The Ottzel are the oldest spacefaring empire to exist in the Ottzello Galaxy, and were once its dominant species prior to emancipating races it used to enslave. A militant, aggressive race of traders and slavers, the Ottzel have been known throughout history for being a brutish race that has wished to maintain dominance.

The Ottzel in the Grand Ottzel Order and its private corporations expanded around the galaxy and dominated it as their own. When emancipating slaves, the Federal Government of Ottzello took over as the primary empire, before falling in the Great Blyro War. Existing for centuries later, the Ottzel later joined the United Nations of Ottzello, and later the Unified Nation of Ottzello, were they continued to be very important in Ottzello. After the Ottzello Galaxy was destroyed and migrated to the Ottzello Sector, the Ottzel became extinct after being destroyed by Kolossus, and were known to later become the Vague.



The Ottzel expanded as a sentient species on planet Streshune. On their world, different nations began to race to put the first colonies in space. These races soon turned into wars, but once the first nation had a colony in space, the Ottzel united loosely under the Grand Ottzel Order as it spread across Ottzello. Though other empires are known to have been spacefaring before the rise of the Ottzel, they were made extinct.

Ancient historyEdit

In their original expansionist days, the Ottzel expanded under various corporations, which colonised worlds to bring back riches. They enslaved any sentient race, forcing them to work for the Ottzel, and soon, many Ottzel were known to own slaves. The Ottzel were run mostly by rich businessmen who expanded around the galaxy to earn new fortunes. The only race that the Ottzel could not enslave were the Ottzelloan Grox, who they opted to instead ally with. After pleasing the Ottzelloan Grox, the Ottzel and Grox became by far the strongest superpowers in the galaxy.

Later, the Ottzel's slaves began to gain more importance in businesses in Ottzello, with many Ottzel giving their slaves more civil liberties. As many slaves proved to be superior to Ottzel in many ways, there were many debates over whether the Ottzel had a reason to keep races enslaved for a reason other than supremacy. Many civil wars popped up on various planets, including revolts by slaves which would in many cases overthrow their Ottzel slavers, particularly on their home planets. Eventually, the Ottzel emancipated the slaves, and many formed the Federal Government of Ottzello.

Though the Federal Government lasted for many years, Ottzel supremacy was still on the rise, and the Federal Government was highly criticized as being very corrupt. The Ottzel and the Federal Government were then destroyed in the Great Blyro War, when the Blyro'Tralzorca and Tralkikianoe annihilated the population.

Modern historyEdit

The Ottzel were mostly annihilated, but the Order remained. The Ottzel, slowly, began to build up their civilisation once more. Once again, rich corporations spread around the Ottzello Galaxy as explorers and colonists, to expand the Ottzel influence around the galaxy. Among these explorers was Dakster, a very famous pilot. The Ottzel expanded to once again have the greatest number of colonies and be the richest empire, but were criticized due to how rich the small percentage of Ottzel were compared to the rest of the population, and for pillaging worlds they conquered. This time, the Ottzel did not enslave populations of other worlds.

The Ottzel fought in the First Ottzello Galactic War and Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello against Da Propa Big Loron Empire among others. The Ottzel, along with the Inalton allies, were known to hold out a strong defense against the Loron in both wars. They did not, however, hold up well against the Kralgon Invasion Force in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, and were forced to evacuate their homes. Later, in the Third Ottzello Galactic War, they and the United Nations of Ottzello fought new enemies once more, but at the end of the war, joined with their former Kralgon and Loron enemies, in the successful Unified Nation of Ottzello. The Ottzel followed them to the Ottzello Sector when the Ottzello Galaxy was destroyed.


The Ottzel were brought to extinction when they absorbed the power of Kolossus, which destroyed all Ottzel genes. This happened in the Clash of the Crimelords; Falrik Zaarkhun hoped to destroy his rival, General Volim, by using Kolossus, but this failed. Dakster sacrificed himself, and his species, to save the galaxy from Kolossus. It is known later that the Ottzel merged with The Vague.

The Ottzel influence is still very much felt on the galaxy, as the language, galaxy name, and much of its culture, were very inspired by the Ottzel. The pro-capitalist policies of the galaxy, however, are criticized as their more negative influence, leading to the rise of many criminals. The Unified Nation of Ottzello's society is far removed from most Ottzel societies, and have a much more even distribution of wealth.



The Ottzel are known for having a very robust physique, despite being short. They are very fast runners, and are known for having a tough upper half, making them very strong soldiers. The Ottzel were mostly useful as runners and lifters.


The Ottzel were most well known as traders and businessmen in addition to being supremists. They had corporations set up intergalactically as well as galactically. In addition, Ottzel were known as soldiers and warmongerers. At times, it was known that many Ottzel were supremists, although this has been increasingly uncommon as their history goes on.


The Ottzel society is highly varied. In poorer colonies, it is known that Ottzel have had much harsher conditions and that many working class Ottzel are made oblivious to the life of the rich. In richer areas, where most of the Ottzel are the owners of businesses or traders, Ottzel society is lush with entertainers and parties.

Within the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Ottzel society was mostly abandoned. It represented nothing of what UNO became.


The Ottzel have several different colonies, rich cities and space station resorts. Depending on the surrounding rich areas, the Ottzel habitat may vary heavily from slums to expensive housing.


Unlike most races, no technology can be described as Ottzellian. This is because any technology that was developed by the Ottzel was only developed by its private companies. As such, its spacefaring technology, spaceships, weaponry among other things were all provided by private companies, or its enslaved races.



  • The Ottzel were the first race created by their author in Spore.


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