The machinations of the xeno mind eviscerated all we hold dear in fire. As we approached the new galaxy, I knew we would encounter xenos even more despicable and cunning than the ones that destroyed our great civilization. And we found them. Living precursors, a mockery of the amphibian form of the Salirian plan. And the incarnation of everything our civilization, my order, is not. But they are smart, they are cunning, and they are strong. And that makes them all the more dangerous.
They called themselves the Nanusuloans.

- Marshal Sharan Bakhara of the New Salirian Regime

The Nanusuloans are a race of amphibious entities native of the oceanic planet of Tallok Nal. One of the eldest, if not the eldest spacefaring race of the modern epoch of Tuuros, the Nanusuloans have been a staple of the Tuurosian galactic government for nearly one hundred thousand years. Many believe now that the Nanusuloan race are in their waning years, and that the culmination of millennia of conflict will define their fate in the galaxy.


Originating from the central Tala-Lok sector, the Nanusuloan race first ascended to a spacefaring civilisation approximately 95,500 years ago. Among the first races to arise out of the nascent time of the modern Tuuros, the Nanusuloan species progressed in a rare time when Tuuros was without immediate conflict. Several other cultures that arose around the same time were eventually assimilated or destroyed by the Asilaphean Empire; keeping enough astropolitical distance at the time, the Nanusuloans remained unaware of the Asilaphean war machine. The Nanusuloans and Asilapheans have kept a line of unenthusiastic contact in the millennia of their existence - the general lack of the Nanusuloans addressing the Asilaphean atrocities have been construed as complicity in the genocides - earning them a sour reputation with most of the galaxy despite the strain the Nanusuloans have been put under by the Asilapheans in the past. Nevertheless, Nanusuloan society has remained comparatively stable, and Nanusuloan governance can be considered among some of the most liberal governance in the Tuuros Galaxy.

The age of the Nanusuloan race and government is widely respected by a number of Tuurosian cultures, despite overall political relations or xenophobic views. However, as one of the oldest spacefaring races in Tuuros that are not machine or supernatural, many claim that the Nanusuloan society has come to the end of its natural lifespan, and that the disappearance of Nanusuloan influence could entail the beginning of a new, potentially catastrophic era of Tuuros.



Tall, even for Tuurosians, Nanusuloans are an archetypal definition of a Frontier species. Evolved into a predatorial species, Nanusuloans exhibit physical strength and dexterity on a degree that allows them to traverse both above and below water without much effort. As Tallok Nal's oceans and atmosphere are hot, Nanusuloans are poikilotherms and struggle to thrive in colder, drier climates. Nanusuloan sensory organs are highly sensitive and can detect faint soundwaves for several hundreds of metres, and are amplified underwater. It is generally thought that the eyesight of a Nanusuloan is on average poorer than the average Tuurosian species - although can at the very least discern between light and darkness. The mandibular apparatuses of Nanusuloans suggest they evolved the capability of echolocation. Nanusuloans are omnivorous, however their digestive tracts suggest an evolutionary bias towards plant matter.

Nanusuloan lifespans are not well documented, even within their own culture; it is generally regarded that Nanusuloans are biologically immortal and can live indefinitely in the right conditions. The regenerative characteristics of Nanusuloans make it very difficult to discern age; however the climatic change on other planets are thought to shorten the lifespan of Nanusuloans considerably.

Behaviour and Psychology[]

Among Tuuros' more intelligent echelon of species, the Nanusuloans are known for both their technological and martial prowess. However, most Nanusuloans appear to have a more balanced mindset than that of the more kratocratic Vranntan or the more scheming nature of the Sumikians. Nanusuloans possess complex paradigms of morality that might be seen as selfishness to most, although several are above the unconcerned nature of their native culture in the modern age. It is known that Nanusuloans, much like many Tuurosian species are quick to anger.



Nanusuloans are intelligent and formidable for an organic species; to the degree where their utilities are more beneficial than the wild nature of a Vranntan. Our conundrum is what happens when they outlive their use, and we come to the next phase of action.

- Hierarch Savaraxannus of the Asilaphean Empire

I have no true quarrel with the Nanusuloan race. But I will not show mercy to a kind that bows to the machines.

- Hrantaec
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II