The Mortalitas are an infamous race of mosasaurs native to the mysterious Mortiol Starcluster in the outer reaches of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The Mortalitas are known to have large swaths of space in the Cyrannus Galaxy and are known for their resourcefulness and ruthlessness, as well as their membership many of the largest civilizations in the Gigaquadrant at different points in their history, like the Imperial Alliance, the Confederacy of Allied Systems and presently, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

History Edit

Early BeginningsEdit


A Mortalitas swimming in the Sea.

The Mortalitas evolved on the planet of Moreuse in the Mortiol Starcluster, a planet of huge tropical seas and warm, abundent swamps. The earliest ancestors of the Mortalitas evolved from lizards on land, before eventually returning the seas, becoming fully aquatic in biology, becoming very similar to the ancient, prehistoric Mosasaurs that once swam in Earth's seas. However, when an extinction event on Moreuse eradicated nearly all life in the seas, the early Mortalitas eventually evolved legs and made their first steps onto land.

They evolved very quickly and became the top predators on their native continent, ruthlessy hunting their prey, though keeping away from the larger epic creatures that stalked the prehistoric landscape. Over a period of millions of years, the Mortalitas species became the most widespread and successful species on the planet, covering every continent while well on the way to ultimate sentience.

Imperial Alliance Edit

The Mortalitas eventually grew into a frightening civilization that became feared across the Unknown Regions. As the Mortalitas continued to expand outwards, several thousand individuals escaped and headed to the Core Worlds, where they fought in the famous Mortalitas War against the Federation of United Worlds, only to be defeated by the allies. The true Mortalitas Empire on the other hand expanded outward, eventually meeting the Trucinex who were locked in the Trucinex War. Sending Zillum, the Empress of the Mortalitas gave her orders to aid the Trucinex. The new help boistered the Trucinex cause, though they were eventually defeated.

In defeat, the Mortalitas retreated back to their space, or at least they appeared to retreat back to their space. In actuallity, they began to explore the Quadrants, where they joined the Imperial Alliance, fighting in the Second Galactic War against the Allied forces of Rambo Nation. Eventually, the war ended in an armistice, though the Mortalitas and in particular, Zillum became infamous across the Gigaquadrant. The Mortalitas continued to be members of the Imperial Alliance even during the Intergalactic War, but soon formed the Confederacy of Allied Systems in the aftermath of the Emperor's death.

The Confederacy Edit


The Mortalitas fighting in the Great Cyrannus War.

The Mortalitas became the founding members of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, a huge alliance of many likeminded empires. However, they also experienced a drawback, the fall of the Imperial Alliance, the death of the Galactic Emperor and the betrayal of his hand. Yet, this proved to be a blessing for the Mortalitas, who under the influence of the more peaceful races in the Confederacy, became much more peaceful, yet still ,very aggressive.

They grew the genuine urge to liberate the galaxy from the influence of the seemingly corrupt Republic. During the Great Cyrannus Wars, the Mortalitas became the fleet and shipmasters of the Confederacy.

Attack at Cyroenia

Zillum, commanding a Mortalitas Dreadnought attacks Cyroenia.

They joined the Asgord Genocide at the end of 1 ATC, without support from the other members of the CAS. Nevertheless, they sent a large fleet to conquer as many Asgord planets as possible. The first of these was Ekotanes, a large colony in the Kraw Galaxy, Mortalitas Warriors beamed down in the center of a city, cutting up Asgord and crushing them under their feet. True to their Asgordian ways, the government of the planet sent a delegation to greet the new arrivals, but when the delegation attempted to hug the invaders, the Mortalitas quickly exterminated them, and the majority of the Asgord on the planet. The Confederate Senate was not informed of this.

Imperial Era Edit

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, it didn't take much time for the Mortalitas to swear loyality to the new Imperial hyperpower. With Zillum at the helm of the Imperial Navy, the glory days of the Mortalitas began. However, to their anger, their queen, Moch-Na was not made Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions, with the position itself going to Grand Mandator Bri'sa'tana, a Saurornithanta.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Mortalitas descended from mosasaurians native to the frozen waters of the Mortalitas Homeworld, a world gripped in a planetary ice age. Because of these extreme weather conditions, the early Mortalitas grew large, powerful and highly resilient. In fact, during battles of the Second Galactic War, Mortalitas have been seen lifting up several Libertus soldiers at once.

