Or'koth (also called the Hollow Hunger) is a biomechanical entity that dwells in The Abyss created by the Virgonian Civilization. It was built for use by the Civilization as an experimental device for research into Void Essence, which requires an organic host mind. However, these experiments, and by extension the entity itself appear to have been abandoned in The Abyss.

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The body of Or'koth is divided into different substructures that serve different functions in keeping the super-solar entity alive. These can be considered to be the organs of the creature. Much of the entity's biology is based on the structure of the bioforms found within the Fornax Hunger, likely from intelligence gathered by the Virgonian Civilization during the Elysium Temporal Cold War.

Structural System Edit

Or'koth is mostly hollow, ensuring the very low density that is needed to prevent collapse. Its interior is divided into a large near complete vacuum chamber called the kumarum,, which takes up most of the internal volume of the entity, and a space filled with a loose matrix of actively supported skeletal fibers called the cavis.

The internal spaces of Or'koth is surrounded in an air-tight integumentary layer a few hundred kilometres thick that contains most of the functional organs the entity. The surface of the integument is covered in large pates of black hair-like structures for the purpose of radiating away waste heat produced by internal processes.

Energy Generation System Edit

At the center of the kumarum sits an artificial brown dwarf star called the Heart of Or'koth. This star radiates light in the red and blue part of the electromagentic spectrum due to deuterium-fusion in its core.

The light of the Heart is concentrated towards focal points beneath the North and South poles of the entity by the dual parabolic shape of the kumarum and reflection off a coating of a dialectric reflective polymer called braggre.

At the poles exist organs called geminoscintillagenic glands. These structures take the form of a complex matrix of cosmic string loops, the oscillations of which generate powerful graviational waves that stabilize the existence of a Jupiter-mass neutron star within each gland. The powerful, billion-Tesla magnetic fields of these neutron stars induce the vacuum around them to become birefringent, splitting the incoming light into electron-positron pairs that form stable positronium.

Select wavelengths of light from the Heart are allowed through the braggre and are absorbed by the flesh of the entity, allowing its body to remain thermally regulated in the cold Abyss.

Circulatory System Edit

The positronium produced in the kumarum is transported through one-way vacuum conduits across the body of Or'koth, mainly towards the brain and sensory organs. When it reaches its destination the substance can be destabilized, causing the bound electron and positron to annihilate each other, releasing gamma-radiation. This occurs in microscopic organs called diraccae, which are coated with tissues composed of villardocytes. These cells convert the energy of the gamma rays into usable energy through the processing of internal nitrogen, water, and carbon-dioxide into nitrocarbohydrates. These high-energy sugar molecules are then transported across short range or a few meters by local heart-like organs where other tissues can metabolise them for all biological functions.

Metabolism of nitrocarbohydrates produces CO, CO2, H2O, and N2 waste products. these are transported through the same short-range circulatory systems back to the diraccae, where they can be converted back into energetic carbohydrates. Or'koth is able to store energy in the short term as the polymer nitrocellulose, which can be broken up when needed into nitrocarbohydrate molecules.

Nervous System Edit

Or'koth has two brains, one at either pole, to ensure maximal proximity to the geminoscintillagenic glands that are their energy source. Each brain is subdivided into different levels of structure depending on size. These brains extend deep into the space of the cavis. Despite the size of its brains, it is unknown if Or'koth possesses sapience or even significant intelligence considering its probable original created purpose as a simple scientific device rather than a sentient being.

Both brains are able to utilize Void Essence to bend space near the entity and alter the equilibrium of existence vs. non-existence it its proximity. One important ways this is utilized is the creation of a region called the extant bubble around the body of Or'koth, which is a volume of space immune to most of the effects of the waves of non-existence that permeate the abyss. Because of this, Or'koth can traverse through regions of non-existent where nigh-all other matter is obliterated. Another way in which the entity uses Void Essence is for its own propulsion. The essence can be used to bend space to create gravitational waves behind Or'koth, which allow it to 'surf' these waves at near light-speed through The Abyss. It is unknown if the entity is able to move at superluminal speeds.

Sensory Systems Edit

Or'koth has a cluster of image-forming photoreceptors near both the north and south poles that each feed information to their respective brains. These eye-like structures are sensitive to the visual part of the spectrum but also far into the infrared, allowing the entity to see structures and other entities based on the glow of their waste heat. Or'koth also has large parabolic photoreceptor organs that can collect very diffuse light from a wide area and concentrate it into a central receptor. These structures are sensitive to infrared light, allowing the perception of heat-producing structures from very far away, but also to radio waves. The parabolic receptors are located very far apart across the surface of the entity, allowing its sensory centers to triangulate and home in on the radio signals produced by communications in the Abyss. The final variety of photoreceptor possessed by the entity are gamma-receptors which are sensitive to gamma-rays produced by energetic systems like nuclear reactors and stars. This sense is used by Or'koth primarily for stealth, avoiding very intense sources of the radiation that may be originate from entities or civilizations of similar power.

The entity is also capable of sensing gravitational waves using structures called ligoreceptors. These sensory organs produce beams of light at right angles which travel along tubular, vacuum-filled cavities for hundreds of millions of meters where they are reflected back to their point of origin. Here, the light from each beam has the opportunity to interfere with the other, which will only occur if there is a slight misalignment of the lengths of each tube due to distortions from gravitational waves. Gravitational waves represent movement in spacetime by massive objects and can be used to track the changes in mass distribution by the waves of non-existence that sweep through the Abyss.

History Edit

Prehistory Edit

It is unknown when Or'koth was created, although the size and mass of its Heart suggests that the brown dwarf has a useful lifespan where fusion can occur of approximately 10 million year, meaning that the entity cannot be older than this. Or'koth was gestated inside the second-largest Dyson sphere of the Virgonian Abyssal Research Outpost (VARO), the remnants of which remain in present times.

Trivia Edit

  • The Kumarum is named after Shiv S. Kumar, the first to theorize the existence of brown dwarves.
  • Diraccae are named after Paul Dirac, who first described the positron.
  • Villardocytes are named after Paul Villard, who discovered gamma-rays.

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