The Oculeen are a "Race" of Brains neurally connected to massive chassis, constantly trying to improve themselves. Their ultimate Goal is to find their Creators, but little do they know that the Race that created them has since disappeared completely.

Physiology Edit

The Average Oculeen is a Brain encased in a highly complex Neural Contextualizer connecting it to the highly complex system of a Chassis connected to it. The Chassis is usually a hollow Metal sphere made up of a layer of a highly Complex Alloy, about 3/4 of a Meter in Diameter. Inside the Shell is a huge amount of wiring and devices designed to do all sorts of things. A varying amount of Arms (usually 4) are attached to the Sphere and connected to the Brain via the Contextualizer. A large Eye is mounted to the front, sometimes multiple, and connected to the Brain as well.

Psychology Edit

The Oculeen are very weird regarding Psychology. Oculeen Brains are rarely from the same Source, causing extreme variety between different Oculeen, much more so than observed in most other races. Despite that, Oculeen often share certain Traits.

But why? Edit

All Brains to be used for an Oculeen are put through a special Process following these Steps:

1: Purge Brain of memories (Brain discarded if process fails.)

2: Compatibility Test with Neural Contextualizer (Brain modified to fit if required, if that is impossible, Brain is discarded.)

3: Inject Special Traits into Brain (Brain discarded if process fails.)

After that, the Brain is either stored in a mass Brain Storage or fitted into a Neural Contextualizer for use in a new Oculeen.

Society Edit

Settlements Edit

As Oculeen do not have any Planets to call their own (yet), they usually set up either Space or Asteroid Bases. They serve the same purpose for them as Cities do for most Planetbound Species. The most important of their Bases is an Asteroid Base by the name of "Orbitarium V".

Behavior Edit

Oculeen are Junkers, essentially searching through the Trash of the Universe to find whatever they can use. Orbitarium V looks like a Garbage Digger's greatest Dream for that exact reason, though parts of it look acceptable due to them often also digging out Asteroids for their Resources. They are on a quest to find whoever created them. Thing is, that individual, and in fact their entire Race, disappeared soon after they made the first 10 Oculeen.

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