They are also known to be extremely flexible in terms of their environment; they can live comfortably in both water and land. The Mortalitas have a close relative also native from the Mortiol Starcluster, the D’annaoi, a species that joined the United Republic of Cyrannus after the Treaty of Corulus.

Culture Edit

Khuenaten vs Zillum

Zillum, a famous Mortalitas battles with Khuenaten.

The Mortalitas are a frightening and imposing race in battle, though in peace times, they are generally tolerant of other cultures, though alien species on Mortalitas worlds may be tolerated but they are generally not made welcome. However, this depends on the individual. As a species, they have few arch enemies, though they are still quite prejudiced against the Libertus after many decades of battle, only recently resolved with the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Mortalitas society is rather martial compared to many other Cyrannian cultures, with everyone, females included expected to have some degree of fighting prowess. In warfare, they are unstoppable, with the average Mortalitas having a great knowledge of stragedy and tactics. A highly disciplined people, the Mortalitas may appear evil to other races, but this is relative, they are not one homogenous people anymore than other cultures.

However, while the propaganda set against them during the Great Cyrannus War claim that they are unintelligent brutes, the Mortalitas like nothing more than peace, albeit so long as they are the overseers and masterminds of that peace. Citizens of the Mortalitas live incredibly full lives with culture and music being important to the average citizen.

Individuals Edit

Queen Moch-Na

Moch-Na is the long time ruler of the Mortalitas, having ruled for about two hundred and ten years since the death of her mother, the former queen. Regal, stately and at times, vicious, Moch-Na is still considered to be relatively beautiful among her people, and her charisma and popularity among the Mortalitas make her a great ruler. She has made much of the decisions of the Mortalitas during her reign, such as aiding the Trucinex in their war, joining the Imperial Alliance, and most recently, the Mortalitas' entry into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. She remains a strong supporter of Tyrómairon, and is believed to be currently seeking the position of Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions, a coveted region of space.


Moravilon was a feared and dreadful Mortalitas officer. Moravilon did not care for the ideals of the Confederacy, and his only motivation is the destruction of his enemies.

Moravilon was known for his deep convictions and believes, and was not looked upon as merciful by his unfortunate enemies and victims. Moravilon had a close relationship with Zillum and the two often worked and conspired together. Moravilon was one of the most senior officers in the Confederate Navy and he commanded many ships, from his flagship, the Affluent a large Providence-class Dreadnought. He later died at the hands of Helo Roslia.


Mortikran is a Mortalitas who served both the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Dreaded, brutal and ruthless he is a capable officer and commander of both army and naval forces.

During his carreer he found his arch enemy, Claire Rambo, a Rambo sergeant but after some events found himself serving under her. This act made Mortikran unpredictable, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill her at any change given. Mortikran is a ruthless and mean person, not hesitating to sacrifice his own troops or ships if needed. Further more he is described as sadistic, as he likes to torture his preys or enemies by very painfull means, especialley if they first defy his will. Mortikran has proven himself to be a capable commander, using the overconfidence of his enemies to ensure his own victories. However when enraged, Mortikran looses all senses and will do everything for revenge, until he has calmed again he is making tactics again. This trait makes him a bit unpredictable, to both his allies and foes.


Zillum is a cold and merciless Mortalitas with absolutely no mercy toward his adverseries, especially since his supposed death at the Battle of Capricaerón during the Great Cyrannus War's first year. When he mysteriously returned in a brand new body, his fighting prowess was greatly enhanced and he became one of the most proficient swordsmen in the entire universe, not to mention the Cyrannus Galaxy. Since his revival, he has been labelled by some of the most senior Cyrandia officials as an unstoppable force of nature, who was certainly not afraid of brutal tactics to achieve his goals. Zillum now serves the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy.

Military Edit

Starships Edit

Mortalitas Dreadnought
  • Name - Mortalitas Dreadnought
  • Length - Varies, generally 2,500 meters
  • Role - Warship, commandship, carrier

The massive Mortalitas Dreadnought was given to the Mortalitas by the other members of the Imperial Alliance. A roughly cylindrical warship, the Dreadnought's surface is dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. Dreadnoughts are massive, cylindrical 2500-meter-long warships with a pointed nose that tapers towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, is an elongated main communications and sensor pod.

