The Nivenian is a creature originating from the planet Nivenia Prime (in the Cyrannus Galaxy) perhaps most known for their currently exponentially increasing numbers, and their resourcefulness at increasing population capacity. They are found almost entirely in the Nivenian Empire.


Nivenians are six-limbed creatures, with four limbs used as legs and two as arms. They are reptiles with a vaguely centauroid build, and are usually shades of indigo or purple. On average, they are slightly shorter than humans, but have a higher mass. Notably, due to evolving in only 0.8 g, Nivenians tend to have lower physical strength than humans, and are comparatively thinner.


Nivenians have carbon-water biochemistry, and have similar metabolic and genetic processes to humans, with the difference being that they use 17 amino acids, 8 genetic bases, and use L-lyxose derivatives instead of D-ribose derivatives for the sugar in the sugar-phosphate backbone. Other than that, they have a similar chemical makeup to humans.



Even more so than humans, Nivenians rely on sight as their primary sense. While some colors of red and orange are invisible to them, they can see well into the vacuum ultraviolet, although wavelengths less than 200 nm are described by them as "extremely painful colors." They have four primary light reception molecules in their eyes, with peak absorptions at 550 nm, 390 nm, 240 nm, and 130 nm (that last molecule is interestingly non-aromatic, and as such only responds to extremely high frequencies of light with electronic transitions.). Stimulation of the 130 nm receptors provides pain as a warning that the nastier spectra of the primary of Nivenia are shining through the atmosphere in this location (usually on mountains). This warning is nessesary due to the cancer risks that these frequencies pose.


Nivenians posses hearing capabilities in a very similar sensitivity and range to humans.


Nivenians possess almost no sense of smell, about 7 times weaker than humans.


While the average Nivenian is not particularly intelligent, their high standard deviation and population make Nivenian geniuses much more intelligent than those from other species (see here for details). Peculiarly, Nivenian intellectuals show a strong affinity for the research of applied science, and as such the Nivenian Empire has progressed far more rapidly in the fields of megastructural engineering, sublight propulsion, and orbital habitats then most of its contemporaries, but has dramatically fallen behind in computing, biology, and faster-than-light travel (to the point where the first two are less advanced than they were on earth at the turn of the twenty-first century, and the Nivenian technology in the third is completely nonexistent).


Nivenians tend to reach reproductive maturity around the ages of 16 to 20, and are an egg-laying species. When possible, they tend to have reasonably large family sizes, one of the factors that has contributed to their explosive growth. The eggs, once laid, do not require much in the way of incubation or care, and can usually be left alone for the duration of their eleven-month development period.


Nivenians are typically found in areas with substantially higher barometric pressure than Earth, with 150 kPa to 250 kPa being most comfortable for them. In addition, they view temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius as optimal.


They are all either morons or geniuses.

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