The Mardor are a race coming from thier homeworld of Malvire, although the world they originally came from before Malvire is unknown. Known for formerly being the main species of the Mardor Empire in the Katar Sector, Delcath Subsector before it's defeat at the hands of the KSA, they hold a rather infamous reputation for their past atrocities.



All known mardor descend from a population of about 70,000 which popped up on Malvire approximately 120,000 years ago. It is not known how the Mardor came to live on Malvire. However, it can be said with certainty that they did not originate there. They have no evident ancestry in the planet’s fossil record and, more importantly, do not fit anywhere on the planet’s phylogenetic tree, with not one local clade being a good candidate for the one they belong to.

Regardless of their origin, once there, they quickly dominated the planet and even the local sapient race, the mypho, soon were at their mercy and occasionally avoided enslavement only due to the mercy and good will of some mardor.




Though the carnivorous mardor can live on the nutrition available to them on Malvire, it is clear that the planet is not ideal for them and certain features of the local biochemistry ensure that mardor must be careful not to eat too much of certain foods or too little of others. Some essential nutrients are very rare and some ancient mardor resorted to swallowing stones to avoid malnutrition. Though generally unfortunate for them, this has had the effect of making it easier for the mardor to eat things of numerous different biochemistries.




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