Some of you are too still, too motionless. But the universe is in constant motion, our ancestors taught us this. To stagnate is to die, so, we constantly change as we encounter tougher prey. This is also why we stand with the Mendel, for they understand the cost of stagnation as well.

- Orgaat Shifter T'yeg

The Orgaat are an intelligent, seemingly avian-reptilian race, native to the Mirus Galaxy, and native to the planet Tohoch. A fierce and seemingly savage race, the Orgaat are surprisingly intelligent, and can often be found as mercenaries and warriors fighting with the Mendel and other races. This is due to their biology, which changes as they ingest DNA. The Orgaat, as such, gain new features as they devour other life-forms, though prefer that the target be dead before hand.

Orgaat where saved by the Mendel from what they call The Great Anarchy, which they don't like to talk about. It's believed a horde of Hermicee had come to Tohoch and occupied, and attempted to destroy the Orgaat. It was only the timely arrival of the Walgolorian and other Mendel, and elements of the Waptoria Alliance, that saved the Orgaat.

As such, the Orgaat have sworn loyalty to the Mendel Pact, and in a lesser amount to the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and fight for them as elite, close-combat units. However, Orgaat tribes are settled in all sorts of empires across the Mirus, some even found in the likes of Zarbania.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

The Orgaat developed on planet Tohoch, starting as gigantic, jelly-fish like beasts in the oceans of Tohoch, which the Orgaat, via genetic memory, call "The Great Home". By continually eating amphibians and aquatic reptiles, the Orgaat evolved slowly into land creatures, their children taking on more and more land-like features as time went on.

Even after becoming land creatures, they would still return to the waters so they could deposit their offspring into the ocean to survive. Once the younglings skin hardened in a matter of minutes, the youngling would join it's pack brothers.

Once the Orgaat reached their modern appearance, they evolved to be more intelligent and cunning, soon becoming the Orgaat seen today, while making use of bestial creatures breed by them to have similar powers to them. The Orgaat would remain a rather tribal looking race, living in tree-top settlements, seemingly still primitive tribes, while developing advanced science and technology.

It is unknown if the Precursors of the Multus Esse had a hand in their evolution, though there is an observer stationed on Tohoch and signs of Multus research base nearby.

Rise to the stars Edit

Orga-Togun Meeting

Orgaat and Togunda leaders in a trade discussion.

The Orgaat would become a space-faring race, dividing into tribes called "Webs", and settling on worlds. While the base-line Orgaat remained the most common, Orgaat also began to evolve new features, such as wings, and some even went back to being aquatic, growing fins and gills to go with their lungs.

The Orgaat would remain a small player, only getting in contact with the neighbouring Tardythles. A small amount of trade ocurred between the two races, until the Tardythles were attacked anew by their old enemies, the Hermicee. Not knowing what to do with this new race, the Orgaat attempted to make contact with the savages, only to be attacked as well, their own ships used to find the colonies. The Orgaat, while adaptable and strong, could not handle the wave after wave of Hermicee drones, and soon, began to lose ground.

Thus began the Great Anarchy.

The Great Anarchy Edit

T-O Fight

The Great Anarchy was an area in Orgaat history where the species suffered a major government collapse during the Hermicee wars. The Council of Shifters, the Council in charge of leading the Orgaat webs, was destroyed suddenly, and left the Orgaat leaderless. Soon, riots broke out over who would lead the Orgaat, as the Hermicee came upon them. With their scared homeworld occupied, a small group of Orgaat traveled the stars, searching for anyone who could help.

They found, the Walgolorian Dominion. Asking the Great Sovereign Lord and his Empyreal Druids to lead assistance, the wise Casio Lwerian'ca, agreed, and asked his Mendel allies, in the Ugandalorian and Kodalorian empires to help him in his goal, sending 2 small bands of warriors to help the large Walgolorian force. At the same time, the newly formed Waptoria Alliance of Species were driving Hermicee from the sector, and as such they came across the Orgaat and their alliance with the Mendel, and arrived to lend their assistance, as a number of Togunda Brotherhoods arrived to fight alongside their allies. Together, they began helping clear out and destroy the Hermicee, as well as Orgaat who did not accept the temporary leadership of K'ora, the Orgaat who had contacted Lwerian'ca for assistance.

OrgaatWalgolor Alliance

The Walgolorian and Orgaat leaders meet, forging an alliance that will last for centuries.

With the Hermicee defeated, the Orgaat came into a new boom time. Several of the warriors now had the powerful abilities of the Hermicee to add to their genetic features, and joined the Walgolorian, their worlds becoming colonies of the Dominion, and receiving a boost in power. The Orgaat homeworld of Tohoch was repaired of damage, and a new Council of Shifters, lead by K'ora herself, came to lead their people, while also swearing allegiance to the Walgolorian, and taking similar vows of honor towards the other Mendel species, as long Orgaat hunting privileges where honored, and they where paid.

The Orgaat would remain members of the Walgolorian Dominion, while joining Mercenary companies belonging to the Ugandalorians and Kodalorians. In their minds, the Orgaat had a debt to repay, and did so by assisting Mendel on Merc jobs and fighting alongside the Walgolorian's Warrior Caste. The Orgaat, as such, got some of the best fighting with their allies, as well as bringing new DNA and money sources for their people, strengthening them further.

The Orgaat enjoyed good times, and became honored by all Mendel for their contributions. The Orgaat would also help bring in the Kamasid Hives into the Walgolorian Dominion, despite the formers' insanity.

Some others, though a slightly smaller batch than those joining the Mendel, joined the Waptoria instead. These Orgaat also felt obliged to them, for it was they who had driven the other Hermicee from the sector, something seen as unbelievable to the young Orgaat. As such, they came to live in the Waptoria alliance's borders, as well as many Walgolorian, and the former even donated their DNA to assist the Waptoria. This DNA paradigm was used to create the WAoS's bio-soldiers, which are still in use today. Not only that, but the Orgaat in the Waptoria Alliance are also one the the few non-engineered races that serve in their WAoS army. The Orgaat were thrilled to carry out the pacification of the rest of the Waptoria Sector alongisde the Waptoria Alliance of Species, as they got to hunt down the Hermicee of other bands, avenging the loses they had suffered against the foul creatures.

The Second Great Shifting, as the Orgaat called it, had begun.

Karogon Rebellions Edit

Tyranny Wars Edit

When the Tyranny Wars started up, and the Ugandalorians and their allies rallying to go to war against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the Walgolorains deemed the Dominatus and their foul servants too immoral for the Abiding Truth, and thus rallied their military assets and Auxiliaries into fighting them. The Orgaat enjoyed many anew DNA source from their enemy, and, the highlight of the war came when a group of Orgaat managed to claim some Dominatus DNA, becoming the most powerful Web among their kin.

The Orgaat, after the war, would settle down more and, after the Mendel Pact was formed, would become more active members.

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

The enemy gathers around us? GOOD! More DNA for our kindred! Feast, brothers and sisters!

- K'ora

Desolation of the Bisitar Edit

During the Battle of Ventia, the Orgaat, alongside other races of the Mendel Pact, the Orgaat organized several of their members to fight alongside the Mou'Cyran Accords against the Bisistar Domain in defense of the Ermitant and people of Ventia. As usual, as the Mendel fought with their ranged weaponry, the Orgaat readied their blades and claws for war against the shape-shifters. They where disgusted to learn the Bisitar melt in death, but 3 of their warspheres fought bravely in the battle, but the Webs where ultimately unhappy that they could not gain Bisitar DNA. However, most where quite ecstatic to save the Ermitant people, who they felt kinsmenship towards, for suffering their own invasion and almost losing everything to an aggressor power, just as the Orgaat had during the Hermicce wars. Many Orgaat clans made pledges, even before they joined the Mou'cyran accord, to help the New Republic, even if they where not ordered to.

After the victory, the Orgaat would, alongside other Mendel races, join the Mou'cyran Accords and colonize the Cyrannian galaxy, with a number of Orgaat beginning the process of preparing their Warspheres for mercenary work. How the natives will react to such a...different race is currently unknown. Despite, many Orgaat within the Grand Council supported it, seeing it as a blessing to continue to help the honorable New Republic.

It was around this time that a number of Orgaat tribes devoured the meat of Volver traitors who worshiped Ada, unknowingly allowing themselves to be corrupted, and would then join one of his cults

Great Xonexian Shism Edit

Eldarisian-Waptorian Conflict

For the Orgaat Webs living in Waptorian space, life is generally more peaceful. While mostly hunting wild animals, they do sublimate their diet with Waptorians who allow their bodies to be consumed. For the Webs here, few thought any thing could go wrong in such a peaceful empire. However, one conflict would prove to be deadly for a number of them. Orgaat within the Alliance where exposed to the Galkian Seerkers and died en masse, when the Eldarisian attacked 20 planets are the start of the war. Many also fell in the defense of the holy planet of Vecila'a and in other battles between Eldarisian and Waptorian forces, as the Orgaat tried their hardest to fight for those that had once put their lives on the line for them. By the end of the conflict, many Orgaat would lie dead or end up severely injured, and with little to show for their efforts.

Despite, the Orgaat back home sent out new colonists to assist their injured brothers, along with waves of Mendel supplies to help the Waptorians heal. The Orgaat seethed with new purpose. They began to formulate their own plans for revenge, and show the Eldarisians true "Biologic" warfare.

As a side effect, the worship of the Waptorian god Tzeent'chak went up, as well as private worship to the various gods such as Xza'rak and Nur'tax, and even godesses such as Ishii'nesh, quite possibly in spite of their foes.

The Wars of Mirusian Coalition

The Orgaat where heavily involved in the battles for the Mirusian Coalition, helping spearhead the attacks for the Mendel. Many a times, they landed in special strike forces ahead of the rest of the Pact, and began operating in the forests and jungles of several worlds alongside several Truxnians, Kadalians and other jungle specialized forces to begin taking a toll on Xonexi forces in battle. Although their armor was poor compared to the likes of the Xonexi, their bloody work did much to demoralize and weaken several of the Xonexi garrisons for the eventual Pact assault.

