When I found the poor little guys still working hard to maintain Hyperborea after five billion years, I couldn't help but feel a bit heartbroken... But when I realized they had successfully kept the whole station alive and well-preserved all by themselves, that feeling more or less turned into awe.

- The Mechanic

The Naombur (Kormacvish: Lackey), also known as Proto-Caretakers and Proto-Alvino are the original servant race of the Kormacvar, created to do mundane tasks and maintenance for the precursors until they were eventually succeeded by a pair of new species, the Caretakers and the Alvino, each possessing a half of their original genetic code and structure. Long forgotten by the rest of the Borealis Galaxy, the Naombur were rediscovered following the uncovering of the space station Hyperborea.

Created for the sole reason of maintaining Hyperborea's systems, the Naombur are incapable of anything else, but at the same time better at doing so than either of their children races. As of the current era, they are considered citizens of the Kormacvar Legacy alongside the Caretakers and Alvino, though they appear to pay little intention to other races despite living among them. With the extinction of the Kormacvar, the Naombur are currently the oldest extant natives of Borealis.


The exact origins of the Naombur have long been forgotten, for they are told to predate the Golden Age of the Kormacvar Empire, meaning no living witnesses of their creation exist. What is known is that they were the first engineered species created by the Kormacvar for the purpose of maintaining their space station homeworld of Hyperborea as well as deal with more mundane tasks, which were considered pejorative or otherwise impossible for beings such as the Kormacvar themselves. The Naombur did their tasks for what is presumed to be several thousands of years until Kormacvar scientists improved on their design and created the first Caretaker and Alvino by using Naombur DNA, the Mother and Floridarixis respectively.

The Caretakers and Alvino were spread across the Kormacvar Empire to serve as a replacement of the Naombur. However, as they proved no sign of actually being redundant to their interests, the original servants were kept to continue their tasks at Hyperborea. At the final moments of the war against the Grox Empire, knowledge of the Naombur was wiped out of the Caretaker and Alvino races by Regnatus after he forced them to forget Hyperborea's location.

The race was only rediscovered five billion years later when Hyperborea was discovered during the Second Borealis Galactic War, with the Naombur remaining completely unchanged despite the time passed, and they remain working on Hyperborea even after it was turned into the capital of the Polar Crystal Alliance. While they are currently considered official citizens of the Kormacvar Legacy, the entirely of their population remains at Hyperborea and is considered impossible to remove, and they have come to be protected under galactic law due to their importance to the station. Attempts to disturb or otherwise harm the Naombur are considered an extremely grave infraction which leads to incarceration and, in case of very high damage, can be interpreted as a declaration of war against the Kormacvar Legacy.



The biology of the Naombur is among one of the enigmatic mysteries of Hyperborea. As the Caretakers and Alvino each share a half of their genetic structure, they are assumed to be some sort of fusion between plant and animal life, though attempts to study them prove fruitless as they self-destruct if attempted to be sampled for unknown reasons, possibly a defense protocol in case aliens attempt to copy them for their own purposes. Their bodies are cybernetic to an extent, and it is unknown how new Naombur are created, for they seem to almost pop out of existence deep within Hyperborea's arms.


The Naombur are focused on maintaining Hyperborea, and that is as far as they behave. They do not interact with other races, not even Caretakers or Alvino except when requesting their assistance, and appear either incapable of speech or choose to not speak. They appear to lack emotions of any sort, with reports of Naombur walking into dangerous locations such as ongoing firefights only to ignore them completely not being too uncommon. While the Mechanic used his power over the Grid to grant independent thought to all Kormacvar creations, the Naombur appear to have been unchanged, though they appear to recognize the Mechanic as an authority. Theories on this subject speculate they are possibly not advanced enough to develop consciousness, or they have grown individual thought only to dismiss it in order to continue their duties.


The Naombur share the Kormacvar's ability of learning through physical contact, meaning they can read minds of those they touch as well as learn new languages in fractions of a second, though this is considered irrelevant to them due to their lack of speech. They possess a complete control of all matters regarding Hyoerborea, being the only species to know the station down to its most fundamental levels and are considered the only ones able to repair it in the event of damage. Additionally, the Naombur possess weak psychic fields which allow them to detect each other, and also allow Kormacvar, Caretakers and Alvino to detect them as well.



Perhaps the only advanced creatures in existence that have seen me naked and not reacted in any particular manner. ... I find them rather adorable.

- Kalcedia Myran

The Naombur are the perfect slaves; dedicated, tireless, without fault. I find it... unnerving how the Kormacvar could engineer a race that will never know the complications of free will.

- Kirlisir



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