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We have living quietly in this caves for millennia, but the land has awakened us to contemplate the world's out there.

- A wise Panssari

The Panssari (Panssar-mand, Panssarish: "Men with armor", often known as The Mountanis Giants or the Armoured-men), are a sentient race of Giant Dewies that lives in the underground of the East Divide of the Everwinter Highlands.


They resemble giant humanoid very stocky of great size. Most of these beings alrrededor measuring 2.5 meters high and weighing around 300 pounds, their skin is extremely thick and the upper layers are covered by a thin layer of a silicon-like mineral, giving the skin a kind of Frustule[1]. They are completely hairless, without any kind of hair on the body, because its natural armor silicon blocks passage to any type of hair, anyway, they do not require any different thermal control that naturally possess a variation in blood flow which allows to alter the body temperature as required.

The Panssari are Omnivore. They teeth are made to cut, rend and crush, althought their diet is mainly composed by some volcanic plants, lichens and very often an animal. The meat only is abundant in the banquets and celebrations. They don't present hunting behavior, but rather agriculture and livestock.

The old standard of a Panssari when dying is 150 years, but none have actually died by cell deficiency but diseases kill them. In fact there are cases of Panssari who have lived more than five hundred years (spite they could live more, becouse being Southern Deiwes, should be able to live indefinitely), but these are few and hard to find. According to them, after 150 years, a disease that attacks known as Goorbandelsë (Panssarish: Gof-Seppä, "The Curse of the Hammerman") because it seems that the higher rank have the Panssari, chances are that suffer from this diseases. Some suggest that constant exposure to toxic gases emitted by their magma-fueled machines slowly damages the body and its defenses agnaist the Goorbandelsë start to being weaken at the 150 years.


The Panssari tend to be quiet, peaceful and apathetic. Generally do not care or do not mind what they do other species, while they are in their territory, as Panssari are very territorial and tend to be aggressive with outsiders, so that few tend to know something about the Panssari . This attitude has created a myth about Panssari it says are violent creatures, savages and barbarians, but in fact Panssari have a very complex civilization and a highly organized hierarchical system.

A very important part of their personality is Panssari obsessiveness with perfection. Due to the meritocratic system using as government, are very obsessive Panssari with regard to everything they do, when they do something that should be the best possible or else no value to them. This is a clear explanation of why they do not tend to trade their best creations, the best weapons, furniture, jewelry, armor, etc. are always kept in the hands of its creators, who take them to the grave or bequeath their firstborn, and tradable objects are always lower quality.

Upon reaching old age or disease, Panssari become frivolous, hermits and sullen. Many times they lock themselves in their homes or forges where they spend the rest of his life until his death. At that time the family and friends he is buried with who understand that is his greatest possession, can be a weapon, a jewel, or generally his armor. Presumably, if it is buried with the wrong object, the spirit will wander the world looking for the right one.


The Panssari organization have a system similar to the caste system, although the system is not really Panssari as rigid as others. In this system, each member of the Mine (a sort of underground city) was created with the social position that had their family, a farmer born as a farmer, a soldier born as a soldier, and a Hammerman born as a Hammerman. Note that even though one of the castes is called Hammerman, all Panssari have spectacular skills of blacksmiths and engineers.

All Panssari respond as members of the Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom, and respond as supreme ruler only to Suuri Seppä. There are about seven mines in the Everwinter Highlands, most located on East Divide, but some further north and west. All mines are located several meters underground, within the Panssari society the deeper one lives on earth is more important.


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  • The Panssari are is based in part on Panserbjørne of the trilogy "His Dark Materials".
  • The Pansaarish is a mix of Danish and Finnish.

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