The Quadrantia Algernon, also known as the Qalgernon are a proud warrior race native to the Quadrant Galaxies. Once a promising race and members of the first joined organization, the Noble Alliance their warrior traits and paranoia made them turn against their allies. The following war, known as the Algernon started in 52 BQF and ended in 25 BQF , annihilating their presence within the Quadrants. Unknown to the Quadrants at large, they escaped their doom by accepting aid from Morgandaûr, who turned the race into his demonic minions.


Algernon original appearance before their corruption

The Quadrantia Algernon are by nature warriors and survivors, with a love for dance, culture and posing. Psychically strong and blue colored, the Algernon were a welcome sight within the Quadrants. They were experts in fleet and melee combat, using their knowledge to weaken their enemies first. After being turned into demonic entities, the Quadrantia Algernon turned into sadistic and hulking creatures, with a massive humanoid torso that joints to a tremendous equine body. Monstrous tusks jut out from the back of his head, and a long thick tail thunders behind the huge frame of the Algernon. Emerging from his head, are the constant green flames of arcane energies, that must be released or else the creature would blow himself up. It also has two large wings, carrying a massive war blade the Quadrantia Algernon is a terrifying and dangerous creature. The demonic Algernon are now nothing more than brutal butchers, brutal killers and have become engines of hate and flame, destroying everything in their path for their own sadistic pleasure and install fear in the hearts of even the bravest.

They stand over 4 meters tall with an average length of over 7 meters.


The Quadrantia Algernon reached space around 985 BQF and formed the Algernon Empire. Their empire was located north-east of Rametru Nui and held various planets and holding within the Unclaimed Territorires. For years, the Algernon remained in rather isolation, only trading with nearby empires. Upon the forming of the Noble Alliance around 227 BQF (nagaan) The Algernon became a valuble and strong member and saw its benefits. Sadly, the wars of the Noble Alliance against the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and their reluctance to do something against the Quadrantia Grox made the Algernon wary and paranoid, natural traits that were common among them. In 52 BQF, fearing the power of Rambo Nation relations turned sour and the Algernon declared war upon the Rambo. The following war was devastating, with skirmishes all over the Quadrant Galaxies the Algernon managed to hold their own against Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance. However, a surprise attack and bold move by Rambo Nation resulted in the destruction of the Algernon home world, shattered after the Rambo used a Planet buster in 25 BQF. In the months afterwards, the Algernon Empire collapsed and their hopes to rule over the Noble Alliance shattered. Withdrawing into the Unclaimed Territorires, some of the Algernon sought aid of Morgandaûr and were turned into his demonic servants.

Those that refused remained in their holdings in the Unclaimed Territories until all their presence was swept away by the Imperial Alliance during the First Galactic War in 04 BQF.

Those that remained in the Void, were saddened by the loss of their brethren and sisters, the demonic entities vowed to avenge their fallen when the day was right.


Come forth and rise, rise my commanders of the Void! Soon our might and shadows shall fall upon the mortal world! Terror, agony and pain shall thee bring!

- Morgandaûr


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