Though the blood has been diluted, and years have passed, I see in them the same spirit and drive that dominated our brothers. These, are, rightfully, the Children of Presacron.

- Multus Seer Anhekt'Tamon, after analyzing the first few members of the species.

The Persacatyrn (Children of Persacron in Multus Esse) are a broad range of species, races and other groups that closely resemble dragons. Though usually native to Mirus, they come from a wide range of worlds, and, outside of their appearance, all share a common trait; they are, in some way, descended from Persacron members that settled upon various worlds, and, through their natural biology and breakdowns in their structure, gave rise to entire species based on and taking after their traits. These Children would be but mere fractions of the great beasts they once where, but would become part of great empires of their own, joining groups such as the Mendel Pact, Nighthawks and even the insidious Alpha Cyber Collective in their time.

Their forms and ideologies vary from society to society, and while all of them are advanced and powerful, very few quite measure up to the grandeur and otherworldly splendor of the original Persacron at the height of their power. For what they have, the Persacatyrn are amazing creatures to behold, as, despite their shared racial origins, no two species are exactly the same, despite what their DNA might tell.

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Persacatyrn are all incredibly variable and diverse in terms of appearance, biology, and ability. However, all bare noticible reptillian features though many have features of other creatures such as mammals, birds, and insects mixed in. Most Persactyrn bare features that were found in their progenitor and all hold a strong connection to the elemental flow of autogenetic energy their Persacron progenitor held mastery over such as fire, air, water, earth, etc. This connection causes both noticeable and discreet biological adaptations and makes a Persacatyrn naturally adept at developing control over the element they are connected to. This connection also gives all Persacatyrn a natural sense for and resilience against essence. All Persacatyrn tend to prefer environs strong in their element or with environmental features and effects related to said element. For example Vanara prefer places with heavy sunlight and Devilos prefer hot and dry places.

All Persacatyrn are capable of undergoing a process called Tempering. As a Persacatyrn grows older and more experienced their hide will steadily begin to take on a metal sheen. This transformation also comes with steadily increasing strength and essence abilities. The apex of this is Arch-Tempering in which the Persacatyrn's strength becomes unmatched by other's of their own species and their skin takes upon a more gem-like quality in color. Another process capable of taking place is known as Variance, which can happen when Persactyrn are in a environ saturated with an elemental energy similar but different from their own. They can absorb this element and have it replace the one they are naturally connected to altering their biology. Verasien for instance are prone to absorbing the fugal element and it replacing their natural effluvium element.

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Crested Persacatyrn are those with noticeable pterosaur-like features.

Devilos ful

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Shelled Persacatyrn are those with noticeable arthropod-like features.

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Winged Persacatyrn are those that most closely resemble the classic depiction of dragons.


Metallos Dragon

Metallos Dragons are a race of Persacatyrn that evolved on a world near the Alpha Cyber Collective, and, like many Persacatyrn, evolved a Dragon-like appearance, similar to their ancestors, though much smaller then the creature that spawned them. Like most of the Persacatyrn, the Metallos Dragons spawned from a Persacron, who landed on their future homeworld, and broke down, his DNA soaking into the soil and oceans, and soon building up and remixing itself into an entire race, called the Metallos Dragons, a race based on partially silicon, partially oxygen. The Metallos would build up a great society upon their world.

Later, the Metallos Dragons would be discovered by the Grand Grox Dominion, and assimilated for their strength, intelligence and brutality, to act as living tanks, direction forces to their lesser drones. Though they put up a great struggle, the Collective, after much struggle, assimilated the remaining Metallos Dragons. With their intelligence and strength, the Metallos Dragons act as psychic beacons for their drones, so the Evermind and the Collective can direct them much easier.

Metallos Dragons are strong and powerful warbeasts, acting as brutal frontline beasts. Rare to see, the Metallos Dragons of today are either clones, descendants, or, more rarely, the original Dragons that were assimilated in years past, and continue to serve. Though most races would buckle under this, the Metallos Dragons are blessed in many ways. Due to being more aggressive and brutal then others of the Persacatyrn, their personalities and free will are given much more free reign, so long as they maintain their loyalty and service to the Collective.

The Metallos Dragons are lead by Prime Leader Jacorax, the leader of the Metallos Dragons, who betrayed his race to the Collective, and allowed his people to be assimilated for the use of the Collective.

Necro Dragon

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Fined Persacatyrn are those that have noticeable fish-like features.

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Scuted Persacaytrn are those with noticeable crocodilian features.

Naiyu Vanara Full

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Scaled Persacron are those with noticeable snake or lizard-like features.

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Clawed Persacatyrn are those with noticeable dinosaurian/avian features.

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Fanged Persacatyrn are those with noticeable mammalian features.

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