A famous ship of this line was the Benevolent, under the command of General Zillom. It was involved in the Battle of Capricaerón but eventually had to retreat back to Imperial space as the CSA, Rambo and DCP defeated the Imperial Navy. However, it later joined the Confederate Navy under its master, Zillum, only to be destroyed later in the Great Cyrannus War. The Dreadnoughts now patrol Mortalitas Space.

  • Name - Mortalitas Supercarrier
  • Length - 5,000 meters
  • Role - Warship, command ship

An old Mortalitas design dating back to the early days of the Mortalitas Empire, the Mortalitas Supercarrier has seen extensive service during the many wars the Mortalitas find themselves in. The vessels made their first notable appearence in the Mortalitas War with the Federation of United Worlds, being used by a rebel Mortalitas faction, however they were deployed in their hundreds during the Trucinex War under the command of Zillum. When the Mortalitas joined with the Imperial Alliance, with new ships being designed, the Supercarrier began to dwindle until it could only be seen on escort duties. Nowadays, the supercarrier can be found protecting Mortalitas space, or in the hands of pirates.

  • Name - Grígori-class
  • Length - 800 meters
  • Role - Ship to Ship Combat, Orbital Bombardment

The Grígori-class Cruiser is an old ship used by the Mortalitas Empire since the Second Galactic War. It bears resemblance to the much larger Mortalitas Dreadnought. The cruiser is the most common blockade runner in the CAS armada, and it uses it's massive engines to break through enemy fleets and land on the surface of a planet. The Grígori-class is very effective and its strong hull, weapons and engines make it a perfect command frigate of the Confederacy. Like the other native Mortalitas ships, it is now used in escort duty by the Empire.

  • Name - Emporico-class
  • Length - 5000 meters
  • Role - Ship to Ship Combat, Orbital Bombardment, Blockades

The Emporicó-class Dreadnought is the largest Mortalitas ship in active service. This huge behemoth is twice the size of the Mortalitas Dreadnought and has few equals in battle. The Emporicó-class contains thousands of troops, tanks and other war machines built for the sole purpose of subjugating enemy worlds and protecting important allied worlds. Used to great extent during the Great Galactic War, the Emporico-class now protects important Mortalitas planets, while many have fallen into the hands of rebels and pirates.

Vehicles Edit

Mortalitas Tank
  • Name - Mortalitas Armoured Tank (MAT-01)
  • Length - 10 meters
  • Role - Armoured Tank, artillery

The Mortalitas Armoured Tank is a highly advanced pilotless war machine that spreads terror across battlefields. A medium sized tank, the MAT-01 has seen extensive service in the armies of the Imperial Alliance and the Confederacy of Allied Systems and is currently used to protect Mortalitas planets, and indeed other planets from across the Empire, making them quite famous. It's primary weapon is capable of functioning as both anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft, and can also fire drones. Like the Mortalitas Assault Tank, the MAT-01 is designed after a species of crab that inhabits the beaches of Moreuse.

Mortalitas Assualt Tank
  • Name - Mortalitas Assault Tank (MAT-02)
  • Length - 9 meters
  • Role - Assault Tank, anti-infantry

The Mortalitas Assault Tank is a very common tank in the Mortalitas military, and like its cousin the MAT-01 is pilotless, programmed to serve the Mortalitas. When they were designed, they were mass produced by the Confederacy of Allied Systems and were used to a great extent in the Great Cyrannus War, with most Confederate vessels fielding a squadron of MAT-02s. A formidable vehicle, the MAT-02 is armed with two main weapons, a large anti-vehicle cannon and two small anti-personal cannons on either side of the cockpit.

Quotes Edit

Our great warrior-race will strike down the URC and those who support it!

- Zillum

Hail our great allies of the Mortalitas!

- Admiral Tyrant

You don't deserve my respect. The Basileus are and will be forever superior.

- Mar-Júun

We respect them, maybe someday we could be allies...

- Gongnores Slaki

They are like us...only a bit more blue.

- Kicathian

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Trivia Edit

  • The Mortalitas are by far, Cyrannian's oldest antagonistic race, dating back to 2007, before he knew Spore even existed.

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