One-eyed OimonskEdit

The One-eyed Oimonsk is an Herbivore from Oimoonisk in the Nicantus system in the Easkearos galaxy. Created by Captian Zaco (username zarco94), they are a powerful scientist race which controlls more than thirty solar systems. Planet Oimoonisk

The One-eyed Oimonsk have discovered how to domesticate the wild Epic Phirimos that dominate their homeworld, and use them as war beasts.


Sidenote; the most famous Oimonsk was Cheifton Kirosk Yeiiim.(My tribal Cheifton) He once defeated an Epic Swely by himself! Thusly saving several villages. He also blinded another Epic Swely shortly before leading the Oimonsk race into sentience. His great-grandson Kirosk III is now the main Oimonsk space explorer.

Three-eyed OimonskEdit

Another variation is the Three-eyed Oimonsk from Oimaros near a distant star. They are vicious predators and violent beings, notorious for crushing almost any creature they could find. BEWARE!!!

Three-eyed Oimonsk accellerated into space as part of the Oimosnk Emperial Program

Sidenote; their cheifton is Simaros Yeiiim.

Warrior Passion Warrior card

Aquatic OimonskEdit

The Aquatic Oimonsk is an amphibious, green-blue variation of the Oimonsk, it also has the One-eye.

They are incredibly social, befriending almost anything they come across, they have only one natural enemy: the Swely, and are almost impervious to eradication techniques. They have even been known to end conflicts between warring species!

    • There are rumors of a remote colony of Aquatic Oimonsk on a distant, unidentified planet. Confirmed as of S.D. 9-5-8-2 Eariskom.
The Aquatic Oimonsk have been uplifted to stardom as part of the Oimonsk Emperial Program.(See Below)

Dwarf OimonskEdit

There are a few confirmed species of Dimunitive Oimonska in the Easkearos galaxy, but they are in limited numbers, Oimonsk Emperial Program to attempt to increase the Dwarf Oimonsk populations. They have, of course, been added to stardom by the Oimonsk Emperial Program.

Common Oimonsk CultureEdit

  • The Oimonsk beleive thoroughly in imortality, having never had someone die form old age. They also call upon "the one true God" (possibly the Christian God) and are not afraid to pray to him in public. The Oimonsk are without internal struggle or disagreement, and care little for happenings of the outside world.
  • The name "Yeiiim" means "Cheifton", in case you were wondering.

Oimonsk FoodsEdit

  • The most popular food of theirs is the Iris Oim Lobster, when smothered in nice, minty, Green Spice!
  • Oimonsk are skilled farmers, and enjoy farming the lichen that grows so freely on their homeworld. They are also known to raise the Insomnyak and Herbisoar races for their eggs. MMMMMM...Omelet!
  • They are also very skillful at cooking several plants that are INEDIBLE to humans. Please be careful of what you eat when visiting Oimoonisk. The Baanan Fruit is edible!-tastes like apples...

Oimonsk LegendsEdit

The defeat of the superEpicEdit

"Many years ago, before the founding of the great city of Camminnooks, many dangerous and vile beasts walked our land. The most dangerous of which was the SuperEpic, a massive epic Swely, our most hated enemy... It would devastate our primitive dwellings on the plains and forest floors, and there was a time when we were nearly wiped out by this beast. Then, a great hero arose, born of humble origons, and considered the most foolish Oimonsk to live on the plains. he trapped, and blinded the beast, and it fled into the sea. We carried him upon our sholders, and we listened to him, and he led us well. He was called Kirosk Yeiiim, and he showed us how to build, and how to live in peace, he was our great cheifton, and we shall eradicate the disease they call "Spode" from this galaxy, sooner than those misunderstood machines, the corrupted GROX!"

The true darkness, the Dark-bringersEdit

There is a race, which guards the core, and keeps locked away, the source of the infection of Spode, but neither of these is of importance. We have our own enemies, and they have thier enemies, and the enemies of our enemies' enemies, is us. The true source of terror is not the misconstrued Grox, bound to serve for eternity to lock away the source of Spode, or Spode itself. But the vile nightmare Oimonsk, the beings that consume thier own kindred, and any ill-fated being to approach them, and they close in from outside, and press us into the core, we must rally the beings of this existance, we need YOU! Help us fight, for none of us can live alone.

Oimonsk Emperial ProgramEdit

This is a program started by the One-eyed Oimonsk with the soul purpose of expanding the Oimonsk Empire to controll more planets, and join the Empires of all Oimonsk races, save one...
The Oimonsk Empire is now further expanded, encompassing a sturdy 59 starsystems. The Empire is divided into two sectors and has contacted the Grox. The Oimonsk are rather set back in their progress due to the fact that they have been lost and re-evolved several times, and this is the 5th empire of the Oimonsk.

Ayiano ikkimo thysterrimaa ist Oimo- You have the blessings of the Oimonsk. Captian Zaco 18:20, 31 March 2009 (UTC)
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