Many Orgaat reaped the benefits of their battles, finding many new and alien sources of food an genetics. They found they especially liked human, as they had never eaten Terran before, and found the humans had the right blend of taste, lack of specialized features, like wings and claws, and could still supply them with new DNA and allow them to keep their intelligence.

By the end of the conflict, the Coalition had won, and the Orgaat celebrated their great undertaking. New genetics, new planets, and new battles had been won. For that was all an Orgaat asked for in life.

For the Second War, the Orgaat purposefully asked to be left behind when the Mendel began withdrawing forces to protect their rear lines from the advancing Imperium of War. These Orgaat clans would remain behind with the beguiled garrisons to provide assistance, and to put their particular set of skills to good use against the advancing French and Eldarisian lines. Even as the tides began to turn, many Mendel forces began to join the Orgaat in the jungles and wastes in order to continue to pressure the besieging Xonexi.

Despite their efforts, the Xonexi where able to turn the tide, and reverse the gains of the Orgaat and other members, which angered many the Warriors of the Pact, the Orgaat mostly because several of these planets had prime hunting grounds for them. When the Mirusian Triumvirate was formed, the Orgaat became a member of the alliance, many of it's leaders dead-set on avenging their honor and getting back their hunting grounds.

Colonizing Borealis Edit

Many Orgaat joined the rest of the Pact in colonizing the Borealis Galaxy during the Mendel Pact's agreements with the Polar Crystal Alliance, seeing it as another opportunity to grow and advance, as well as "help" the unruly parts of the galaxy learn their place, if only for the strong DNA and genetic factors some of the natives carried. Abusing such strength after all, asked for someone to put it to better use after.

Colonization has been slower in Borealis, as Orgaat do not like the cold environments that are so common in Borealis. Still, there are native life forms to be put to use to "help" with that.

Da Reckoning Edit

Loron? Such fine strength, such brutal cunning. Such...strange abilities. These genetics will be perfect when added to our kin! Sharpen your knifes, clean your teeth, and load your rifles! A great hunt is about to begin, and we Orgaat shall feast well!

- Supreme Shifter K'ora to her Clans and tribes.

When the Mendel Pact marched to war against the Loron in Da Reckoning, many Orgaat tribes attached themselves to Mendel fleets, joined by their Togunda allies. The Loron presented possibly one of the best new sources of DNA for the Orgaat in some time, as they had yet to meet a race with as much strength as them. Though many where reminded of the brutal Hermicce, and wished to take out such aggression on the Loron, most simply saw them as an opportunity to gain more power, and joined the Mendel fleets in Borealis for a chance to fight. They where joined by their long standing allies, the Togunda, whose own nation fleets joined the Orgaat and their tribes as they traveled to Borealis, Cyrannus and Plazith to further reinforce the colonies there.

Neraida War Edit

Eat up! There ain't much left!

- Shifter O'cari

When the Mendel Pact was drawn into the Neraida War, many Orgaat Clans assigned their warriors to help in the coming war, their massive warspheres joining the great Mendel armada that had gathered to fight. Such vessels included the dependable Koridelable-class Battleship, their Togunda allies' commerce Clan-vessels, and Kaguran Birds of Prey. The Orgaat vessels would serve a simple role; as a sledge hammer. Their massive fire power and ballistic weapons, as well as their durability, would be used to cut their way through Neraida vessels, as the other Mendel races held them in place. This strategy was implemented during the first battles the Mendel partook in, The battle of the Viridescent Nebula.

Taking a good portion of the Neraida fire power, the Mendel fleet fought alongside many of their allies and comrades, ultimately helping destroy the Neraida fleet. The Warriors of all races, celebrated, weapons and fists raised to the air, as calls to the heavens where made. Carchal Nal, commander of these forces ordered his troops to silence. There was much more work to be done before they could celebrate.

As the War went on, Mendel fleets, mostly in conjecture with their old friends, the Waptoria and Persan, continued to harass Neraida fleets, using their ability to hide within asteroid fields to lure them into traps. However, they ultimately did nothing to bold, despite the warriors of the Pact rattling their swords for it. Carchal wanted them to maintain formation until the New Republic gave the order. The Orgaat obeyed, though many voiced their wishes to have fresh meat to devour.

Orgaat Warriors would be involved in the finishing up of the Neraida, their warspheres joining the final allied push, and rallying alongside the Herald of Retribution, the Orgaat using the impressive strength of their halls and shields to defend the other, weaker ships. After cutting a way through, Carchal Nal gathered 8 Super-Commandos, as the Orgaat sent in a large number of their warriors, eager to assist. They where joined by Persan warriors under Forterra and Cognatus Warriors under Primarch Voro Acetenus. After a long fight, many Orgaat had died, but, for their efforts, they showed they where not to be taken lightly, nearly twice as many Neraida ilk dying to take them down. After the battle, O'cari's forces ritually devoured their fallen Orgaat comrades in celebration, taking their genetics back into the tribe.

The Orgaat would celebrate their victory alongside the others, though kept themselves separate from the others, least their "barbaric" habits scare the others. Afterward, the Orgaat warriors left Mendel borders to hunt down pirates, their lust for blood not yet slicked.

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Many Orgaat Clans had struggled to move on after the war to get their territories back. Many Clans had proposed trying to work with French leadership in order to secure these hunting grounds again, but differences in culture stalled these talks. However, when the Hand of Retribution came to power, many Orgaat Clans declared their loyalty, many out of fear for what he might do to their sacred world if crossed. However, many Webs did not bow to him, including the Web of the Seven Claws, operating with Kiun once more after a brief reprieve to Alastor. They would return to their commander, and, their tribal leader, Ha'brk discussed what to do with Kiun. At the same time, 3 Orgaat Clans where routed into Commander Ryaler's army, to prepare for the coming battles with France and Eldarisia.

At the same time, a number of the more nomadic and distant Orgaat clans, fearing for the safety of their homeworld and brothers and sisters, returned to Kirta Clett, declaring her their High Queen, and wishing to follow her in rebellion. K'ora made no moves, knowing fully well that her actions may damn her world to hellfire, and, instead, reiterated her loyalty to the Hand. However, Kirta's Orgaat forces where rallied under a Shifter named O'ruk, known for his foul sense of humor towards outsiders, a common trait among his kind, as well as his pragmatic but caring leadership style towards his Clansmen.

Second Cyrannian War Edit

Run all you want, there is no escape!

- Chieftain G'ork to his enemies during the Ambush of Frenal
Battle of Frenal

The Orgaat temporarily entered a period of peace and prosperity after the Mendel Schism, working to stabilize their empire, and restore unity to all. Though difficult, the Orgaat enjoyed an era of expansion and happiness, their trade connections expanding in Plaztih, Borealis and Cyrannus, as well as new sources of DNA allow with it. This happiness, however, was not to last. The destruction of Mou'Cyran quickly reminded the Orgaat that war was always around the corner. As such, their Warriors and Chieftains rallied their tribes to war, eager for blood and war. The Orgaat rallied many war parties to the cause of the Mendel Pact, eager to fight and fill their maws on the blood of Imperial troops.

The Orgaat where present at the Battle of Frenal, alongside their Togunda allies. As the Imperial forces began to deploy, Ryaler deployed six Orgaat Warspheres in a flanking maneuver against 2 Imperial Star Destroyers and a Judicator-class. While their primitive weapons could not scratch the armor of the Imperials, the War Spheres launched thousands of boarding pods and craft into the Star Destroyers, disgorging their hungry warriors onto the foes' ships, rifles, spears and knives in hand. Meanwhile, when the Imperials deployed a heavy ground force against the capital city of Frenal, the Mendel and their allies, after a long, hard fight that resulted in heavy loses for the Pact, managed to push the Imperials into the jungle, and, unknowingly, into a large gathering of Orgaat warriors.

Taking out their scouts, the Orgaat managed to ambush and overwhelm Imperial forces, brutally killing many Stormtroopers, and ripping open their armor and gear, tearing into their foes, eager to feast, while capturing many others. The Commander of the forces was allowed to leave, only to be killed by the Vanara agent Shaura, as G'ork, leader of the Cyrannian Orgaat, lead his gathered tribesmen in a grand feast, enjoying their first taste of blood from the galactic Empire, though it certainly wouldn't be their last.

However, the Empire was not done for. While Orgaat forces managed to trap and capture several regiments, the majority of the Imperial forces escaped, and, after Titus Dromaeo, leader of the Imperial task force brought his ship into low orbit, bombarded the surface of Frenal, killing many Orgaat and Mendel, and destroying the jungles and forests where the Orgaat, and several Clans, made their home. This allowed the Imperial ground forces to escape, many bringing back tales of savages from the jungles seemingly coming out of nowhere to rip apart their foes, devour them, and melt away into the shadows again.

Imperial propaganda was quick to make the Orgaat into savage, brutal monsters, without any grasping of language and barely any technology, outside of black powder weapons and spears, brought along by the Mendel to intimidate and frighten troops with their savagery.

Battle of Zebas
Battle of New Corulus

War of the Ancient Three Edit

These Rovegar have a cuious taste. A little spicy, very chewy. There's a lack of meat and all, but they'll do for meals, for now. If we get hungry again from these skinny little sacks of bone, we'll just find some pirates. Nice, delicious pirates...

