Hgyelareres (Odobenosaurus faraterensis), also known as Plesyowalrs are a plesiosaur species native to Rachantes.


Plesyowalrs appeared and evolved in the planet Rachantes. Besides their role in the ecosystem, they haven't participated in any historical events yet.



Plesyowalrs are medium-sized creatures. Their lenght ranges between 2 and 3.5 meters, and their weight is usually between 50 and 80 kilograms.

Plesyowalrs highly resemble Earth's plesiosaurs. They have a broad round body with four limbs in the shape of flippers, somewhat similar to that of turtles. They have a short tail, in contrast with their long neck. Their head, however, is quite different from that of regular plesiosaurs, being quite narrow. Most of their teeth are quite short, except for two long tusks. They are covered in brown and red skin.

There is no known sexual dimorphism between Plesyowalrs, besides males being usually larger. Young Plesyowalrs highly resemble adults since they hatch from their eggs.

Traits and abilities[]

Plesyowalrs are quite fast swimmers but not exceptionally agile. They aren't very strong physically either. Their skin doesn't provide any protection against attacks, and as such they are pretty vulnerable.

The Plesyowalr's only known weapon are its tusks. These can be used to cause injuries on predators, gaining time to escape from them, but aren't very useful as a proper weapon.


Plesyowalrs prefer to live close to the various seashores of the planet's ocean, where they can find all the food they need, as well as being able to move to the surface to breathe more easily. However, unlike other known integrants of Rachantes' marine fauna, they can be sighted in the open sea rather commonly.






Plesyowalrs have been taxonomically classified as plesiosaurs in the family Cryptoclididae. They are currently the only members of the family, and as such don't seem to have any close relatives.

Their binominal name is Odobenosaurus faraterensis. The genus name means walrus reptile in a mix of latin and greek, while the epithet refers to Faraterea, the single ocean of Rachantes.

Notable individuals[]

There are no known important Plesyowalrs.

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