The Ortella are a race of humanoids native to the Cyrannian Core World of Ancalenian in the Wattnaois System. Arguably the most prolific race of humanoids – if not mammalians – in the Cyrannus Galaxy, individual Ortella have made their mark on the Cyrandia Cluster in many diverse ways. As one of the key species supportive of the Cyrandia Alliance, a sizable portion of the Ortella are loyal to Rambo Nation, with many Ortella serving in the fleet of the Rambo in various capacities.

In Cyrannus, most Ortella are loyal to the New Cyrannian Republic over the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though some such as Agent Caranye Valaeris and Kendar Bozzel have ascended to high ranks within the Imperial military. Two ethnicities are prevalent amongst the Ortella, with a golden skinned group being most common in the Quadrant Galaxies while a more cream-tinged group are more commonly found in Cyrannus.


Evolving on the planet Ancalenian in the Core system of Wattnaois in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Ortella first developed space-faring capabilities in 91 BNE during the reign of the Federation of United Worlds. The newly unified government of Ancalenian was quickly fast-tracked to Federation membership due to the peaceful and cooperative nature of the native Ortellans. Over the subsequent centuries, the Ortella became an important race within the Federation and later the United Republic of Cyrannus, while a large number of Ortellan colonies would later willingly join the extragalactic superpower known as Rambo Nation. By the time the Cyrandia Alliance was formed, many Ortella considered themselves to be children of both Cyrannus and the Quadrants, a belief which nearly shattered when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded Rambo Nation soon after the end of the Great Cyrannus War. It was only with the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic that the Cyrannian and Quadrantian communities of Ortella began to cooperate once more.

However, by january 2820 (22AQF) all Ortella were forced to migrate by to the Cyrannus Galaxy by Mandator Camron Dar as part of his Quadrantia Contingency Plan. Those that were unwilling to leave the Quadrants were all relocated to Jatooine and became the main bastion of the Q-Ortella.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Physically the Ortella appear almost indistinguishable to Terrans, though they tend to be taller and less bulky. Quadrantian Ortella are known for the strong golden tinge to their skin, which while common, is less prevalent in Ortella native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. It is often said by other humanoids that almost all Ortella are considered to be highly attractive by humanoid standards, a fact not lost on some Ortella who use their looks to accomplish their goals.

Culture and SocietyEdit

An idealistic and adaptable race, the Ortella are generally well respected by the other species of the Cyrandia Cluster. In the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Ortella are often considered to be the most common humanoid race in the galaxy, with a high level of influence within the governments of both the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Nevertheless, the majority of the Cyrannian Ortella pledge their alliegance toward the Republic over the Empire, a civilisation which many of their kind blame for the destruction of their beloved Cyrandia Cluster. In the Quadrant Galaxies, the Ortella are common in the fleet of Rambo Nation, reflecting their keen desire to explore the cosmos and learn the secrets of other races.



A peaceful and adaptable species. There is much to respect about their kind.

- Athan Apostila


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