- Orgaat Chef B'ask the Greasy

The Orgaat, along with other members of the Mendel Pact, would fight in the War of the Ancient Three, and joined, eager to feast on the flesh of their foes, no matter where they came from. The first foes they encountered where the Ganthorea, a race of plant-based creatures that infected any they encountered. Orgaat, due to not using helmets often, where regulated away from the battle lines, instead using their ships to provide support to their Togunda and Mendel allies, who could use their sealed suits to survive in the spore-racked environments better. The Orgaat where aggrieved they could not make meals out of their foes, but, their Shamans and Chieftains knew full well trying to eat the Ganthorea would not end well for the Orgaat. After scouring many worlds clean with their weapons, they received note that the Ganthorea where defeated, and as they began to head back to their homes, a new threat came about; the Kondrakar Dominion, a race of demon worshipping massive serpents.

The Orgaat joined in the battles on the ground this time, coordinating their ambushes to help wipe out the Kondrakar wherever the Mendel fought them. Although they had no experience dealing with the Corruptus, they knew enough to realize eating the Kondrakar would not end well, and, as such, kept to eating their stored meat and nutrient rations for the remainder of the war. The lack of fresh meat made the Orgaat vicious and almost rapid, tearing apart Kondrakar with knife, pole-arms and their bare hands, though careful not to eat corrupted flesh. Four years of this would drag on, some tribes accidently, or perhaps, in desperation for fresh meat, eating Kondrakar flesh, and becoming corrupted, turning on their brothers and needing to be put down.

During the final battle, the Orgaat fleets gathered with their allies, and their tribes fought on the ground. After the Kondrakar sacrificed themselves to summon Shu'suvreca, the Orgaat almost fleeing in terror of the creature, it's presence reminding them of the horrid oceans they dared not enter in their ancient times. Shu'suvreca would destroy many ships, before the Thoi'olerthae where summoned to provide assistance against the demon. After weakening it with the sacrifice of the ship, Lance of Twilight, the Orgaat would turn their ballistic weapons upon the beast, destroying it, but leaving a permeant wound in space-time from which demons could enter and exit. The Orgaat, however, where told to leave the area, the battle won, and could return home to their tribes, to be hailed as heroes and great hunters.

The Orgaat would return to their hunting grounds, hunting many fearsome beasts and enjoying reciting the old tales of their battles, while the Rovegar seemed to gain more influence by the day, and the Ottzelloan Republic, for whatever reason, elected a Loron to be their leader. Although slightly confused, many Orgaat tribes voiced the idea of joining them. After all, the new Loron president did speak of making cannibalism legal, something not many other nations would've allowed. Still, due to their differences from many other nations, the Orgaat largely ignored the goings on in the wider galaxy, though their attention was soon roused, when Hrothur Tenauo announced to his warriors the need for the Mendel Pact to fight the Rovegar Matriarchy, it's influenced having corrupted much of the galaxy.

The Orgaat eagerly joined the fray, and, for once where allowed to eat their foes. Though many voiced the opinion the Rovegar had no meat to them, and where all skin and bones, most of the tribes did not complain. New Meat was new meat, and meant new chances to grow and chance with their meals. Orgaat would wait patiently as the Super Commandos and Shock Troopers made their attacks, launching covert ops against the foes, before an all-out assault was ordered on the Composer's Legacy, the station the Rovegar claimed to have come from. The Orgaat bounded across rooftops, as the Togunda and Mendel heavy infantry lumbered to face the Rovergar. The Orgaat themselves feasted on the flesh of many Rovegar, eager to reap the benefits of such flesh.

After their victory, the Orgaat celebrated with their allies, and left for home once more.

Traits Edit

Culture and Society Edit


Orgaat Carnivores gather for a hunt.

Orgaat are highly focused on evolution, via the eating and consumption of DNA. As they eat new life-forms, they add their traits to the Orgaat's body. As such, the Orgaat view Shifting, as they call it, with respect, and only do it every so often. As such, Orgaat, unless they are genetically a dead-end, usually only have 1-3 DNA donors. The Orgaat themselves view this as an honor, as, rather then letting an enemies' corpse sit there and rot, they continue their honored enemies' memories, culture, and DNA for them. As such, they are sometimes confused as to why people view cannibalism with disgust.

Orgaat are highly focused warriors, preferring to wield weapons that are of rather low technology levels, so to keep their minds and bodies strong. Children, after receiving their hardened carapace body, will partake in military training to make them stronger, before joining their father or mother in battle by the age of 12.

Orgaat hold the Mendel Pact and the Waptoria Alliance in high regard for saving them, and Orgaat warriors are common sites within Mendel Mercenary bands that ravel across the galaxy. Orgaat see protecting these warriors as a life-oath, and view all of them, especially the Walgolorians, with high respect, though, most of this travel is merely done to acquire DNA.

Certain races are off-limits for eating. Orgaat do not eat creatures like the Bio-Morphlings, due to their disgusting traits, and the fact a Bio-Morhpling could assimilate them in the process of eating. Orgaat do not touch Mendel meat, and to do so results in execution, unless the warrior so wishes. They are, however, freely allowed to eat Waptoria meat, and even encouraged by the Waptora Alliance to do so, so the dead of the Waptoria might live on in them. Similarly to the Morphlings, Orgaat do not touch Grox, or their servants' flesh, for similar reasons, as well as the fact that Grox flesh "Reeks of death". Orgaat can detect infiltrators via scent. They can literally "smell" a Bio-Morphling imitation, or Changeling Infiltrator. However, they must be able to recognize the "Scent" of another creature before being able to tell a shape-shifter. While they could recognize an imitator of a Ugandalorian, a Libertus might throw them off, due to not being around the race as much.

Orgaat partake in ancestor worship, and may even worship important figures in their history, such as the famous Shifter who lead their tribes, S'rek the Green-skinned. The only outside entities they worship are the Ugandal god of advancement and growth, Horangiir, and the Waptoria god of change and evolution, Tzeent'chak. They have taken onto the Mendel ideal of the Oversoul, that they will all be united into one body at the end of their lives.

Due to their extremely high birth rate, due to their asexual reproduction, Orgaat control their birthing cycles carefully, so they do not "overwhelm" their allies among other races. Still, Orgaat have a very high population, their military forces making up a good majority of Mendel forces. Orgaat found having children when their cycles says not to are punished for this, though what it entails is unknown. A common misconception is that the Orgaat are subservient to the Mendel, especially the Walgolorian. However, despite their life debt, the Orgaat are eager to aggressively defend their believes and cultural practices (Mostly cannibalism) and would leave the Pact if outside forces tried to control these.

Much of their language consists of hissing, shrieks, whistles, warbles and growls, leaving many mystified as to what their saying. However, Orgaat can learn languages easily by hearing others speak. A common practice is to add 'kel to the end of someone's name to show respect.

Death Edit

Death among the Orgaat is similar to their allies in the Ugandalorians, and their subspecies. The Dead's family members and friends will gather around the remains of the fallen, before the body is cut open, and the heart removed, with the being within the Clan or Web it is willed to, receiving and eating the heart, representing that he or she now carries the memories and joys that being brought during life within them, and now take the being's strength into themselves once more.

The Orgaat have taken a literal believe into the Mendel ideal of the Oversoul, not only believing their souls unite at the end of their lives, but return their bodies to the near-liquid like state they where in when they began life, and put them into the Great Pool Circuit. There, their memories shall remain, and they shall exist in a dream-like state, never fully experiencing full individuality again.

As their bodies, or the blue liquid it reduced to, still retain their memories, the Orgaat Shifters and Shamans will journey into the Great Pool, going down below, and absorbing memories from their ancestors for guidance and certain events and even communing with them on some level.

The Great Pool Circuit Edit

From the pools we came, and from them we return.

- K'ora, explaining the utility behind the pool to Casio Lwerian'ca.

The Great Pool Circuit is the place on each Orgaat Warsphere where the bodies of the deceased are processed back into their semi-liquid state that the Orgaat began life as. This idea started among the ancient Orgaat, who, after the Heart eating ceremony, would return the Orgaat body to a liquid state and return it to the seas where they came from.

Once they reached space, the circuit was developed to hold the liquid until they could return home to carry out the ritual. However, when the Web of the Prying Eye, lost their shifter, his bonded partner, distraught, immersed himself in the pool to be with his close comrade once more, and found when he came up, he seemed to carry the knowledge of his friend and the other fallen with him.

Reporting back to the Shifters, the Orgaat Shamans, while originally against such a thing, allowed some of their leaders to do so, going into the pool, and receiving knowledge from the past fallen, and guidance on certain events. After a certain point, they will return to Tohoch, in order to return the liquid to the oceans, and begin the pool anew.

Bonded Edit

Marriage does not exist among the Orgaat, as they have no reason for it, reproducing asexually and having no genders. However, they do go through something called, the "Bonding Ritual". Basically, it is usually performed by 2 or more Orgaat, usually who are serving in packs together in battle, so as to create a greater bond between themselves. When fighting together, their Shifters and Pack leaders, will carry a sacred knife to represent their bond.

Bonded members are extremely close with each other, and since the Orgaat lack genders, they see no issue with 1 or more members of any gender performing the ritual. Some Orgaat have been known to perform the ritual with even other races.

Biology Edit

Orgaat have a bird-reptile look to them. They have scales across their body, forming a rocky surface across their skin, while their backs and shoulders are covered in a thick carapace. Around the top of their head, and the sides, are frill-like crests that protect their heads from harm. From the back of their head grow sensory quills, which are sensitive to touch, or changes in air, allowing Orgaat to detect enemies from behind.

Orgaat have a special sense of smell, letting them recognize imitations and shape-shifters. They also use pheromones to communicate with each other, mask their scent, or stun targets if they so wish. They, naturally, have a strong, salty odor to them, which they view with pride, seeing it as a mark of their social status within the Web.

Orgaat have a poisonous maw, allowing them to at least stun victims during fights. Orgaat claws and teeth are built like hypodermic needles, designed to take in DNA and tissue from foes, so they may absorb it into their own. Orgaat may close the small holes in their claws and teeth if they so wish. Similar to a snake, Orgaat can unhinge their jaws to swallow prey whole.

