Precore Dragons are large, powerful dragons that are native to Alastor. They were created by the Eitren, but rebelled along with many of the Eitren's other creations to destroy their masters. Since then the Precore Dragons have lived alongside the Vanara, being ridden into battle only by their greatest heroes. Capable of traveling through space by their own power the Precore Dragons have since spread past Alastor by their own power, usually following the Vanara as they colonize new worlds and galaxies.

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Precore Dragons are large powerful beasts with four limps, two legs and two wings. Their genes are prone to minor, random mutations that makes every Precore Dragon look different. They can even mutate slightly to adapt to their environment and as the grow and become more powerful. Every Precore Dragon has an Fusion Crystal Core in their chest which the feed on the energy produced by the fusion reactions within. These cores can deplete though and plasma must be absorbed from other sources to recharge the core. This core supplants all vital organs meaning that most of their mass is pure muscle and bone making them incredibly strong even when compared to other creatures of their size. Having no need to breath Precore Dragons can readily travel though space and can escape from atmosphere under their own power.

Precore Dragons are creatures of fire and thus are almost completely immune to heat. They are capable of breathing blasts of quagma to destroy their foes and can extend a mystical ward of protection around their riders and/or allies to grant them protection against the dragon's own breath weapon. Relativistic kinetics are among the few weapons that can breach their scales, though extremes of cold do render their scales more brittle and susceptible to damage.

Precore Dragons are a genderless race that can reproduce either sexually, or asexually. Precore Dragons grow throughout their life, with their growth accelerating the more biomass the devour from other creatures. As they grow older though they pend longer amounts of time hibernating until eventually they just don't wake up. When this happens their bodies root into the ground and solidify. An entire mountarange on Alastor is actually made of dead Precore Dragons. The more a dragon eats, the longer and longer they must hibernate and the quicker the reach this state. Precore Dragons live for a long time and only reproduce once in a life time meaning their numbers are very low. They will lay a number of eggs that can remain dormant indefinitely until conditions are right for them to hatch.

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Precore Dragons are very proud beings who show little regard for most smaller races, usually ignoring them or eating the ones that attempt to threaten them. To them most other races are exceedingly inferior beings and only those who can prove themselves are worthy of respect. Almost all Precore Dragons love to fight and many will travel about looking for bigger and stronger foes to challenge. Precore Dragons can form a bond with members of lesser race, bonds can only be forged with some the dragon senses to be worthy while still in the egg. A bonded Precore Dragon will follow their rider into hell and will allow no one else to ride them.

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There are several distinct tribes of Precore Dragon based off scale color. The tribe which a dragon belongs to can be used to gauge of few things about their personality.

  • Red - Red Precore Dragons can actually be either red, orange, or gold. They are the most fiery of all Precore Dragons and love a challenge above all things.
  • Silver - Actually various shades of grey Silver Precore Dragons are cold creatures that care little for anything other then their own needs. They are by far the most solitary of all Precore Dragons.
  • Black - Ranging from true black to dark brown, Black Precore Dragons are the most vicious of their kind and actively enjoy eating other sentient life.
  • Purple - Purple Precore Dragons can be either purple or blue and are known for their cunning and love of puzzles and riddles.
  • Green - Truly ranging anywhere from green to cyan, these Precore Dragons are among the most secretive and animalistic of all Precore Dragon breeds.

Special Types Edit

  • Precore Wyverns - Small, bestial Precore Dragons without sentience that are little more the beasts.
  • Precore Wyrms - Massive Precore Dragons known for their hunger and tyrannical attitude. They were all either seal away or killed.
  • Phaedric - A Precore Dragon corrupted by the dark aspect of the Valin'uvalyë. Little more then a mindless killing machine that obeys without questioning. There is currently only one named Lucifuge.
  • Holy - The most powerful Precore Dragons of all, able to crack a planet open with their breath weapon. There is only one holy Precore Dragon at a time (if there even is one) which can be identified by its pure white scales.

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  • Based of the Predavor Dragons from Dragon's Universe and the Dragons from Drakengard.
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