A useful species, when kept in check.

- Tyranus

The Mon Nahdar are an aquatic race native to the watery world of Nahdar. They are known across the galaxy as a peace loving people with a great love for art, culture and literature. Their culture has a longing to explore the reaches of space and to contact and ally with other lifeforms.

Despite having a primarily aquatic culture, preferring to spend their time in water, where they swim gracefully amongst the waves, the Mon Nahdar are also quite comfortable walking on land. As a culture, they believe in unity and working together to achieve their goals as opposed to working alone. They are very calm and collected and carry themselves with a dignity that many races envy.

The Mon Nahdar believe strongly in the ways of diplomacy, democracy and freedom. Their people have produced many dreamers, thinkers and scientists, making them a valuable addition to Cyrannus Galaxy.


Early History[]

Mon Nahdar worship a religious figure in the past.

The Mon Nahdar arose from the warm tropical seas of their homeworld millions of years ago and began their epic struggle to gain sentience and reach the very heavens that they so often dreamed about. When they began to form themselves into civilizations, cities and states they soon discovered that they were certainly not alone on their island planet. The aggressive and sentient Hipaca, native to the ocean depths attacked the peaceful cities of the Mon Nahdar. Even though the Hipaca were more aggressive and had larger armies, the Nahdar had greater technology and eventually won the day.

In the centuries that followed an uneasy peace developed between the two peoples and eventually an independent council was formed between the Hipaca and the Mon Nahdar that led to the invention of hyperspace travel, linking the planet of Nahdar with the wider galaxy. Space travel became something of an art form among the citizens of the Mon Nahdar, and flying a starship became something of a dream for many citizens of Nahdar. In the year 19 BTC, the Nahdar planet became members in the Federation of United Worlds and became key members, foreseeing that the Sector Alliance would become the most important government in the galaxy. This vision later became a reality when the CSA was reformed into the United Republic of Cyrannus. It became a great nation, encompassing most of the galaxy, giving the Mon Nahdar great prominence.

Imperial Era[]

The battle of Nahdar.

However, this would soon end when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, beginning the Dark Times. Shocked at this, the Mon Nahdar isolated themselves on their homeworld, and began building up weapons to use in a possible war against this new aggressive regime. War would indeed come when Tyranus led an Imperial fleet against the Nahdar's growing rebellion, forcing the peaceful aquatics to surrender. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed three years later, many Mon Nahdar hoped that this new superpower would liberate them from the Imperial menace, however the planet remained under Imperial control with many Mon Nahdar escaping to join the New Republic.

Culture and Society[]

Many Mon Nahdar are religious, viewing the galaxy itself as a divine entity.

The Mon Nahdar are known to have a great and vibrant culture which has influenced many other civilizations across the galaxy. Emphasis is placed on music and the arts, where many Mon Nahdar excel at. Their great starships inspired the vessels of the Adelphi, and indeed the two use the same vessels. The Mon Nahdar see these vessels not of technology, but an art form and take extra care to make each one absolutely unique.

The Mon Nahdar are often seen as being both idealistic and daring, and are not likely to betray a cause, believing it a great shame if one does so.As such, as a species the Mon Nahdar believe in the greater good for not only themselves, but for the galaxy as a whole, believing it to a thing to be cherished, loved and protected at all costs. Tending to be quite lawful and respectful to authority, the Mon Nahdar have little tolerance for troublemakers. Despite being noted as a peaceful race, they are not above fighting for a cause their believe in. Many Mon Nahdar are religious and view the entire galaxy as a divine entity.

Biology and Appearance[]

A humanoid, amphibious species, the Mon Nahdar are known for their bulbous heads and large black eyes, which are known to convey tranquility even in the most tense of circumstances. Having evolved on the ocean planet Nahdar, the Mon Nahdar are at home in the sea as they are on land and have evolved to be equally comfortable in both. However, many Mon Nahdar have a personal preference for the sea with many filling their opulent starships with water to make them more comfortable for their crew.



The Empire... is here to stay.

The young King Nabha is the current leader of the Nahdar System and was a great supporter of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the ideals of democracy and freedom. As such, he was devasted when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed and secretly began the development of weapons and ships that could be used to fight the Empire in the future. Unfortunately, the Empire discovered this and invaded the system, conquering it and forcing Nabha to surrender, functioning now merely as a puppet.


I was a fool.

  • Name - Navab
  • Age - 25
  • Affiliation - None

Senator Navab was the senator of the peaceful sector of Cybele and his own race, the Mon Nahdar, he liked to listen to the issues of the senate and then speak up when something interests him. He found friendship with her friends Leuraí, Gianne, Gira and Magelen.

Navab was born on his people's home planet of Nahdar in the year 21 BTC, making him very young indeed, one of the youngest senators in the history of Cyrannus. In his teenage years, he was gathering an interest in politics and became working on his charismatic skills and was elected to the senate at the age of 20. Over time, he became much more spoken and driven in his beliefs, however she was horrified by the ruthlessness of the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War and feared for the Republic's future.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, he was furious and actively campaigned against it. As punishment, he was sent to jail on Orbispira, where he awaits his fate.

Other known individuals[]



Nahdar Cruiser A.png
Nahdar Cruiser B.png
Nahdar Cruiser C.png

A highly versatile and unique starship, the Mon Nahdar Cruiser has many variants, though none are exactly the same. Originally designed by the Adelphi, the Cruisers are often considered to be more works of art than warships. However, their power in combat is respected and feared across the galaxy, capable of holding their own even against an Imperator-class Star Destroyer.


As members of the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Mon Nahdar share the allies of the URC. However, the planet of Nahdar, being a soveriegn nation within the Republic has many official relations separate from that of the Cyrannian Republic.


Green face.pngWe are with you!


Yellow face.png...

  • Osteola - We maintain a friendly relationship.


Red face.pngWe will bring you to justice!



Valuable members of the Republic. We owe much to their resolve and determination.

- Apollo

They are very nice people, easy to make business with.

- Nondarrrt

Interesting race but if they stand in our way we will have no problem burning them down.

- Emperor Aoblix


  • The Mon Nahdar are based on the Mon Calamari from Star Wars.

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