Orgaat have no real genders, but do gain gender-based personalities from whatever foes they ingest. The more male-centric their diet, they will become male, and vise verse. Orgaat reproduce asexually, with an Orgaat deciding what traits he/she wants to pass onto his/her offspring. Orgaat, if they pass on features to their offspring over and over, repeatedly, will find it soon downgrades in both parent and offspring, and, as such, Orgaat usually produce 3 children with adapted features from an outside source, and 5 without.

Orgaat, after eating, can do multiple things. They can add the muscle and bone tissue they just absorbed to temporarily heal themselves, increase their strength, or gain memories, making them useful in learning enemy strategies. Orgaat can store this flesh in a special sack, where they can experiment with the DNA and add to their bodies later. Biting a target allows them to leech DNA from their blood, instantly changing them, though these changes will ware off if they take damage, or do not consume more DNA in enough time.

It should be noted that Orgaat need to eat in order to maintain their form and keep their intelligence. If they did not, they could run the risk of their bodies breaking down into a Primordial ooze like material, or be reduced to non-sentient levels of intelligence. Because of this, they actively hate creatures that eat others, not for any purpose or need, but merely for pleasure and sadism. While some mistake Orgaat for doing this same thing, Orgaat are quick to educate them on the matter, not to show them up, but to merely inform them the Orgaat are eating for a reason other then invoking disgust and hatred.

Due to the Orgaat's need for new DNA and genetic material to keep their race strong and evolving, as well as the fear they may reach a genetic dead end by eating too much of something, they actively go out and try to fight across all galaxies they can, as they deeply fear being pigeon-holed into un-needed genetics. The Mendel, while they do not like it, understand, and actively allow the Orgaat to work as mercenaries for other cultures, so long as Orgaat do not turn their guns on the Mendel themselves.

Reproduction Edit

Orgaat larva

Orgaat as larva do not resemble their adult forms.

Orgaat reproduce asexually, and are noted to have absolutely no libido to speak of, though do have an understanding of sex and jokes revolving around it, not being completely ignorant. Much like everything, it is a matter of two plus two for them. They need offspring to continue their ideals and culture, though it is not so cut and dry. Orgaat require a day's worth of concentration and dedication, as they must not only fertilize their own eggs, but also direct the strands of DNA their child will inherit. Orgaat can direct this through sheer force of will, much like how they direct the ingestion of new DNA sources, and allows them to pass on certain desirable traits to their offspring.

Orgaat larvae start off very different from their adult forms. The Orgaat larvae are large, squid like beings, who must stay in water in order to breath. They have six tentacles, which they can twist into fingers and manipulators. They have no visible mouths and large, bulbous eyes. They are blue, and filled with the blood and fluid. Their bodies are easy to pierce, but once they harden and develop into their adult forms, they may leave the pools where they live in.

Orgaat can engage in sexual intercourse, though this mostly them taking in the genetic material of another, and adding it to themselves. They commonly do this to transfer DNA between themselves, or for a variety of reasons. As they reproduce asexually, it is impossible for children to result from this. They also receive no pleasure from this, merely doing the deed, and exchanging DNA with each other, and finishing, more akin to shaking hands then actually partaking in intercourse.

Technology Edit

Despite their outward appearance of a pre-industrial society, Orgaat are capable of advanced space-flight and opening hypergates. They prefer primitive weapons, so as to keep themselves strong. Often, they make use of primitive weapons and tools, such as spears, swords, and bayonets in battle, so as to keep their bodies and senses strong. Orgaat weapons, despite seemingly so primitive, are noted for the brutal efficiency, despite their simplicity. Orgaat will also burrow weapons from their employers as part of their contracts, and even build weapons, based off genetic memories from their host races.

Their leaders commonly deploy special totems and spiritual charms increase their strength and lend aid form the spirits of the ancestors. By some unknown feat, these spirituals tools and items actually work, allowing their Shifters and Web-leaders greater power and guidance from the fallen before them.

While they make use of projectile weapons, they have allowed the Mendel to modify many of their weapons to increase their damage out-put.

Religion Edit

Orgaat follow a system of ancestor worship, worshipping the past members of their Webs. Certain famous members, such as S'rek, become immortalized among the Orgaat for centuries, and are honored by all Webs. Among them, their leaders, Shifters, are considered as much a military rank as it is a religious one, with Shifters being the bridge to new evolutions in battle. Shamans are the priests of Orgaat society, and are believed to be direct links to the ancestral spirits and the few gods the Orgaat actually worship.

Orgaat across space and galaxies all follow Kadaii Hoorangiir of the Mendel, and Tzeent'chak of the Waptoria. Outside of this, other gods are usually kept as private worship, though the Orgaat generally care little for one's religious believes. It should be noted that, due to the Eldarisian-Waptorian conflict, private worship of Waptorian goddesses, such Sii'nesh and Rei'th, have gone up, most likely in spite of their foes. Some have taken to worshipping Jura, though usually it is alongside Hoorangiir himself.

Cannibalism Edit

The eating and partaking of flesh of their foes is just as much a military practice, as it is a religious one. After killing their enemies, the Elder Shifter, the leader of all Orgaat forces on planet, will select one corpse, and speak the following chant.

Kadaii Hoorangiir, God of Ruin, we thank you for granting us victory in battle and gaining the opportunity to grow all the stronger in the future.

The Orgaat will then remove the heart from the chest and clutch it in his claws.

Tzeent'chak, Architect of Evolution, we thank you for granting us the ability to change ourselves to strengthen our children. To both gods, may you grant us benefits with this flesh we eat, and we honor our enemies for being so strong.

Tthe Orgaat Shifter will then hold the heart up in the air, before he finishes his "sermon".

Despite their brutal life style and way of acquiring genetics, the Orgaat are still very honorable. Civilians and children are off limits to Carnivore squads, and the only flesh they may eat are the dead enemies. As such, Shifters must make sure their foe is dead before eating.

After it is done, the Orgaat then steal themselves away so they may experiment with the genetic material found, under supervision. After their new DNA has been fully augmented, the first child born is declared the Elder Shifter of their new Web, and trained hence forth by the Web's original Elder shifter in how to lead. Once completed, the new Shifter will take his brothers and sisters who yield these genetic upgrades, and a number of normal Carnivores with, to form a new Web, and acquire their own territory to live in.

Races declared Inedible

Races declared inedible is as close as one can get to the word repulsive and unsavory in Orgaat tongue without actually using said words. The Orgaat consider these races too unsafe to eat and bring their genetic matrix, and their "souls" enjoined into their own, with their ancestors. The Orgaat often believe eating such creatures is dangerous to their health and the health of their kindred and clans. Other times, they simply do not want such violence and decadence making it's way into their culture.

The following is told from the perspective of the Elder Clan leaders of the Orgaat.

  • Tardythles - The Tardythles were the first to take contact with us, and though our allegiances might be different, we both respect each other's customs. They do not wish for us to eat their flesh, rather wanting their dead to serve as statutes of veneration, and we can do nothing but respect their wish.
  • The Grox - The Grox are an abomination. Their flesh burns with poison, and their bones reek of death. metal is entwined with their bodies, and, while they break easy, their flesh, and that of their servants, cannot be eaten. While they offer an intriguing path to follow to adapt ourselves, their poisonous bodies and minds could easily take hold and corrupt us, make us fall like the Fish-People of Tarmealis, or the Long-bodies of Kaizox.
  • Bio-Morphlings - Similar to us, these creatures eat and consume others, to join their spirits together to create stronger warriors. But, there's is not the way of honor and decency. When they consume, the enemy soul screams as it is absorbed and the flesh is molded to such disgusting levels. Beware the Maggot-kin, for their bodies will consume you, from within.
  • Demon followers - Corruption reaches the flesh further then some think. To follow any demon, be they the hated scions of the Shadow-Gods, the Darklings, or the madmen of the Xhoa'dactus, such spirits cannot be allowed to be enjoined with ours, for the ancestors would weep such tears be fused with madmen, and, I feel our own bodies would twist just as theirs did...
  • Singularity Vanara - We are no strangers to rebels. The Ruins Hand and Unitech have both been fought off, and we have consumed the flesh of both. But the Singularity Vanara are twisted on a level beyond simply culture or being raised as such. Their minds from the beginning have been hosting a seed of shadow. If we subsume such souls with our ancestor's own, our children would bear that same seed. And what horrid fruit it would bear indeed.
  • Eldarisian - These murders and fiends disgust on all levels. They consume not flesh, but cultures, burning them away and leaving behind empty aliens that have no choice but to follow. Their savagery would give nothing to the Webs, but it would take so much, so very much. We cannot let them be enjoined to us in anyway. Their "Cuth" is a god of savagery and hatred. We eat their flesh, and he controls us as much as much as he did them.

Military Edit

Orgaat are common mercenaries, alongside the Ugandalorians of the Mendel Pact. While not prone to working as order enforcers and arm breakers, they instead deploy to supplement forces, fighting for money, equipment, and genetic materials of their enemies. Despite their brutal means, they are still very honorable, taking and sparing prisoners, despite some claiming they eat prisoners, and honoring their contracts to 100%. However, if they feels they are being used as bullet shields, or are about to be double crossed, the Orgaat have been known to actually switch sides.

Outside of mercenary work, Orgaat are favored close-combat specialists, and are good fighters in wilderness, especially jungles and deserts. Due to preferring to not use more advanced armor and weapons, Orgaat commonly act as guerilla forces and providing ambush assistance to Mendel ranged specialists. They are also known to cover the retreats of Walgolorian teams and work with Truxnian Ugandalorians in setting up jungle traps.

Orgaat tend to rely on the other species of the Pact to take out vehicles, and, in siege assaults, one of the favored tactics is to let the enemy armored columns into a city, before activating an EMP charge. The Orgaat, with other races, will swarm the enemy from roof tops and inside houses, and jump inside tanks to attack the crews.

