Why are you talking to me? What do you want?

- Ottzelloan Kraw

The Ottzelloan Kraw are a Ottzelloan version of the Kraw of the Kraw Galaxy, which utilize Chronoscopic. They are one of multiple Kraw subspecies, and exist in both the Unified Nation of Ottzello and Kraw Empire.


Early history[]

A large amount of Kraw moved to the Ottzello Galaxy (now Ottzello Sector), presumably to examine the lives of the Ottzello Galaxy. Several arrived by immigration to the Ottzel Empire, others immigrated to the Galot, but the majority were Kraw Empire colonists in the galaxy. These Kraw adapted to the Chronoscopic worlds, becoming Chronoscopic organisms. The tragedy of these Kraw, however, began when the Second Ottzello Galactic War began.

Perils of Ottzello[]

Second Ottzello War

In the Second Ottzello War, the Kraw had to struggle attacked by the Kralgon Invasion Force, the Loron, and many other criminals. When the United Nations of Ottzello was formed, the Kraw were all grouped into one race, as all races were grouped into single governmental bodies, while they were unable to leave the galaxy. Several of the Kraw died trying to leave, but the rest had to survive.

When the United Nations left the galaxy as the war ended, the Kraw were abandoned, when several Boglot criminal forces in the galaxy managed to corrupt the United Nations to abandon the Kraw, due to lack of usage for them. The Kraw knew this had gone on, and had to fight a losing battle against the criminal forces of the underworld, or be slaves to the Kralgon. Like many other races who had also been abandoned, the Kraw adapted, by becoming criminals themselves. Getting past the discrimination of them for their peaceful ways and anti-crime, and after adapting to fighting against the roughest people in the galaxy, the majority had become unfriendly, cold criminals.

Third Ottzello War

In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, by this time, the Kraw were very different people. They were now aggressive, anti-social, cold people, who wouldn't perform any heroics for respect like the original Kraw, but would kill for their own personal needs. However, the Kraw were also gullible, and were fooled by their superiors (most Kraw weren't high-ranking crimelords, but mere cannon fodder, thugs, and assassins) into fighting on the frontlines against the Hostile Xenoform Threat. After many died, the Kraw mostly joined UNO, out of fear, which was a huge struggle that, prior to their changing of personality and attitude into criminal, wouldn't have been possible.

Half of the Kraw managed to fool, bribe and fight their way to steal ships to get back to the Kraw Galaxy and live in the Kraw Empire, while the other half managed to do the same to move to the United Nations of Ottzello. When the war ended, these Kraw joined the Unified Nation of Ottello.

New lives[]

The Kraw managed to suit well in their new empires. The Ottzelloan Kraw in the Kraw Empire were criminals, and commonly perceived as the roughest in the Empire, while the Ottzelloan Kraw in the Unified Nation fit alongside many other races with criminal backgrounds, such as the Heeyorian.



The Ottzelloan Kraw are a lot taller than the original Kraw, and have the Chronoscopic colours that appear as a side effect to adapting to Chronoscopic worlds. Aside from this, their general appearance isn't much different to the original Kraw.


The Ottzelloan Kraw are aggressive, cold and nasty people, who can switch from sly to openly aggressive in seconds. This is due to their experiences, and the fact that they are often more associated with the criminial underworld. The Ottzelloan Kraw are cunning, aggressive and very self-concerned, but are also watchful and suspicious of others, and can be paranoid at times. For these reasons, the Ottzelloan Kraw are infamous in the Kraw Galaxy.


The Ottzelloan Kraw, being Chronoscopic beings, have the general powers of Chronoscopic, but besides this, have no special abilities. They are strong, sly, cunning and brutal, but are also good at hiding; of all the criminal races in Ottzello, the Kraw have always been the best at sneaking away silently and hiding from threats.


The Ottzelloan Kraw don't generally have equipment that is their own. They mostly use black market equipment, or modified version of Kraw Empire weapons with UNO and black market aspects. Some use weapons that they've crafted out of scavenged parts.



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