If you believe a Murgur is stupid simply because he's a walking wall of muscle, then you're pretty damn stupid yourself. There's a reason my kind has lasted this long fighting enemies such as the Zoles and the Wranploer, and you often don't want us to show you it.

- Wragrot

The Murgur are a species of huge, orcish creatures native of Planet Kaos, located at the Corrupted Sector of the Borealis Galaxy's Western Arm. Widely famed for their great strength and numbers as well as their aggression, they formerly terrorized the galaxy under the Murgur Warbands until their dissolution during the Ice Age and the rise of the Empire of the Murgur, which currently is a member of the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Many races of Borealis are wary of the Murgur or outright fear them, and with good reason. Few species are able to match them in physical might, and they are widely regarded as one of the galaxy's most potent ground forces. Whether they exist as an organized government or as space pirates, the Murgur are one of the most notable races of the Borealis Galaxy and have more than certainly left their mark in its modern history.


Ancient HistoryEdit

The Murgur are a species who hails from the desert world of Kaos, located in the now-named Corrupted Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. The ancient history of the Murgur has long been lost due to the lack of scholars in their race, but it is known that they have never achieved an unified culture and have been enemies with each other since before they became space-faring. Achieving spaceflight roughly 15,000 years ago, the Murgur society became divided in multiple warbands collectively known as Murgur Warbands. These warbands fought and destroyed each other regularly, and at the same time, the Murgur race began infesting the galaxy due to how fast they breed, gaining influence and fame for their formidable strength and combat prowess. Four Murgur warbands became permanent and made themselves the greatest among all of them: Kraknor, Muganda, Vorazius and Hegdar. The Kraknor Warband would be the greatest of all, with the strongest warriors and largest territory. The Muganda Warband became known as the most accessible to aliens and as the most social. The Vorazius Warband was known as the richest but most xenophobic, and the Hegdar Warband was actually taken over and became slaves of the Borealis Grox Empire.

Modern WarsEdit

The Murgur were present in the First Borealis Galactic War, where the Kraknor Warband used the war as an excuse to attack both the Zoles and the Wranploer, until they were eventually driven back. This event became known as the Kraknor Rebellion, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Zoles and Wranploer. During the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Murgur race was hit with the Hegdar Revolution, where the Hegdar Warband's link with the Borealis Grox was revealed. The event ended with the Warband being destroyed by the three others, the Zoles and the Niaka.

The Murgur returned to activity at the seventh year of the Ice Age, when the Warbands were caught in a civil war due to the Kraknor Warband's warmongering attitude. Muganda Groanknir, leader of the Muganda Warband of the Murgur, got in contact with Wragrot and convinced him to retake Kraknor due to Tismahgo's crimes. Wragrot eventually travelled to the Murgur homeworld of Kaos and fought Tismahgo one-on-one, killing him and obtaining the favour of the Murgur people. By doing this, Wragrot left Vekaron's team and founded the Empire of the Murgur, the first unified Murgur government in recorded history.


Female Murgur

A female Murgur


Murgur are hulking, gorilla-like creatures with dark brown skin and deep, pupil-less eyes which possess membranes to protect the eyes from desert sand. Hair grows over their heads, chests and back and can extend considerably if not shaven. On their backs, they also possess rows of large, bony spikes which can grow to 50 centimeters or more. Female Murgur often possess more hair on their heads than males and have a slightly skinnier and less hunchback-like posture. Being mammals, Murgur females have breasts which lactate to feed their young. Murgur are famous for breeding extremely fast and in large numbers compared to other races.


Mistaking a Murgur as stupid due to their behaviour is extremely insulting for them. While they are very brutish, uncaring and generally aggressive creatures, they are also very intelligent and are quick to come up with plans involving fighting enemies. The Murgur value the lives of their close friends as if they were family, even if these friends are aliens, and will refer to them as being their blood siblings. The Murgur are short-tempered, greedy and enjoy killing by nature, but peaceful Murgur do exist and are in fact very common, being overshadowed by the stereotype the Kraknor Warband gave to the entire species.


The Murgur are among the most impressive native species in the Borealis Galaxy in physical terms. Few creatures match their body build in the galaxy, allowing them to kill most opponents with their bare hands. When fighting, Murgur will use the full extent of their arm and leg strength to break the bones of their enemies through continuous blows. Being native of deserts, the Murgur can resist hot temperatures and stay long periods of time without water, though they cannot tolerate the cold. Due to their size, they can travel distances very fast, though they are not agile and will have difficulty engaging small, fast enemies.



Emperor Wragrot

The Murgur are finally tamed.

Kraknor Wragrot is the founder and first leader of the Empire of the Murgur. He is one of the last living Battlemasters, a subspecies of Murgur of superior size and with the ability to use psychic powers. A former leader of the Kraknor Warband, he was overthrown by Tismahgo and lived as a mercenary until he had his revenge thanks to encouragement from Groanknir and Vekaron. Wragrot is seen by most Murgur as the pinnacle of their race and follow his every order, and he has proven himself to be an efficient leader more than once.