Orgaat also provide fleet assistance in the form of the Warsphere. While slow moving and cumbersome, the ship boosts impressive, if short ranged fire power, and very heavy shielding and armor. Like on the ground, Warspheres will commonly ambush their targets, flanking enemies, or attacking transports.

Orgaat Carnivore
  • Use - General Combat.
  • Weapons - Claws, genetic absorbing, pole arm, Bolt-action Rifles.
  • Defenses - Some armor, thick armored hide.

Orgaat Carnivores are Orgaat auxilias recruited by the Walgolorian to help them in battle. Strong in melee, the Carnivore squads are brutish in close combat, and helpful to their Walgolorian allies. The Orgaat are loyal to the end for the Walgolorian, always eager thanks to the Walgolorian assisting in the saving of their homeworld and race from slavery and extinction at the claws of the Hermicce.

These Carnivores are used for general combat, being highly adaptable, using their DNA absorbing abilities to adapt to each situation their commanders ask them to assist them in. If air support is needed, Orgaat will consume winged creatures. Otherwise, they use their claws, teeth, and pole arm weapons to crush their foes. They are extremely powerful, being able to lift enemies up with one hand, and bounce them off the ground.

Their pole arm weapons, are long, scythe-like weapons, designed to slash through enemies that get close, using their incredible strength to splinter enemies with their swings. In some squads, due to their preference for close ranged combat, The Orgaat often have 2-3 members of their squad carry Bolt-action blaster rifles into battle to attack certain foes at range, as the squad closes.

They do not like armor, preferring to use agility and speed to close with their foes, or just ambush their foes before they can be attacked. If caught unawares, Orgaat will be cut down in short order, and as such, have to stay in cover or in forests and the like in order to properly fight their foes and have defense against them at range.

  • Use - Assault forces.
  • Weapons - Claws, brute force, blades, rifles, Acidic Spit.
  • Defenses - Some armor, reinforced hide.

Headhunters are stronger, more brutal warriors then their carnivore kindred, used for quick, brutal close combat battles that more often then not involve fighting against foes that are larger and stronger then themselves. Still loyal to their kindred and Walgolorian allies, Headhunters are all the more aggressive in battle, leaping into the fray and eager for the taste of blood and to test their might against that of their foes. They have a well-earned reputation for their ability to defeat the strongest foes, be they Hermicce, Skordi or Skallin.

Headhunters appear largely the same as Carnivores, but are noted to be a little taller and have more muscle on their wiry frames. They also seem to move faster and have more energy, allowing them to fight harder and longer then their unevolved kindred. The most notable difference, however, is their acidic spit. It is unknown what creature they consumed to gain such power, though many believe the Siigor Viper of Cartorich was the most likely source, but the poisonous spit was breed to become a deadly, acidic blast from their jaws. Capable of melting through armor and bone, the acid used as only one use, for combat against the foes of the Orgaat, as the acid could ruin good meat that could properly be used to feed the tribe in times of peace.

Headhunters are feared by even the allies of the Orgaat, for they are a strange batch indeed, with their strange head-frills and the strange markings on their arms, head and legs. Still, no Commander would say they are not useful shock troops, capable of tearing open the most hardened battle lines of enemies with their savagery and acidic poisons.

Headhunters, like all Orgaat, dislike the use of armor, wishing to move quickly, strike fast and dodge attacks from their slower rivals and foes. While their hides are tougher and more durable, through their selective breeding and gene cultivation, they will still be cut down if caught out in the open, and move through the forest, tracking their foes and waiting for the just the right moment to strike the killing blow.

Orga Shifter
  • Use - Commanders
  • Weapons - Claws, War blade, Walgolorian Plasma Rifle
  • Defenses - Thick armor and flesh.

Orgaat Shifters are Orgaat Commanders designed to lead their Orgaat Carnivore squads. While all Orgaat can see what DNA can be useful to the cause, the Shifters are like most strategic leaders, strategizing which DNA can used, and what DNA goes best with an Orgaat's talents, as well as possessing the ability to command their kindred on a deeper level then simple military command, for it requires much to hold back their pack-mates and keep them from eating what is potentially harmful. As such, Shifters are also extremely confident and poised during battle, needing to command their packs in battle, earning their respect and loyalty.

Orgaat Shifters are high ranking members of their Web, fighting the longest, and being the oldest, and largest in size and terms of power and intellect. They have trained themselves to use their ability to see DNA, and, with their connection to other Orgaat, figure out who can use the DNA the best, as well as coordinating their eating and breeding to make sure the Web begins to display such traits for future battles. They are the spiritual and military leaders of their tribes, the eldest of Shifters forming ruling councils and the like to guide their people for battle, while younger members act as squad leaders to guide the others. Shifters will also, at times, lead Orgaat Hounds into battle, though these specialized Shifters have trained for years to handle the Hounds and their stubborn behavior, and both know each other well enough to not toy with the other, the Hounds understanding who the Alpha is, and the Shifter understanding how far to push his pets.

They are skilled in battle, using many of the same weapons as their younger cousins, Orgaat Shifters also carry a Rune Blade for combat. These blades are reserved for Shifters and high ranking warriors of their society. Orgaat Shifters are also, due to their rank, allowed to use the Pulse Rifle of Walgolorian Warrior Castes, and other Mendel designed weapons, as a symbol of their friendship and alliance.

Their armor and flesh is much more developed and more durable then their younger cousins, not only due to experience, but also thanks to the fact they are given better armor by proxy due to their commanding role in battle.

  • User - Snipers, Scouts
  • Weapons - Hunting Rifle, knifes
  • Defenses - Light armor, Tough hides.

Hunters are Orgaat who demonstrate expertise with ranged combat, where's most of their brethren prefer melee combat where they can bring their blades and natural weapons to bear against their foes. However, Headhunters are Orgaat who specialize in ranged combat and using their Hunting Rifles to take down targets at range. Extremely survivable, and also still fairly skilled in melee combat, Hunters fill mainly 2 roles in combat, one being offering ranged support fire for their Orgaat brothers against foes, and the other being guarding Walgolorian Cadres during battle against enemies in melee, shooting down any units that are threatening to get in close, as the cadres get into position or begin to retreat.

Orgaat hunters are experts with their rifles, gunning down enemies, and using their primal skill to keep form getting counter-acted. They commonly scout ahead of their main attack forces, moving silently through the jungles and terrain to find target to attack. Very patient, and capable of holding still for long lengths of time, Orgaat Headhunters can easily retreat after inflicting damage on their foes. However, if attacked, Orgaat are very quick with dispatching their foes, using extremely sharp blades and claws to slice apart their foes.

Hunters, when scouting, will actually inflict non-fatal injuries on purpose, both to slow down the target, and see how strong their armor and shielding is, before retreating from harm. Orgaat, however, once they are assisting the main army, strike with ruthless intent, often leaving no survivors in their wake. Their aim is considered some of the best among Mendel Pathfinder and scout teams, thanks to their life spent hunting and tracking for their tribes and packs.

  • Use - Scouting, Stealth attacks
  • Weapons - Rifles, Frag Grenades
  • Defenses - Light armor, hide.

Stalkers are Orgaat who have consumed the stealthiest predators and creatures in the forests and badlands that the Tribes make their homes in. They choose the stealthiest from the most dangerous Death Worlds, so they can harness only the most dangerous DNA, and test their skills against the greatest hunters, or, often, prey beasts on the Death Worlds. They commonly accept trade with Olympian Chapters, agreeing to settle on the Death World where they draw recruits from to take on the dangerous creatures, in exchange for assisting the Chapter in battle. Stalkers themselves are thinner then most Orgaat, sacrificing their bulky builds and muscle for lithe, stealthy frames, making them excellent at moving unnoticed through the forest. Their scales have smoothed over into a membrane-surface, similar to a frog, and able to change color to blend in with their surroundings, as well as being able to alter their temperature to go undetected by scanning equipment.

Stalkers are similar to Headhunters, in that they range ahead of the main host and take out important targets. Unlike Headhunters, who are ranged specialists, Stalkers are fast, cunning assassins, who use their bladed rifles to slash and cut into the arteries and tendons of their victims. It is common for them to lace their blades with poison, and even their bullets with a special venom that slows their victim's reaction time. This poison they use will not kill a target, but will make them slow to react and extremely dizzy, as, even if they cannot kill a foe, they will still slow them down as much as possible. They are among the few Orgaat who use Frag Grenades, enjoying the feeling of silently unpinning a grenade, and tossing into the ranks of their unwitting foes.

Orga Vulture
  • Use - Air attacks
  • Weapons - Spears, Claws.
  • Defenses - Light armor, flight.

Vultures are Orgaat who have consumed the flesh of flying creatures, and those with wings, and have developed the traits of flying creatures themselves. The Orgaat take longer to develop flying features, due to the complexity of the traits involved. As such, extended eatings, breeding and other methods are needed to produce these warriors among fresh Orgaat Carnivores. The Orgaat who finally become Vultures are slimmer, thinner and more agile then their more muscle-bound kindred, and have hollow bones to assist in their flights. The ORgaat have furhter develop large, bat-like wings to get them in the air.

Vultures cannot attain true flight, however. They can use their wings to launch themselves for short distances, and come down to flank or surround their foes. They perfer not to get in prolonged engagements in melee, and, instead, seek to quickly surprise and overwhelm their foe, or throw their spears into the mass of their foe. These spears are tipped with electronic fields to allow them to pierce heavily armored targets, and, when aimed just right, can take out tank pilots and gunners. These spears can also be used as melee weapons, when the Orgaat Vultures surpirse their foes, usually stabbing at arms and necks to take down their foes quickly.

Vultures tend to move ahead of their main warhost, and ambush enemy scouts so they cannot report on the Orgaat's location and their movements. They will, during battle, flank and attack infantry during the main battle.

  • Use - Elite troops
  • Weapons - Rifles, axes.
  • Defenses - Some armor.

