Peril is a female, pink, striped, and slightly dinosaur-like creature with keratinhorn, porcupain, and spurprise weapons. She also has the peacrock and mechiraptora details, cogamine eyes, hearbear ears, monstrumtalon graspers, The Clawman feet, and hidden amphibitude and pincernaut mouths. Her face was made using limb parts.

History[edit | edit source]

Peril was created by the Grox as a powerful bioweapon; a creature that could take over entire planets without rival empires even batting an eye. (Unlike Dronox and Insectrox, Peril looked like an ordinary creature and was fully organic, except for a hidden microchip that allowed the Grox to be notified whenever she was in critical danger) However, it took several attempts to finally clone her and beam her down onto a planet for field testing.

Shortly after reaching the surface, her mind almost immediately started picking up the thoughts of other creatures. ("What was that thing in the sky?" "Is it dangerous?" "Did that thing just drop something... alive?" "Where's Skrag and Skoog? Are they ok?" "Hey! What's that funny smell?" "Wait... who is THAT?") Peril squeaked in surprise when she heard the other creatures thoughts. She had only known the Grox and a few of their attempts to clone her. However, she was now surrounded by creatures that she didn't even know. She had no idea if she was in serious danger, or if the creatures meant no harm. A rustling was heard in a nearby bush, making Peril jump. A vision flashed in her mind, showing her with another creature. It was rather small, no bigger than a baby, following her around happily, Two other creatures were also in view, talking indistinctively to one-another. However, they took notice of her and the creature and waved happily to them. Peril was shook out of her vision by more rustling in the bushes and a tiny head poked out in between the leaves, just like the head of the baby creature she saw in her vision. She turned to face it, but it pulled its head back into the bushes.

"Err..." Peril stuttered, tilting her head at the bushes.

"Don't eat me, please!" a tiny voice stuttered.

Peril blinked. "Eat you? I'm not gonna eat you." she said.

"Skrag?" a voice called out. A creature, sorta similar to the one in the bush, was wandering around, looking everywhere. Peril recognized this other creature from the vision.

"You better not eat me!" The creature in the bushes said. Peril quickly snapped her attention back to the small creature. "Skratcher wouldn't like that. I hope he gets here soon to save me."

"I said I won't eat you!" Peril said. "And I think this 'Skratcher' guy or whatever is looking for you." Peril shifted her gaze back to Skratcher. "Uh, excuse me?" Peril said. Skratcher flinched, surprised to hear her voice. He perked up and looked at her. "Huh?" He said.

"He's over here!" Peril said.

"What? Why are you calling witnesses? Won't that make it harder for you to eat me?" Said the creature.

"FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT GONNA EAT YOU." Peril said. "Ugh. First-impressions at their fricking finest." She took a breath, and lowered herself so the back of her neck was exposed. "There. Now you can just attack me if I make you uncomfortable."

"Why? I thought you were gonna eat me?" The Creature in the bushes squeaked.


The baby creature grinned. "Yep!"

Armored Peril.

Battle Armored Peril. She is in her angry form in this picture.

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