Purploises are a plesiosaur species native to Rachantes.


Purploises appeared and evolved in the planet Rachantes. Besides their role in the ecosystem, they haven't participated in any historical events yet.



Purploises are medium-sized creatures, measuring from two to four meters in lenght, and 50 to 110 kilograms in weight.

Purploises are quite strange creatures. Their body structure is similar to that of Earth's plesiosaurs, with a broad turtle-like body, a rather short tail and an elongated neck; however, this neck is quite short for that of a plesiosaur. Additionally, it has a large near-round head, with a large curved crest at the top, which contains both the nostrils of the creature and a internal structure of unknown utility. Its four limbs are flexible and tentacle-like, and its tail presents two fins at the sides of it, like that of Earth's cetaceans. It's skin color is light purple, but most of its body is covered in a darker, keratin-made shell.

Sexual dimorphism between Purploises is vague, but present. Males are usually larger than females and posess a darker shell color. Purploise young usually have less body protection and a smaller crest.

Traits and abilities[]

The keratin shell of Purploises provides high protection against attackers, but combined with their odd limbs, it also makes them rather slow and not-agile swimmers. They aren't exceptionally strong physically, either.

As said before, the utility of the large crest on the head of Purploises is unknown, due to lack of enough research. Many Androg scientists believe that they can use their crest to emit loud calls in order to communicate, similarily to Earth's hadrosaurs; many others, however, hold the hypothesis that they contain structures for desalinating water in order to consume it. There is also the hypothesis that the hook-like shape of this crest implies its use as a weapon against predators; this is plausible given the fact that they seem to have no other means of defending themselves offensively, but the location of the crest at the top of the head would make it hard to use as a weapon.


Purploises can be sighted in the open sea rarely, but they prefer to live close to the various seashores of the planet's ocean, where they can find all the food they need, as well as being able to move to the surface to breathe more easily.






Purploises have been taxonomically classified as plesiosaurs in the family Plocamocheloniidae. They are currently the only members of the family, and as such don't seem to have any close relatives.

Their binominal name is Plocamochelon longicollum. The genus name means tentacle turtle in greek, while the epithet means long-necked in latin.

Notable individuals[]

There are no known important Purploises

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Their name is a pun on the words porpoise, a type of cetaceans related to dolphins, and purple.

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  • The Purploise is the first of Dinoman972's creatures to not be classified right when the page is created since he joined the taxonomy project.