Orgaat Chief
  • Use - Leadership and direction
  • Weapons - Sacrificial Knives, varies
  • Defenses - Some armor.

Chieftains are the leaders of Clans, Tribes and Webs in Orgaat, the eldest warriors and leaders of their warbands and tribes in battle. They typically are the oldest Shifters and chosen by their warriors and followers to lead them by their skills in battle, negotiation and trade with other powers. The Chieftain always seeks out new races to hunt and feast upon, to strengthen his warriors, even if they must be enemies and sentient beings. He must also be ready to negotiate, being able to speak and listen with other leaders and gain access to go hunting grounds and fresh meat to devour, or even to help the buyer in question with a rival faction of some sort, and sign on as mercenaries for the person in question, just so they can get the meat of their foes.

As is tradition, a Shifter can challenge his Chieftain for the position if he feels the Chief is weak or is leading the Orgaat down a bad evolutionary path. Fighting with their knives, the two will battle until one submits, or dies, and, when this occurs, the victory will carve open his foe and devour his or her heart to show dominance to the tribe. This usually keeps the Tribe in line, though others may grow bold and try to fight the Chieftain as well. Chieftains ultimately answer to the Grand Shifter of a galaxy, who leads the entire Orgaat colonization in that galaxy. Just in the tribe, Chieftains may challenge the Grand Shifter, and, it is common, when colonizing a new galaxy, the Orgaat's eldest and greatest warriors will fight to secure leadership of that galaxy.

Orgaat, despite their brutal means of maintaining power, work well with their Chieftain, as, it is said if the Chieftain becomes tyrannical and rules his Clans with an iron fist, that they may simply skip the ritual combat and kill and devour him in his sleep. Chieftains, usually, lead their troops from the front, fighting alongside them to show their strength in battle and challenge the greatest foes to battle to gain the strength of their DNA.

Chieftains use their ritual combat knives for most battles, but many yield various weapons, such as rifles, pistols and other advanced technology the Orgaat have created or, more likely, stolen from foes, or gained from allies as payment for battle. The Chieftains, being the strongest of the Tribe, have the right to use whatever weapons they wish. Other members will gladly give up their weapons to him as a mark of respect to him, though it considered bad for a Chieftains if his warriors disobey him, or refuse to give up their weapons.

Caste system Edit

Orgaat Shaman

While A caste system does exist within the Orgaat, it does not limit one to the opportunities for improvement and advancement, meaning anyone within the Web can advance higher up the Web as they prove themselves.

  • Elder Shifter - the leader of an Orgaat Warband, who acts as a general to all Orgaat forces on planet, often called a Chieftain. The eldest and most capable Orgaat Shifter, it is the Elder's job to spot the best enemies and to appease the ancestors and gods the Orgaat follow in battle. When possible corruption occurs, it the Elder Shifter's job to kill the Shifter responsible, if he is corrupted, and order the killing of all Orgaat involved with the corruption. Elders form the ruling Council of all Orgaat across Mendel space.
  • Shamans - Orgaat, who, threw the eating of flesh of races with high essence power, have gained essence powers of some magnitude. Not trained by the Essence academies of the UAE, due to the Orgaat's nomadic nature, Shamans still remain immune to the corruption of other Essence users by Darkling incursions, and are able to talk with the ancestors of the past through something called "Communing". It is their job to advice the Elder Shifter, and go about the rituals to see if the battle will be favorable to their cause, and if the DNA they are about to devour will be profitable to their cause. Shamans, unlike Shifters and Chieftains, cannot be harmed in any way, except in ritual honor duels with other Shamans, that demonstrate their self control by not damaging one another. If one kills a Shaman, he is immediately outcast from the Tribe.
  • Shifters - While equal to the Shamans in society, Shifters are generally more common. It is their job, using their enhanced sight, to spot what genetic material will prove most useful, and using primitive essence abilities, seeing the possible effects of the genetic material as far as prowess and ability goes. This does not mean they know exactly what will happen, only a rough idea. It is the Shifter who leads the feeding ritual of his kindred, and who performs the sermon before they eat. Shifters are Clan leaders, and many of them answer to the Elder Chieftain who leads the tribe into battle. When a Clan indulges in the flesh of another race, and forms a new Web, that Shifter becomes the Elder Chieftain of his newly formed tribe.
  • Butcher-Chefs - Butcher-Chefs are the Orgaat who have a knack for cooking and preparing the meat of those they kill in battle. While most tribes eat their foes raw after killing them in battle, for those they kill and wish to eat later, the carcass is brought to the Butcher-Chefs. A rare caste, rarely encountered by other Orgaat, the Butcher-Chefs will carve up the body into various parts to be stored, each marked with a special prod to identify which bodypart belongs to which victims, and then prepare the flesh for eating when the Orgaat gather to eat it once more. Adding spices, cheeses and other ingredients is a special occasion, and these specialized priests, often taste-testing the flesh themselves, know exactly what to give the meat to give it the best taste possible. Butcher-Chefs will often join the fights themselves, using meat cleavers and the like to hack their foes apart, and get to the meat before their hungry kinsmen can.
  • Caretaker - Caretakers are minor Shifters and their children who are in charge of taking care of the various animalistic subspecies in the Orgaat's care. As they travel in their mighty warspheres across Mendel territory looking for fights to join, Caretakers make sure all the beasts of burden and hunting hounds are looked after and comfortable, as Ornalocs, the giant raptors that Orgaat ride into battle, are known for running amok when angered, as they are infamously temperamental. Caretakers are somewhere between the Clan leaders and Shamans of a tribe, and common warriors and braves.
  • Carnivores - The rank and file members of the Orgaat webs. From labor forces to actual warriors, Carnivores make up the bulk of Orgaat military forces and colonial groups. While not the lowest, basic Carnivores generally keep themselves subservient to other Orgaat, including Shifters and Shamans, as well as Orgaat who have successfully taken on new genetic features, out of respect for the experience of the first, respect for the ancestors in the second, and their strength in battle for the third. Carnivores handle weapons training, fighting, riding into battle on Ornalocs and general duties.
  • Joiners - As Orgaat take on new genetic features, they commonly adopt cultural practices from their victims, based on genetic memories inherited from their foes. Because of this, many Orgaat actually allow a few of the original species to join them in the Warsphere, becoming part of a Carnivore team. While not officially equal citizens, Joiners are treated no differently from other Orgaat, and gain all the health and security benefits normal members gain. The numbers varies, as some have a handful of joiners, while others, the Joiners make up a quarter of the population.

Webs Edit

Webs are the various Clans that Orgaat swear loyalty towards. They identify themselves with certain colors and cultures. Basically, a Web is created when Orgaat ingest new DNA, leading to the birth of a clan that mixes the Orgaat's culture with the donors. For example, Dragowar-Orgaat of the Web, The Flaming Sword, are extremely aggressive and very militant. When they absorb new DNA, they commonly allow the original race into the Web, partially out of sentiment.

Within the Mendel Pact, Orgaat webs are counted by the Administration of Clans, along with Mendel Clans, Glatoros Houses, and Togunda Brotherhoods as being listed as national Clans within the Pact, despite some differences that make themselves apparent when compared to the Mendel Clan structure.

Subspecies Edit

Due to the integration of new DNA at a constant level, Orgaat have a variety of sub-species that make up their population. Many are formed from the consumption of radically new DNA sources, while others formed thousands of years ago from the consuming of flesh from native wild life. Due to this, Orgaat have a variety of wild creatures they use for various tasks in daily life.

Due to their DNA eating, Orgaat populations, even if their genes are "pure", will have a variety of different colors to identify what planet or Mendel colony they came from. For example, Orgaat from the world of Fal'tia are brown in color, while those from the homeworld of Tohoch and W'alor are grey in color.

Dead-ends Edit

In the jungle-homeworld of Tohoch, Orgaat commonly fill all niches within the ecosystem, their ancestors long ago managing to fill most roles through manipulation of their genetics and dietary patterns. As such, a number, wishing to take on the form of the carnivorous wolf-like beasts of their homelands, devoured their flesh, though where reduced to barely-sentient beasts, and became pets for the rest of the Orgaat Webs. Commonly, in their fights with others across the universe, Orgaat Hounds are taken with to track prey.

In battle, Hounds will commonly run down prey and attack them with their jaws and claws, and, using their agility and surprising strength and durability, can make quick work of enemies once they attack. However, they are very bad-tempered and grouchy, and their handlers are trained with them since they are pups in order to properly take care of them. It is not unheard of for Hounds to devour their owners should they prove abusive, though prove almost suicidal-level loyal if their owner treats them well. These hounds are held in some distaste by other members of the Mendel Pact, who find them to be somewhat repugnant. Despite this, most other members tolerate them.

Orgatox are large, gorilla-like beasts, the result of Orgaat consuming similar beasts on their homeworld. The result, is increased size, strength and power, at a cost of much of their intelligence. Orgatox are, unlike most, well-mannered, and hard to anger, being very patient beasts, and very playful, though must watch their strength around children. Orgaat hatchlings, and other young members of the Pact are known to ride on their backs for fun.

Outside of battle, Orgatox are used for labor and heavy lifting, being capable of moving heavy crates and the like around with proper direction. Other use include hauling ammo and trade carts across Orgaat territory to other villages, befitting their primitive technology preference. While not very fast, Orgatox are known for their endurance, able to keep moving for extremely long stretches of time.

Orgatox commonly have a heavy gun position mounted on their back, operated by a single Orgaat Warrior. They commonly need this warrior on their back, as Orgatox without a director will wander off the battlefield or charge before it is needed. Orgaat outside of battle are weary of Orgatox. While very docile, it is not unheard of for them to attack other Orgaat, possibly a primal response to the carnivorous nature of their kin.

