When we were driving to the city and we heard that ghastly sound, I swear I nearly did biological stuff on my pants. Thank goodness it turns out to be just some weird lizard, and not a monster from hell or something.

- Anonymous carrier, after reporting the existance of Polordoneers

Polordoneers are a zexakid species native to Xuz Fareh. They have been recently discovered by the Llurebleg.


The name Polordoneer was given to the creature by the Llurebleg, and it's derived from the word phalordong, which refers to the folkloric spirit in Llurebleg culture the creature probably inspired.


Polordoneers are native to the planet Xuz Fareh. They remained unknown to the Llurebleg until the year 3 BF/952 AI, when three carriers driving a Nunt-10 to Cyner through a forest heard the creature's signature call and reported it to the authorities.

Polordoneers are known to be the cause of Olgun Suner's death. He fought one of them for food and ended up being bitten, eventually dying due to the poison.



Polordoneers are medium-sized reptiles, measuring around 1 meter tall (~3 feet), 3 meters long (~10 feet) and 200 kilograms in weight (~441 pounds).

Polordoneers have a crocodilian skull with a large, spiky globe on it, which acts as a poison gland. Their body resembles that of a dromaeosaurid, with long arms and avian feet. Their tail is long and ends in a spiky mace. Polordoneers are covered in white and red scales.

There is no known sexual dimorphism between Polordoneers. Polordoneer infants are known to be born with purple and red feathers all over their body, which they lose after the first year of life.

Traits and abilities[]

Polordoneers lack muscular strenght, and are rather fragile towards hits, but they are also fast and agile, capable of outrunning even Wildcarnagers.

The poison gland in the Polordoneer's mouth allows it to inject poison on a prey/predator when necessary, A Polordoneer bite isn't dangerous if treated quickly, but otherwise it can wield fatal results, with Olgun Suner's death as a proof of it. Symptoms include coughing, body weakening and a strong fever. Polordoneers might also defend themselves making use of the mace their tail ends in, delievering painful blows to large predators and as such earning time to escape. They also have sharp claws, but these aren't as helpful, since few damage can be done and it requires getting close to the threat.


Polordoneers live deep in the forests of Xuz Fareh, hidden from the outer world and with few natural predators.


Being carnivorous animals, Polordoneers feed mainly on carrion and smaller creatures, like insects. They usually live alone, but they might form small groups with 2 to 4 integrants. When they feel threatened, Polordoneers will emit a loud, acute cry in order to scare off the attacker. When this doesn't work, Polordoneers will try to run away, only attacking with their mace tail and their poisonous bite if surrendered by the predator.

Polordoneers don't have a set mating season: they will make couples and mate at any time of the year. Right after ovulation, Polordoneer couples will stay together for a short time before the female makes her nest: then she will leave while the male takes care of the eggs and their hatchlings alone.


Polordoneers are quite low in the food chain, as they only feed on small creatures and carrion. However, due to their isolation, they don't have natural predators besides Raptorels and Wildcarnagers.

Polordoneers haven't been really affected by the rise of the Llurebleg civilization until both species discovered each other quite recently; although the cries of the creature already inspired the spiritual creatures known as phalordongs in the civilization's folklore, which later named the creature upon its discovery.


Polordoneers have been taxonomically classified as theropods belonging to the Zexakidae family. Appearance-wise, their closest relatives seems to be the Early Zexakid.

Their binominal name is Kravgosaurus synestalmenos, with the genus name meaning shouting lizard in greek, and the epithet meaning timid in the same language.

Notable individuals[]

Quotes on them[]

When we were driving to the city and we heard that ghastly sound, I swear I nearly did biological stuff on my pants. Thank goodness it turns out to be just some weird lizard, and not a monster from hell or something.

- Anonymous carrier, after reporting the existance of Polordoneers


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Polordoneer used to have a more upright posture, but was edited in order for it to look more animalistic.
  • The adult Polordoneer's arms will frequently glitch out ingame during animations. This is due to the parts that produce their acute calls being located in the arms, instead of in the head like with the baby.
  • Polordoneers were added to Xuz Fareh because the ecosystem felt incomplete, and because no other plans had been actually thought about for the creature.

Other trivia[]

  • The Polordoneer is the first actual dinosaur in the fiction.
  • Polordoneers were initially classified as abelisaurids due to the spikes on their head. After the taxon was redefined and the juvenile was created, they were reclassified as troodontids before, once again, being moved to the new family Zexakidae.
  • The Polordoneer was recreated by the user Disgustedorite for her Evolution of Zexaks page, due to it being a member of the Zexakidae family.