Pycari are a large and dangerous mammalohemiinsect species native to the planet Xuz Fareh. They sit at the top of the food chain in the planet, only competing with the now civilized Llurebleg.


Pycari evolved in the planet Xuz Fareh. They play an important role in the ecosystem and are a big factor that affected the development of the Llurebleg as a civilization, but besides that they didn't participate in any particular historical events yet.



Pycari are really large, measuring up to 9 meters long (~29 feet), 4 meters high (~13 feet), with a wingspan of up to 5 meters (~16 feet), and a weight with a maximum of 300 kilograms (~661 pounds).

Pycari are bizarre creatures. They have three insectoid jaws, bright red eyes and two antler-like ornaments on the head. They have a hard reddish shell on their back, and two red-feathered wings coming out from it. They have clawed hands with strange red ornaments on them, and heavy, mammalian feet. Their tail is rather long and ends in a mace with red poisonous quills. They are covered in thick, light green skin.

There is no sexual dimorphism in this species. Baby Pycari resemble their parents strongly, besides their wings and hand ornament being very small in comparison to the rest of their body.

Traits and abilities[]

Pycari move rather fast in the floor, but aren't as quick when flying due to their heavy shell. Their muscular strenght outclasses that of any other predator in the planet, and their tough skin is hard to penetrate, leading to a ferocious creature. They are not very agile, but surprisingly lithe when taking into account their bulky bodies.

Pycari posess tons of weapons for attacking and defending themselves. Their jaws are powerful enough to crush bones and even cause damage on metal structures, their claws are remarkably sharp, their mace delievers both physical injuries and poisoning, and their heavy feet can crush other beings easily. At the same time, their thick shell protects it from rear attacks more effectively than their skin, and their wings provide them the ability of flight, allowing them to attack from above and to dodge many attacks.


Pycari are highly adaptable, and can inhabit nearly every ecosystem on Xuz Fareh.


Pycari are carnivorous creatures. They are relentless and violent, nearly comparable to the Wildcarnagers in ferocity. They are nomadic predators that live alone or in groups of two individuals and are constantly moving around the planet in search of prey. When hungry, they will attack anything they can find, from small creatures like Grinklers and Stroths to other large predators like Fontis and Jawwhorls, the fearsome Great Snotguns, other Pycari and even Llurebleg cities. They are tenacious and will keep attacking their prey with all their strength and abilities even after getting seriously injured, making them terrifying rivals but also prone to suicide when fighting too strong enemies (if any exist, of course).

Pycari, unlike other animals in Xuz Fareh, do have a set mating season, which occurs during the fifth Xuz Fahrean month. The usually solitary creature starts looking for a mate, and the moment a member of the opposite gender is encountered, the two reproduce and, after two months, the female gives birth to one or two cubs. The couple stays together during this time until, when the infants are born, te female leaves her couple and the male is left in charge of them. They stay together with their father, being taken care of by him, until the first year of life, when they reach sexual maturity, learn to fly and independentize.


Pycari are apex predators, located at the top of the food chain in Xuz Fareh, with the Llurebleg civilization as their only true competitors. Their rampaging hunger and combat skills allow them to hunt any living being in their current ecosystem (including the nearly-legendary Great Snotgun), which could hypothetically lead to the extinction of species in the area; the fairly short lifespan of the Pycarus, however, doesn't allow them to cause major damage to the environment during their lifetime.

Pycari are one of the few threats for the Llurebleg civilization, as they tend to attack their cities and vehicles when hungry or angered, and their resilence makes them almost unable to be driven away. JJ-99 technologies are able to temporarily stun them and allow the Llurebleg to carry them away from their cities; however, their thick skin and their shell often deflect the charges.


Pycari have been taxonomically classified as members of the Shkatundiae family of mammalohemiinsects. Their closest relatives seem to be the Falets, appearance-wise.

Their binominal name is Periculufera furcifer, with the genus name meaning dangerous beast in latin and the epithet meaning rogue in the same language.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Pycarus was specifically designed to have a chance to spawn as a Rogue Creature during the Creature Stage ingame.
    • Their name, in fact, was derivated from the Spanish word pícaro, which is the literal Spanish translation for rogue.
  • The original Pycarus had its arms on its neck, a shell formed by a single large part instead of many medium-sized ones, and no decoration on its hands. The latter was added in the final version because of the reason mentioned before, while the first two were just tweaks to make it look better.
  • The apex predator of Xuz Fareh was originally going to be a dragon-like creature with the ability of spitting fireballs. As the latter idea was rather unrealistic, the concept was scrapped in favor of remaking and reusing the Pycarus Dinoman972 had created years before.

Other Trivia[]

  • It's name resembles that of Icarus, a character from Greek mythology depicted as a young kid with bird wings.
    • Coincidentally, the Pycarus' wings resemble those of a bird.
  • In real life, the Pycarus would need inhuman muscular strenght on its wings in order to lift itself from the ground, due to its weight.