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The Ottzelloan Libertus are a subspecies of the Libertus. They reside in the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, mostly within the Union Republic of Ottzello. Bringing a lot of Cyrannian culture to UNO, they are often associated with the Galotian, however the Ottzelloan Libertus are historically a far crueller race than their Cyrannus Galaxy cousins. They have been associated with the criminal underworld of Ottzello and had to adapt to a much harsher environment, making the Ottzelloan Libertus arguably the most harsh of the Libertus. However, within URO, they have once again become much more cultured and are similar to their Cyrannian counterparts.


Split from LibertusEdit

A team of Libertus was exploring the Ottzello Galaxy, to settle down colonies. Their aim was to try and help the situation in the galaxy. However, during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon Invasion Force resulted in the Libertus being cut off from the United Republic of Cyrannus. To escape death, they abandoned their colony-founding technology, which they sold and improvised with. They left to implement themselves into the criminal underworld.

Crime lifeEdit

In the outskirts of the Ottzello galaxy, the Libertus were often targetted by others for not fitting in with the crowd; their distaste of things that they thought wrong but criminals enjoyed a lot, did not go down well with the crimelords there. In order to survive, the Libertus had to fight. Regaining their old days as deadly predators on Caprica from their prehistoric age, the Libertus became fierce creatures and strong fighters. Due to their increasingly great speed, strength, agility and survivability, they became well known thieves and smugglers. Libertan thugs weren't too uncomon either, and several Libertus joined the mafia to survive.


In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Libertus missed out on most of the real combat. While occasionally criminal bases would be hit by small forces from the Hostile Xenoform Threat, it wasn't anything frequent or damaging. When several criminals joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Libertus were happy to.

During the Annihilation, the Ottzello Galaxy was destroyed, and moved to a sector in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Libertus, of course, followed. Later, the Ottzelloans had to evacuate to a new home in Borealis Galaxy, with a new Ottzello Sector.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, the Ottzelloan Libertus joined the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Ottzelloan Libertus are similar to the ordinary Libertus, with the exception that they are larger, slightly more muscular, and have the Chronoscopic colours, a side product of adaptation to the worlds.


Ottzelloan Libertus are mostly cold, antisocial and aggressive in personality, due to their past. This is a contrast to the friendly and civilized ordinary Libertus, although the Ottzelloan Libertus share their intellect.

Ottzelloan Libertus play multiple roles in URO's society, mostly as entertains and as a part of culture. This makes them similar to the Galotian in their role. Ottzelloan Libertus typically live in the huge cities, and often contribute to the architecture of larger buildings, as they came from very beautiful Cyrannian environments.


Ottzelloan Libertus are a very fast, agile and strong creature, like they were in their days as predators. Several upon moving to Ottzello had previously been soldiers for the URC, so they had fought in wars such as the Trucinex War, as well as having to survive through the Second and Third Ottzello Wars. This made them stronger in the military than most Libertus.


The Ottzelloan Libertus' own vehicles have little resemblance to the URC navy and military vehicles, but closer in resemblance to those that UNO are using in the UNO Fleet.

The Ottzelloan Libertus have no particular devices, and their weapons are similar to other Ottzelloan races during the Second and Third Ottzello wars; they are made of other random pieces of technology that have been pieced together.



  • The Ottzelloan Libertus were originally going to serve as one of UNO's diplomatic race, in that UNO only has the Galot as a diplomatic race. Before being made, it was decided that they would be a more aggressive race due to Ottzelloan experiences; UNO doesn't really need many diplomatic races, so they simply served as both.
  • It was created by Technobliterator, but its original Spore creation was then remade by Um2k9, who is also owner of the Libertus


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