The Necroxi are a species genetically engineered by the Xcythes as slaves for use as a form of psychological warfare. They are terrifying in appearance. They are currently a member race of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, which treats them as free citizens but often employs them for similar purposes. In order to maximize their effectiveness in the function, the Empire’s higher officials have worked hard to spread misconceptions about them throughout space. As a result, their reputation differs greatly from their reality in many areas.



The Necroxi were created by a race called the “Xcythes” via genetic engineering. They were designed to be used as a form of psychological warfare.

Use by XcythesEdit

Under the Xcythes, they were used as living weapons in similar roles to those the Aeoneonatrix use those of them in the military now.

Joining the Aeoneonatrix EmpireEdit

Eventually, the Xcythes developed a new model that rendered the Necroxi outdated. As a result, they abandoned the Necroxi. The Necroxi went searching for a new master, but every race they came across turned them away until they encountered Owler Steelnight who, seeing their potential, advised that they be accepted as a member race. His advice was headed, and they were accepted as a member race.




The picture of the Necroxi spread by the Aeoneonatrix is that they have a completely alien biochemistry, said to be of a type unknown to exist anywhere else. It is said to work in a fundamentally different way than all other life and be composed of molecules not found in any other life.


The Necroxi are carbon based and possess the same biochemistry as most species.


The Necroxi consist of 5 subtypes. Each one was originally designed by the Xcythes for a different role, and has unique advantages in performing that role.

Necroxi N are the most basic and well-rounded of the Necroxi subtypes. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. In war, they are usually sent on missions that require a variety of skills. As citizens they usually perform more typical tasks that require little speculations.

Necroxi A are designed for Agility. In war, they are usually used as scouts as they can get into and out of an area quickly, due to them being able to run at very high speeds due to their many legs. In society their function is limited due to the fact that they have no arms. They are often used for delivery of objects, and compete in footraces, but they require assistance in order to function in daily life.

Necroxi D Are designed for defense in combat. They are the largest Necroxi subtype, and usually the most difficult to kill. This would make them useful to the Aeoneonatrix in protecting client races, but this is tempered by the fact that many people’s reaction to seeing any Necroxi is running away from it and not cowering behind it for protection. In society, the Necroxi Ds are limited by their size and weight, but can also use to it to their advantage.

Necroxi I are designed for intelligence. In the Military, they are used for command functions on the ground in cases where their “masters” can’t or do not desire to do it themselves. In society, they usually function as academics and teachers.

Necroxi S are designed for offense in combat. They are physically strong and function as soldiers in combat, with the added benefit of their intimidating appearance. In society, they can fulfill a variety of roles and often preform manual labor.


Necroxi are generally intimidating in appearance. They are not so horrific that most people with good motivation cannot face them, but they have been known to trigger more cowardly aliens to run away screaming.



The popular conception of Necroxi Psychology is that it is completely alien and incomprehensible in almost every aspect. They are however, said to love death and killing. They are also said to be utterly and blindly devoted to their masters, taking any order without question.


In reality, the psychology of the Necroxi is rather alien, but not impossible to comprehend. They enjoy being in old and run down areas, though are willing to compromise this if a newer thing is needed for proper function. They also enjoy long walks in their shambling gate. These are usually taken at night, as they are nocturnal. One aspect of their reputation that is on the mark, however, is their devotion to their perceived masters. They have a “master slot” in their psychology and will blindly devote themselves to whoever fills it. If there is no person to fill it, they will often search for one, as they cannot easily function without a master.



The Necroxi have a reputation of attacking anyone they see who is not their master on sight unless they either are told or infer that their master does not desire this. They are said to aimlessly wander their cities, looking for victims. It is said that when they find one, they let out a horrific howl to alert other Necroxi to the presence of a victim. It is said that the resulting pack ambushes and either kills and eats the victim or turns them into a Necroxi.


The Necroxi first and foremost obey the commands of their perceived masters. However, in their own free time, they often take long walks within their towns. The aforementioned screeches are in fact their method of communication. They are however, entirely aware of their reputation, and will often act out the above scenario with enemy combatants when planets they are on are invaded. They are often placed on occupied planets for this purpose. They are also known to act this out toward other aliens as a prank, though they never take this so far as to actually harm them.



The popular myth spread by the Aeoneonatrix is that the Necroxi reproduce by somehow changing members of other species into Necroxi. The process, termed “conversion,” is reported to be extremely painful and convert one fully and against their will into whatever subspecies converts them, to the extent that they will desire to betray their empire and fight for the Necroxi’s masters, currently the Aeoneonatrix Empire.


In reality, they reproduce asexually by laying an egg which they themselves have the ability to fertilize. These eggs hatch into a single Necroxi. Before hatching, these eggs hang on walls in moist environments, often if vase nests near the centers of towns. These nests are usually well guarded, and there is usually more than one nest in a single town.



They are said to have an affinity for the flesh of sapient beings, and love to eat their kills in slow or horrific ways.


The Necroxi are indeed carnivores, but have not particular desire to kill or eat sapient life in particular. They are not very adept hunters, as they are designed to be as terrifying as possible and usually cause their prey to run long before they are ready.


The Necroxi were created as a slave race and this is the role they naturally gravitate towards. However, so long as they have a person or race in their master slot, they can function in a society as legally free persons, though members of the race or empire in their master slot will be able to take advantage of them, due to the fact that they will still usually follow their orders.



Necroxi culture has a reputation for being disgusting and horrific. They are said to circulate and enjoy snuff films, footage of sapient beings being killed in gruesome ways. Their art is also said to be horrific, depicting death, destruction, and horrific scenes. They are said to traffic in individuals, whom they kill in horrific or creative ways. They are said to decorate their homes with the remains of their kills.


Necroxi culture does indeed have elements most species would consider horrifying. Gory imagery is indeed popular in their cinema and television and this does include outright snuff films. These films are always fake however, as are the corpses and organs scattered across their abodes.

Role in the Aeoneonatrix EmpireEdit


The Necroxi are said to be a free race in the Aeoneonatrix Empire that chooses of its own will to be placed in the role that they are. This role is said to be primarily as members of the military. In particular, they are said to be deployed on a planet whose conquest is desired, made to convert most of the residents into Necroxi, then have a segment of them left there in case anyone returns whilst the rest are sent off to perform more military roles elsewhere.


The Necroxi often live on the same planets, but not the same towns, as other races and function mostly in the societal roles their own subtype is most adept at. They are often left behind to guard the rare occupied world and the place is generally dressed up to create the illusion that the scenario described above has taken place.


From NecroxiEdit

From others (add here)Edit

This... beings are really frightening, but I have to say that they are great workers.

- General First Class Hammidal Hallarz


  • The Necroxi take some inspiration from the monsters in silent hill.

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