So this is what peace looks like. I enjoy it.

Muganda Groanknir is the second-in-command of the Empire of the Murgur and the right-hand man of Wragrot. Formerly leader of the Muganda Warband, Groanknir was the one who convinced the Battlemaster to regain control of the Murgur people after he was overthrown, and because of this, he is now his most trusted advisor. Groanknir had one of his arms lost to Xegriek, which has since been replaced by a prosthetic replacement.


Once again, I have dignity and pride. You can thank our Emperor for that.

Kraknor Yatakhan is the commander of the Empire of the Murgur's military assets and serves as an assistant to Wragrot. A deformed Battlemaster born in the time of Wragrot's reign over the Kraknor Warband, Yatakhan led a rebellion against the Warmaster Tismahgo after the assassination attempt on Wragrot's life, resulting in his followers being slaughtered and himself falling to Tismahgo in hand to hand combat, living a life of shame and disgrace as the Warmaster's servant after the defeat of his insurrection.

Yatakhan was the first to inform Tismahgo of Wragrot's continued existence, and subsequently organized a "test" that he carried out in secret - he sought to unlock Wragrot's strength and potential so that it was guaranteed he would reclaim the Kraknor Warband. Having fought Wragrot multiple times, Yatakhan saved Wragrot's life during his duel-to-the-death with Warmaster Tismahgo, having endured an onslaught of attacks on Wragrot's behalf, which allowed Wragrot the time he required to recover and at last defeat Tismahgo. Yatakhan was soon granted control over the newly-founded Empire of the Murgur's military forces for allowing Wragrot to discover his true potential and assisting him in defeating Tismahgo directly.

Muganda Estinaw

Diplomacy is almost alien to Murgur. Let's all hope I do a good job.

Muganda Estinaw is the diplomat representing the Empire of the Murgur in the Polar Crystal Alliance. A former general of the Muganda Warband, she was chosen to be the empire's diplomat in the Polar Crystal Alliance by Advisor Groanknir for her efficiency. Being a Murgur, Estinaw is seen with distrust by other races in the diplomat courts, but she has been doing what she can to prove she is not a threat, including erasing her Clan tattoos. Because of their similarities, she has quickly developed a friendship with Diplomat Gavikrag of the Ransio.

Warmaster Tismahgo

You will all die in Kraknor's name!

  • Name - Kraknor Tismahgo
  • Affiliation - Kraknor Warband
  • Status - Deceased

Kraknor Tismahgo was the last Warmaster of the Kraknor Warband. An extremely belligerent warrior with questionable sanity, Tismahgo obtained the throne of Kraknor in an assassination attempt which ended in the previous Warmaster, Wragrot, disappearing. Despite this dishonour, Tismahgo took over the Warband through fear and might, and was its leader for over 800 years. Tismahgo was one of the physically strongest Murgur known, and like all typical members of his Warband, he was a bloodthirsty soldier who enjoyed killing innocents and enemies alike. Tismahgo had no regard for his men and had only stood as their ruler through intimidation.

Warmaster Zukarnos

Your riches belong to Vorazius!

  • Name - Vorazius Zukarnos
  • Affiliation - Vorazius Warband
  • Status - Deceased

Vorazius Zukarnos was the last Warmaster of the Vorazius Warband. Often being called "greed in Murgur form", Zukarnos was well known for his affinity with gold and his never-ending narcissism, believing himself to be the greatest of all Murgur. Zukarnos was arguably a posh Murgur who judged people by their wealth, which was frowned upon by all Murgur Warbands but his own.

Zukarnos had an extreme technophobia, which started after the Great Purging. Zukarnos believed technology could not be allowed to grow sentience and had ordered his Warband to discard robotic enhancements and artificial intelligences. Due to this, the Vorazius Warband had become stagnant and was slowly becoming a defunct and dying government, by the hands of a man who cared for nothing but his wealth.

Warmaster Bistinus

For Mirras III.

Hegdar Bistinus was the final Warmaster of the Hegdar Warband. A servant of King Mirras III, Bistinus was responsable for the Hegdar Revolution which had the Hegdar Warband conquering the Murgur homeworld of Kaos and nearly succeeding in mind-controlling the entire species until he was stopped by a combined effort of the three other main Warbands, the Zoles and the Niaka.

Very little is known about Bistinus, but as he was a servant of Mirras III, he is assumed to have been a mindless drone. Genetic experimentation was detected on his body through autopsy, implying he was one of Commandant Khensu's victims.





  • The Murgur were originally an attempt to get the Murglbrg Maxis species into the Fiction Universe canon.
  • The Murgur were partially inspired by the Krogans from Mass Effect.
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