Call me small again. Call me weak one more time. Do it while I shove my mechanical armor's boot so far up your rectum, you'll cough out metal scraps. My body may be small, and weak even, but know this: we Niaka go beyond your bodies. That is how we survive and endure. And that is also how criminal scum like you die like dogs.

- Xerkea

The Niaka are a species of insectoid creatures native of Planet Ikkiz, located at the Friura Sector of the Borealis Galaxy's Arm of Wilderness. Formerly a people made near entirely of space pirates, they have since reformed themselves into Borealis's self-proclaimed space police force in the stratocracy known as the Niaka Special Forces, dedicating their efforts to violently destroy all crime in the galaxy and leaving a trail of blood behind them to serve as an example of their point.

Despite their shaky origins, the Niaka have since become one of the most known races of the Borealis Galaxy's modernity due to their devotion to the idea of exterminating all criminals, space pirates and tyrants from their stars. While good-intentioned, they are nonetheless extreme in their methods, and most Niaka ignore the ideas of mercy or alien ethics for the sake of making their galaxy a safer place to live in. Once all criminals are too afraid to commit further infractions, the Niaka's goal will be complete.


Little is known of the Niaka's prespacefaring times, though they are known to descend from diminutive insects who once swarmed across the grasslands of Ikkiz. Their first spacefaring empire, known as the Niaka Order was founded at around 12,000 BC and is widely assumed to have been space pirates from the beginning of its existence, as records of the old age of the Niaka people's history has long been lost through a combination of the Niaka Order's own negligence in keeping records and the Niaka Special Forces's effort to censor their former wrong ways.

At Earth year 2,766, the Niaka Order was struck by a large civil war instigated by Chief Xerkea, which damaged their previous government to the point it was split in two, with a part of it becoming known as Niaka Special Forces, now striving for law across the galaxy, while the old empire would become known as Old Niaka Order. During the Ice Age, the Old Niaka Order was defeated by the Special Forces and the Niaka race was unified under Xerkea's rule.



Niaka are small, insectoid creatures. Their bodies are covered in green fur, with black stripes and red-coloured regions across their limbs and abdomen. They have an exoskeleton which, on shoulders and legs, are covered in spikes. They have two large, black compound eyes and four pairs of antennae, one pair being considerably larger than the others. Niaka possess two pairs of wings which they can use to fly around at fast speeds. Their hands are also large and have considerably large claws. Despite having genders, Niaka have no sexual dimorphism and can tell each other's genders through pheromones.


The Niaka are famous across Borealis for being extremely determined creatures. Being the weakest race known in the galaxy in physical strength, the Niaka have evolved to rely on teamwork to achieve their goals. Because of this, they are a very proud race, surprising those around them with their feats despite being small and weak by the standards of most aliens. Niaka are naturally short-tempered, hot-blooded creatures who have little patience, being very prone to verbally insulting those who fail them somehow.


The Niaka are the least physically adept sapient natives of the Borealis Galaxy. They are extremely weak and fragile, to the point a human stepping on one would be enough to kill it. Niaka compensate this by using technology to fight, often built to be as bulky and strong as possible. If forced to fight unarmed, the Niaka will use its small size for its advantage by flying around its attacker and striking at them with its sharp claws. A Niaka's bite can also cause heavy pain on human-sized targets.


Chief Major Xerkea.png

I'll bring peace by painting the battlefield red!

Xerkea was the founder and first Chief Major of the Niaka Special Forces. A revolutionary leader who despised the Niaka Order's society, she created the Special Forces in an attempt to redeem the Niaka race - which, in the opinions of many, was a success Xerkea was arrogant and aggressive, believing the Special Forces were the ultimate shield against crime in the galaxy, though she was ultimately good intentioned and only wanted Borealis to be a safe place to live.

Captain Xoraika.png

Glory to the Niaka Order, the only true Niaka!

Captain Lord Xoraika was the final ruler of the Old Niaka Order, taking the power after assassinating the previous ruler. A very proud follower of the Old Order's ideals, he was determined to end the Special Forces, and was ashamed that it was ruled by a member of his own family. Xoraika was short tempered and was prone to bursts of anger, a trait which appeared to be common on his family. He had much disdain against the Polar Crystal Alliance and saw the Wranploer as an old, fallen race who needed to be replaced. As all other Order Niaka, Xoraika had a deep hatred toward the Seagon people. Xoraika orchestrated the events of Operation New Order and eventually attacked Ikkiz himself, where he fought and was killed by Xerkea after having his suit fall on top of him, crushing him under its weight.

Councillor Xeron.png

Ah yes. "Threats". We are more than capable to dismiss all of them.

Xeron is the Niaka's Councillor in the Polar Crystal Alliance. A former Chief Minor of the Niaka Special Forces, appointed by Chief Major Xerkea to represent the Niaka on the council. Gruffy and warmoungerish, Xeron will not hesitate to vote for open war against an enemy nation. However, he is far from stupid, being a veteran of many battles against the Old Niaka Order and the Wranploer, and one of Xerkea's most trusted men.


We free the galaxy, one homicide at a time.

Xegriek was a Niaka who served as lieutenant of Dark Grip. Formerly a member of the Old Niaka Order, he had the lower half of his body destroyed in a battle against the Niaka Special Forces and replaced with multiple robotic appendages. He joined the New Wranploer Legion sometime after the Second War, where he was chosen as a member of Dark Grip for his fame across the Arm of Wildness. Xegriek fought by using a special, tremendously powerful mecha suit created from the best parts the black market had to offer, and he believed serving under Torrent would bring Borealis to a new age where there were no more rulers to be followed and no more oppressive empires like the Special Forces to stand on his way.



What they lack in strength, they make up for with bonds. The strength of the Niaka is not in their bodies, but in their connection.

- Tyraz

Law and order!

- Venoriel


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