder one of their own.

Humans have two sexes, females and males.


Early History (Pre 2000 BQF-500 BQF)Edit

The humans of the Quadrants once hailed form a legendary and promising planet known as Earth. For reasons unknown, and by unknown means a portion of the humans of earth were re-located to the Quadrants- five hobbit galaxies within the nearby Cyrandia Cluster.

The earliest records of humans within the Quadrants date back to 2000 BQF at the height of the Human Kingdom within Quadrant 21. This kingdom consisted of "ordinary" humans and those who were able to use magic, known as "Bohdarian"- a seperate species of other humanoids. The two lived in peace for many years, exploring nearby space and hoping to find alien life.

For reasons not exactly clear, the Human Kingdom fell apart around 500 BQF. The "Bohdarians" claim it was due to the weakness of the "ordinaries", while the "ordinaries" claimed it was due to the "Bohdarians" use of magic. Other records indicated the humans were plagued by native species of Quadrant 21- while at war with the Andormaru made them vulnrable for an invasion by the Secoolian- who harvested many of their green planets. This probably led to disease and plunder, resulting in a civil war and the destruction of the once promising Human Kingdom. Many of the "ordinaries" were hunted down by the "Bohdarians" who cleansed their remaining territory of those not suitable in their eyes. Many of the "ordinaries" (-now referenced as humans) fled to Quadrant 82 where they settled on many planets and began rebuilding their homes and planets in peace and isolation- with all unity broken between the humans themselves.

Rambo Nation (02 AQF - Current)Edit

While the Quadrants were plagued by terrible conflicts the humans remained mostly out of it, as they abandoned most of their space ships. Those who still had space ships, didn't go near the other empires. However some humans began living at planets belonging to Rambo Nation- who opened the humans with open arms.

After the Treaty of Fornaeria was signed in 02 AQF, around 26.000 humans became a member species of Rambo Nation. Over time the humans who called Rambo Nation their home crew to over 3 billion and the humans were soon found over all social levels of Rambo Nation, as well as a large number of them serving within their navy.

Those who joined Rambo Nation, and those who wished to remain independant (including differances in human families) were allowed to visit eachother without troubles. The ones who joined Rambo Nation were in fact actually fundamental in bringing the various human planet not belonging to Rambo Nation closer together.

Various HumanoidsEdit


As human are becoming a prominent and well known species since 05 AQF/01 NE, there are many individuals found within the Cluster.

Rambo Nation
Claire Rambo (dress uniform)01
Terra Prime
Duke SinistariaLarge
Terra Desaria


The Q-human relations are difficult to list as there are so many human factions within the Quadrants. As such only the relations listed in wich all humans kind find themselves in are listed.

Special Relations
Flag Rambo Nation
All hail the Rambo!

Green faceWe think we can trust them


Orange faceOur enemies!

  • Andormaru - Blue skinned humanoids who dared to attack us!
  • Kzishaya - A brutal race who like to capture our females and sell them as slaves
  • Quadrantia Federation - Our sick and pathatic former allies
Affraid of

Face threatenedWe are doomed!



A passionate species, who have became fundamental for our Nation!

- Ramashe

You will be assimilated!

- Quadrantia Grox



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