Terminate all opponents.

- Commandant Darwishi

The Ottzelloan Marinox are members of the Union Republic of Ottzello, and mostly working with their creators, the Ottzelloan Grox. They serve a role in militia and defense forces, and work alongside the Tralkikianoe in war.



When the Grox Empire came to the Ottzello Galaxy (now the Ottzello Sector), they managed to create a Marinox generator and cloner. It was edited largely, giving it Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic enhanced genes, improving it to suit Ottzello's environment.


The generator was activated after the Third Ottzello Galactic War, and the Marinox became another member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, later the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Ottzelloan Marinox have a very robust physique, almost akin to that of the Loron, of whom they have half the strength. Marinox are very fast, agile and intelligent, making them useful on the battlefield. They are also tough, but not so much as the Inalton.


The Ottzelloan Marinox are allies of the Ottzelloan Grox. Alongside the Loron and Inalton, the Marinox are useful members of UNO's military. The generator has had major improvements by the Kralgon and Ioketa, making the Marinox stronger and making them Chronoscopic organisms. As they have the System in them, they lack the need for a generator that they once had. this is what separates the Ottzelloan Marinox from other Marinox.


The Marinox serve no role in URO's society. Occasionally, they work with the Grox in uninhabited worlds, for jobs such as mining, which normal biological creatures cannot do. Marinox are simply cloned if they are needed, so they don't serve an purpose in URO's society.


They are created in Kralgon Pods, which explains why they are now most associated with the Kralgon. They also work on all the uninhabitable planets, with their own Pods. This is where they mostly work, and they have a sparse population on more habitable worlds; they don't fit in well with most of the UNO society.


As all UNO mmebers have a zero-point generator, each race has their own attachment which utilizes this generator. The Marinox have built-in claws in their hands, which are electric, as well as have Dark Chronoscopic tips, making them deadly. The claws are similar to Bladed Knuckles, but more powerful, and are attached to their body. Plus, with UNO's quantum replicators, they can be repaired easily.

Marinox work in URO's Fleet with Grox, but have no vehicles of their own. They are mostly found in Ottzelloan Grox Annihilators, and don't pilot any starships, as they are purely ground combat troopers. Marinox are cloned in Kralgon Attack Pods, and in other locations, often in Annihilators. Marinox make use of have Grox and URO weapons, and are close to mid range fighters.



  • Commander-King Thylazix - Ottzelloan Grox King, he has the most authority over the Ottzelloan Marinox, with Commandant Darwishi being his right hand man.




  • The Marinox and Ottzelloan Marinox appearances were made by OluapPlayer, as were the concepts of the Ottzelloan Marinox
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