Ornaloc are raptor-like Orgaat, who regressed into a primal state, not unlike the Orgatox and Orgaat Hounds. These creatures are the smaller cousins of the Greater Ornaloc, and, unlike their massive, powerful cousin, are pack-hunters by nature, and evolved with high levels of intelligence and brain-to-mass ratios within their heads. This allows their packs to coordinate and strategize against the largest beasts in Tohoch. Fast and intelligent, Orgaat are rarely deployed to find new mounts, as the few wild ones that remain untamed in Tohoch are known to out-smart even the primal intellect of their civilized kin.

Those that are tamed for mounts, meanwhile, while obedient, show a great level of intelligence and cunning that makes them terrifying foes. Most Ornaloc Riders move through the jungles, their mounts moving quickly and silently over the jungle undergrowth and ferns to place themselves in a strong ambush position, or within range of the Orgaat Rider's guns. Once the foe is within range, the riders will either open fire on their unsuspecting foes, or charge from the thicket to assault their foes in the open. Riders often have to stop as their mounts feast on the dead.

Ornaloc riders are specially chosen from the most patient and intelligence Carnivores, needing this to master their mount, and get used to the cunning and sometimes, stubborn nature of their mounts. The Riders are often breed with an especially strong ability to use pheromones to direct and command their Ornaloc better, and subdue the more aggressive ones. Those without the pheromones are still able to rider them, but have a much harder time exerting control, and may end up eaten.

Orgaat who have Ornaloc mounts are considered strong and have a high position in their tribe, their mounts often a status symbol for the riders.

Flesh-born Edit

These are the Orgaat born from the consumption and eating of DNA of various sources, resulting in their genetic material diverging and taking on new traits, as they themselves take on new ideals and cultural habits from those they eat. They see such as a high honor, as their enemies' spirits are enjoined with the ancestors of the Orgaat, mingling and mixing to create future generations more powerful then the last. Even if it is a weaker race, like humans, such meat should not be wasted, and put to good use for the tribe.

Astrography Edit

The Orgaat inhabit a number of planets within Mendel space, including hunting areas within Mendel planets, including Ugandalore and Truxn, as well as their own planets, centered on their homeworld of Tohoch, a jungle planet 5 light years from the planet W'alor, as well as the arid world of Cartorich, the jungle world of Qunith-Qualen, and the desert world Krathas.

Orgaat also travel in nomadic War-Spheres, traveling across Mendel space and beyond to fight as mercenaries.

Individuals Edit


We need strong leadership, even if I am not the one to do it.

  • Name - K'ora
  • Gender - Female

K'ora is the leader of the Orgaat Webs, and leader of the Council of Shifters, as well as a high ranking authority within he Mendel Pact's council. K'ora was born on one of the outer colonies of Orgaat Control, and her family and web where kept safe from the initial Hermicee attacks. However, when a group of Hermicee arrived to sack the capital city, K'ora decided to not be threatened by them an longer. Even though she was told by her caretaker that to do so was suicidal and stupid, K'ora decided to go through with it. Taking a small group of friends with her, they traveled through Orgaat territory, fighting off Hermicee wherever they landed, but soon found little could stop the brutes.

Hearing of the mighty and honorable Mendel species, made up of Ugandalorians, Kodalorians and Walgolorian, and decided to go seek them out. Some of her friends considered it insane to allow outsiders into their war, and left. Those that remained where with her when she contacted the Empyrean caste, then their ruler, Casio Lwerian'ca. Hearing her plight, Casio agreed to send forces to assist the Orgaat in their war, with the 2 other Mendel sending assistance shortly after.

For her actions, K'ora was named Web Matriarch, and would lead her people during the Tyranny Wars, and then to join the Mendel Pact.

K'ora is a loyal follower to Mendel ideals, and a strong leader to her people. While she doesn't feel she deserves the part, K'ora is still honored among her people, and considered among the few figures all Orgaat honor. K'ora is more comfortable, however, in a bar, then talking politics, or being on the field. However, she can do both quite well, even though the Hermicee wars have left a scare on her mind.

I shall do my service to the Alliance.

  • Name - A'gabi'Piratil
  • Gender - Female

A'Gabi is an Orgaat who is an Ultra Commando in training. Raised on a watery world, A'gabi's home was home to a conclave of Pirhiaquus, who had settled there, and had proven difficult to kill. However, A'gabi's father was among the leaders of the Web who had absorbed their DNA, as well as the DNA of a rogue Sharquoi. When it came time for him to produce offspring, he gave A'gabi his traits. A'gabi, despite her young age, would go on to become a feared Pirahiaquos hunter, killing them in great numbers. When it was found she had elemental energy, she was immediately taken and trained in the ways of the Ultra Commandos.

A'Gabi is, like most of her race, strongly loyal to the Mendel's ideals, and as such, her web consider her among the finest for joining the Ultra Commando corps. Aggressive, like most Orgaat, A'Gabi is loyal to her squad, or team, and would never back down on them. However, she would like a Walagal team member, in order to repay the debt their kind feels they owe to them. Her wish might become true in the future.

Be cautious. We much evolve into greater heights, not reach dead ends or get extinct.

  • Name - S'ara
  • Gender - Female

I want their DNA, even if I must eat them alive to get it.

  • Name - Fusion
  • Gender - Male

An Orgaat who was discovered by the Rad-Eaters on a Mendel colony after it was ravaged by Zarbanian Centurions, taken in, Fusion was made into a Rad-Eater. He quickly rose through their ranks, becoming the Rad-Eaters 10th Vector Commander. Massive and powerful, Fusion is considered ugly by others, even for an Orgaat. He is far more hunched over and his skin is a leathery blackish grey, his feet have become far more stump-like and his hands have morphed to become giant, club like claws, his own head has shrunk down in size and he has become blind, though he has grown horn-like feelers from his nostrils and his senses of smell and taste have become refined enough for it to replace his other senses. His most shocking feature though is his ability to split his jaws completely in two and extending a frill membrane, allowing him to swallow his foes whole. The source of these appearances comes from his habit of eating the flesh of fallen Kaiju that have been produced by the UAE's and their enemies respective projects. This has also made him twice the size of the regular Orgaat. Fusion has a very bestial and brutish personality, complete determined to complete his mission, he will let nothing stop him, plowing through his foes with ease. Unlike many Orgaat, Fusion has no problem with eating his foes while they are still alive, only really concerned with getting their DNA.

Fusion is held in mixed regard by most of his kind. While some see him as a great warrior and a powerful force on the field, some see him as too brutish and savage for his own good at times, and his dishonorable nature at times puts many of them at unease.

The Orgaat are breed for battle.

  • Name - Ha'brk
  • Gender - Male.

Ha'brk is an Orgaat Elder Shifter, leading a group called the Tribe of the Seven Claws, a group made up of several Orgaat Webs and Clans under his control. With his direction, the Orgaat of the Tribe has fought alongside Commander Kiun of the Walgolorian for years, always there for when Kiun is "de-iced" and brought back online for service. Along with Sub-Commander Talorn, Ha'brk has been a trusted advisor and a friend to Kiun, commanding his jungle and guerilla forces, be they Orgaat or not, with strong direction and peerless skill.

Ha'brk was born to one of the Minors Clans in the Orgaat territories, the Web of the Severed Hand, and, after the death of his parent, became de facto head of the tribe. At the same time, a Young Commander Kiun was leading Walgolorian forces on Tohoch to eradicate the Hermicce, and any Orgaat nationalists too xenophobic to accept help and attack the Walgolorians. Ha'brk's tribe, and their allies, where suspicious of the new comer, but, seeing something impressive about Kiun, Ha'brk spoke to the clans in favor of supporting Kiun. Many years later, few have reason to question Ha'brk's views, as he has lead them to plenty of bounties and fresh DNA to add to their gene-matrix. With his advanced knowledge in genetics and survival, he is the one he has breed the advanced Orgaat Alpha Hunters used as elite troops in Kiun's army to this day.

Ha'brk fought alongside Kiun during the Final Battles against the Dominatus Tyranny, though was disappointed to have not gotten any fresh DNA from the Dominatus. Ha'brk also fought alongside Kiun during the First War of Mirusian Coalition along with the rest of his tribe. Finally, during the Battle for Alastor, Ha'brk and many members of his tribe ate the DNA of animals native to Alastor, gaining not only their radiation immunity, but further strengthening the Webs by creating a totally new Web.

After, Ha'brk and many of his kin fought alongside Kiun during the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, and was present at the triumphant victory at Trinity. While the Mendel lost the war, Kiun told Ha'brk that he and his tribe had fought well, and it had always been an honor.

Ha'brk, like many of his kind, is a very pragmatic individual, and holds his tribes' safety has most important. He is prone to questioning some of Kiun's orders, and can actually but heads with him on several issues, though, in the end, it does more to strengthen their friendship. Kiun, unlike with others, is prone to make sarcastic remarks about Ha'brk, as does the Orgaat to his commander.

Since his integration of Alastorian DNA, Ha'brk has become the Orgaat Tribes' liaison to the Vanara, due to the closeness in genetic similarity.

Follow me, and we shall all be strong!

  • Name - J'ruk the Chronicler
  • Gender - Female.

Ju'ruk is a famous female Tribe leader, known for traveling across the stars with a small band of her brothers and sisters, of Clan and blood relation. Deciding to study the DNA of countless races, Ju'ruk went about stock piling samples, gathering meat, and studying countless races in an attempt to find which ones would best serve Orgaat evolution and lead to their strengthening. Celebrated for her abilities to see the results of DNA consumption with extremely high, near 100% accuracy, Ju'ruk is a celebrated writer and warrior among her people.

Ju'ruk was born on an Orgaat colony, when it was overwhelmed by Hermicce and Botana. Helping fight them off, she secured a sample of Botana for her kindred, who where uncertain of whether to eat it. peering into it's flesh, the young Shifter said it would be alright to eat. Not trusting the word of a novice, the other Shifters ordered her brother to ear a piece, as no Orgaat would risk their family's life and genetics on a risky gambit. She stuck by her claim, and her brother, after digesting and processing the material, became one of the first Botana-Orgaat.

