We shall be victorious forever!

- Norosaurian

Like many species, on some planets that have not been terraformed enough, after several generations, begin to adapt the planet's enviroments rather quickly. There are several Grimbolsaurian offshoots that have evolved into subspecies. The DCP treat them the same as all the other member species.

These particular ones are the Norostagnian Grimbolsaurians, also known as Noro-Grimbolsaurians, or Norosaurians. They inhabit the DCP's colonies of Ottzello Galaxy, and have adapted to harsher climates and Chronoscopicspawn. They are minor members of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Union Republic of Ottzello. In URO, they are largely associated with both the Kralgon and the Inalton, and ironically, the Ottzelloan Grox. They play huge parts in UNO culture, bringing old DCP culture to URO, while also serving as both strong warriors and genious scientists. In the DCP, they bring the old survival techniques of Ottzello, and its culture, too.



When Grimbolsaurians colonised planet Norostagnia in the Empire era, it was a planet in the Ottzello Galaxy, which would later come into contact with the Loron, Galot and the rest. The planet had high terrain and the air was thin. More impotantly, the world was filled with Chronoscopic. The DCP was in the process of terraforming the planet, however, it got cut off until the Golden Age due to a subspace interphase pocket that wasn't solved until the DCP had the technology too use graviton beams. The colonists had survived without collapsing into a dystopia; due to their strict warrior codes and lifestyles, however, they had evolved.

DCP/Loron War[]

The Noro-Grimbolsaurians were at the centre stage for the DCP/Loron war, and were led by Warlord Titanozor. They were hit by the OtzDie plague, but thanks to this, the DCP were able to research cures and treatments for the seemingly uncurable plague.

Perils of Ottzello[]

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Norosaurians helped the DCP obliterate (and nearly extinct) the Loron for the fun and to remove their sheer annoyance. After this victory, most of the DCP were driven away by the Daleks and Kralgon, thus, so were the Noro-Grimbolsaurians. Norostagnia was the only planet they clung on to. They also helped take in several Galot refugees. When the Kralgon Invasion Force had taken over and the Daleks were gone, the DCP re-established these colonies.

Third Ottzello Galactic War wasn't so unlucky for the Noros. The Norosaurians partly became involved with the criminal underworld, but no to the extent of the Krolequian or the Heeyorian. The colonies became valuable to the DCP and were on the edge of the galaxy. the Norosauians dealt with the Hostile Xenoform Threat easily; while they had been cut off from the DCP for the second time, they still had some weapons they used to draw the HXTs away.

The Noro-Grimbolsaurians remained as the centre of DCP's Ottzello colonies, trading with the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Taldar/Chronoscopic research and to reap the benefits of Chronoscopicspawn. At the time, the Norosaurians wouldn't be allowed to join the Unified Nation; they'd be viewed by the Delpha Coalition as traitors.


During the Annihilation, when the Delpha Coalition of Planets were destroyed, half of the Norosaurians were destroyed. However, the other half escaped, and joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello's evacuation efforts. They joined the Ottzello Sector, which was first located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and later in the Borealis Galaxy.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, Norosaurians who were members moved to the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Norosaurian look larger, more muscular and more humanoid than the original Grimbolsaurian, as well as having tougher skin.


Norosaurians are similar in behaviour to the Grimbolsaurian, in that they uphold honour above all, and are aggressive and bloodthirsty in personality. Despite this, they can be friendly, and their attitudes towards peace and order are the same as the Delpha Coalition's (which was already similar to UNO's).

The Norosaurians' society is very much the same as the DCP. It is sometimes more relaxed than the DCP, as they are at a distance from the Delpha Sector, and because they have been cut off from the DCP multiple times. The reasons they have these similarities is because, when holding their own, they evolved in the same ways as the DCP, and because the DCP hold strict law over their colonies.

Norosaurian' own cities are very much the same as the DCP's cities, and are just as militaristic. There are often a couple of locations (often underground) that can be a hub for interspecies unlawful activity, but these are often rooted out. As the criminals have been pursued for so long, they have learnt how to evade this, however.


Through adaptations, Norosaurians have a huge lung capacity and a larger heart, and in consequence are faster runners, have even greater stamina and agility that normal Grimbolsaurians. They have evolved a better system of conserving oxygen in their bloodstream. They do not want planet Norostagnia to be terraformed, as it is no longer a colony, but a homeworld, but outside the Delpha Sector in Ottzello. Their biology is, in fact, comparable to the Loron, although they aren't as strong.

Unlike most creatures, Chronoscopic doesn't change their appearance in the way it does to most creatures. This is possibly because of the Grimbolsaurian's unique complex biochemistry, which the Norosaurians retain.

Being Chronoscopic beings, Norosaurians have usage of Chronoscopic powers beyond the rest of the DCP. This means they can use their bodies to produce Chronoscopic, and thus, a power source. Several Norosaurians take training and even apprenticeship from the Ioketa, a member of URO who are masters of energies. Being advanced at using Chronoscopic, they can also use Elemental energy to the extent of the DCP, who specialize in this energy. This is another area the Norosaurians come in handy. Besides this, Norosaurians are capable of holding their own, and can survive many catastrophes without the help of the DCP.


The Norosaurian's vehicles are identical to those of the DCP Fleet, at the time of the DCP/Loron war. They will also use Otzelloan ships, so in a way their ships are hybrid of URO's fleet and the DCP's fleet.

The Norosaurian devices are similar to those of the DCP. They are excellent engineers, as thy had to adapt to having no equipment imported. They used their tools to improvise greater devices, making their tools unique. Norosaurian weaponry is unlike the Unified Nation's, or the Coalition's. Their weaponry is similar to their tools, in that it can be made of almost anything.



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