The Quadrantia Deciduous Trees are a mysterious and ancient semi-sentient plant like creature that are found all over the Cyrandia Cluster but mostly within the Quadrant Galaxies.


The Deciduous Trees are sentient plant like creatures. The Quadrantia Deciduous trees have a special ability, and those with psychic powers can hear their humming wich can make you sleepy. These hummings are believed to be somesort of communication between the various trees.

The trees are for that matter also able to move, though slowly the forests can change location when necessary. Another notable fact of these trees is that they can vary in size, measering from small in size of around 1.20 meters up till massive heights of over 45 meters. The Quadrantia Deciduous Trees can launch their germs into space, where spacial winds take the germ to various locations and planets.


The Deciduous Trees are not commonly found or encountered, though it is known that the trees contain strong and precious woods where others make furniture or wooden toys off.

Diceduous Tree of Arcaniox

A deciduous Tree in the Valley of Tranquility, Arcaniox

One large and very ancient Deciduous Tree stands at the top of the hill in Tranquility Valley, a place found at the planet Arcaniox. The native Ragashota honor the tree and view it as their inspiration for knowledge, wisdom and harmony. The place is considered sacred by the Ragashota. The tree got damaged during the events known as the Torments of Arcaniox though the Ragashota believe it will heal over time and take great care of it.

By 2819, the tree was fully recovered and Ragashota annually celebrate its recovery.

Decidoues Tree of Ramsoria

QDecidoues Tree of Ramsoria

A QDecidoues Tree can also be found within the gardens of the stronghold of Ramsoria. There as well, the tree is preciously taken care of by the members of House Ramcelsior as they consider it a sign of health and wisdom.

The tree was found upon the settling of Rambo Serindia at Ramsoria, and was moved to its current position when the stronghold finished construction. Luckily, during the Second Galactic War the tree was spared from harm and ever since bloomed and grew ever larger. The tree is over hundreds of years old, but not as near as the one found at Arcaniox.



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  • There is debate whether it is actually a sentient creature or a sentient plant.

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