Ju'ruk's abilities are peer-less, and rather then waste her talents leading tribes to battle, K'ora as tasked her friend to go out, study DNA, and find species of strength and power worthy of eating, and gather them within a mighty book for the Clans and tribes. Though few species know and understand the Orgaat, her charisma and diplomatic abilities have allowed her to explain the situation of the Orgaat, and why they eat others' flesh. As such, she has managed to forge many close ties with usual hesitant and conservative alien races.

The Mendel and Orgaat alike consider killing her and her family and act of war, and will hunt down the betrayer for their crimes.

Relations Edit

Green face Allies Edit

The Webs fight with you.

Blue face Friends Edit

Touch them, and you'll die.

  • Volver - Perfect adaptations. However, nothing is perfect forever.
  • Vanara - Together we will eat them all!
  • New Cyrannian Republic - We fight for our Cyrannian Oath-Friends.
  • Rovegar - You lot where delicious. We won't eat anymore though. You lack in meat.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

You're a stranger. Better make yourself known to us.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Do you wish to be a blood-donor?

  • Xonexi Allies - Betrayal of they who saved us is a very serious crime.
    • French - Sicorséach. Useless. No adaptations. Unless we want to be soft and pink.
    • Tybunsen - So many options to choose from...
    • Draconis - Now this is interesting...

Red face Enemies Edit

Let the enemies of the Pact die, and let the future take shape!

  • Imperium of War - Such strong creatures should be used properly.
  • Drakodominatus Tyranny - We will put your genes to far better purposes.
  • Bisistar - Such a shame that your flesh rots into nothingless instanly upon your death. We'll have to tear out chunks of it while you still live, then.
  • Hermicee - Savages. Your flesh is juicy enough, but lacks finesse in taste.
  • Scelus Horde - Primordial ooze? Can we still eat that?
  • Eldarisian Empire - We don't want your flesh. We don't want your genetics. We live to see your burn!
  • Galactic Empire of Cyrannus - Time to feed! Break open their tanks and walkers, their starships and plastic armor, and tear open the flesh for all to feast upon!
  • True Republic - Mount the traitor's heads on pikes! Leave the rest for the younglings to eat!

Allies Edit

  • Mendel - The Orgaat have a very favorable view of the Mendel species, for their part in saving the younger race from enslavement and potential extinction, as well as similar ideals about culture, evolution and strength. The Orgaat, despite maintaining the attitude around others that they are merely mercenaries in service to Pact, have a much deeper relationship with the pact and it's other members. Orgaat commonly will travel alongside Ugandal Clans for mercenary jobs in times of peace, and the two are known to settle in particularly harsh regions to strengthen themselves. The Walgolorian are respected for their scientific abilities. Where's the Orgaat evolve on a physical level, the Walgolorian evolve on a scientific one. while some Orgaat do not understand such an ideal, many leaders from both sides work together quite well. The Kodalorians tend to unnerve the Orgaat, due to their silent nature and tendency to keep to themselves a bit more, considered a very alien trait in the Mendel.
  • Togunda - The Togunda where the first of the Orgaat's allies, and the two have maintained a strong alliance since their first meeting. Togunda have been to selflessly risk themselves for the Orgaat, something that the rather private aliens are not known to do. Orgaat, likewise, act as guards for Togunda mining operations, helping their miners on-planet stay safe from wild animals or space pirates. The Orgaat respect the Togunda's stubborn will to survive, their ancestral worship, and their willingness to break social norms to help the Orgaat.
  • Waptoria - The Orgaat generally respect the Waptoria greatly, as the Waptorians, like the Mendel, went out of their way to save Orgaat holdings, and make them welcome in the wider galaxy. The Waptoria likewise welcome the Orgaat within their borders, and have even used Orgaat baseline DNA as the tempate for their own Bio-Soliders. As such, Orgaat anthics, most notably unnerving others because "it's funny", has come to influence Waptorian culture to some degree, mostly in subtle and surprising ways.
    • Tardythles - The bond between the Orgaat and the shrimp-like Tardythles is a long and deep one. At first glance, the Orgaat and Tardythles appear almost completely opposite. Where the Tardythles are honorbound, meditational, and cultured, the Orgaat are quite often barbaric, pragmatic to a fault, and prone to keeping to their own advice. However, the Orgaat care little for these differences. Both races have devellopped a profoend respect for each other's traditions, the Tardythles not scoffing at the Orgaat's devuring of enemies, and the Orgaat respecting the Tardythles's tradition of ritual starvation when they believe their end is night.

Friendly Edit

  • Volver - The Orgaat view the Volver similarly to how they view the Mendel, though a lack of contact has caused their relations to be amicable at best. Many Volver due to find the Orgaat's habits unnerving, though Mendel leaders believe this is imply a knee-jerk reaction, and over time, the Volver will grow used to the Orgaat's habits. The Orgaat tend to view the Volver highly for their genetic abilities and highly evolved nature, to the point of "perfectly Adapted". However, Orgaat are quick to put out such ideals lead to stagnation, and ultimately, weakness.
  • Vanara - The Orgaat have a very favorable view of the Vanara, as do the radioactive nomads to the Orgaat. Mostly, because the Vanara did not show any disgust or shock with the Orgaat's feeding habits. Because of this, the Orgaat felt the Vanara, as a species, could be trusted more. One thing that briefly annoyed the Orgaat was the Vanara's habit of eating their own dead. The Orgaat had long bared the stigma of being seen as cannibalistic savages, and felt things such as what the Vanara did, did not help. However, once the situation was explained, the Orgaat, while still uncertain, accepted the Vanara's ideals and even gave permission for the Vanara to have a share of Orgaat meat form their fallen warriors, a tradition normally kept to themselves.
  • Libtertus - Although interactions where brief, taking place only during the battle of Venetia, the Orgaat have a favorable view of the Libertus, at least those in the New Cyrannian Republic. Although the New Republic did not see the full breadth of the Orgaat's "cultural traits", many a soldier was clued in when the Orgaat displayed dismay that Bisistar 'Meat" dissolved on death. The Orgaat, while respectful of the Libertus, are somewhat frightened of those that are not so welcoming towards the Mendel, the Orgaat especially, and may believe the Bird/reptilians barbaric savages and nothing more. While respectful of those in the Republic, the same cannot be said of the Libertus of the Empire, who the Orgaat see as nothing but future melees and arrogant snobs.

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When I look upon these creatures, I see a terrible force that can equally be used for good and evil in equal points. I just hope the enemy fear them as much as I do.

- Walgolorian Diplomat Jwado Uguantai

Hmmm, how interesting. Such potential...It makes me wonder wonder what they could do if they ate some DaiKaiju flesh. Granted the radiation didn't kill them, that is, and we wouldn't want that!

- Vanara Scientist Dr.Strain upon seeing Orgaat in action for the first time.

Damn our creators! This is what we should have been, beings that constantly evolve, change, and progress. Not the beings who seek our own destruction through the death of our own definition of self and stagnation. Damn it!

- Prime Sceli Terra of the Scelus Horde

Notes Edit

In-Universe Edit

  • Orgaat eat nutrient fibers, essentially crackers, to maintain themselves in between battles, so their bodies will not waste away before they can find new quarry to hunt.
  • Orgaat hyperspace technology is actually far more advanced then that of the Mendel. They where among the few races that traveled to the Eastern Sphere of the Galaxy, and established communities there to be on the look out for fresh "food".

Out of Universe Edit

  • The Orgaat where first introduced as a race called the Organios, and had a more antagonistic role, before being retconned into the more pragmatic, good guys they are now.
  • Was based off the Kroot race from Warhammer 40k, and Orga/Millennian, from Godzilla. The 2 are similar, with super-cannibal powers.
    • Tohoch is an impromptu of Toho, the company that makes Godzilla movies, and Pech, the Kroot homeworld.
  • Tsunami Fits the Orgaat well as a theme.

Alternate Universes Edit

As with their Mendel comrades, the lack of Vanara within this universe lead the Mendel becoming very weak compared to its Onuris counterpart, and the Orgaat struggled alongside the other powers of Mirus to defend against the Grand Hegemony of the Dragowar, who sought to unleash bloody death and ruin upon the entire galaxy. The Orgaat, to help their besieged allies, run about as skirmishers, raiding border worlds, and trying to weaken the Dragowar advance as much as possible, such stealing infants to be raised in the Mendel Clans, launching lightning raids on enemy worlds, and sabotaging enemy ships.

Under the command of the Vanara, the Orgaat became privateers and scouts for the Vanara Hegemony over Mirus, act in the role of field scouts, pirates, and shock troops alongside the Mendel. Due to the nomadic nature of their Clans and tribes, they often have difficulty rallying to their Master's cause, but, when the Tribes do encounter Vanara, no matter how far they have traveled away form the homeworld, they will always return to serve, with their new genetic upgrades in tow.

They are much more nomadic and a tad more bloodthirsty then their peers in Onuris, but display the same devotion to honor, tribe and fighting for their "employers" no matter what. The Vanara are especially fond of these vassals, and allow them a little more leeway in how they conduct their raids for food and resources then others.

Due to the Mendel's conquest of much of Mirus, and securing the majority of the Galaxy under their Dominion, the Orgaat became the most common of their warriors, acting as snipers, scouts and ambush fighters for the Mendel War Legions. Years of fighting and dining on the flesh of various races, has resulted in these Orgaat becoming much stronger and more aggressive then others, and gaining an aptitude of brutal fighting in any condition. They are often the first sign that the Mendel are about to attack, often scouting out and "testing" the world in question, and gaining as much knowledge as possible, before their lords arrive.

The Orgaat of Universe M are far more open about their eating habits, and most of the Nations fear and revile them for their cannibalism and savagery in battle. However, they still maintain a strong comradery with any who gain their trust, and are not actively xenophobic, despite their aggression.

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