The Mandaron are creatures from the Caerran Galaxy that are allied with the Caalan Federation.


Cell StageEdit

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Creature stageEdit

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Tribal StageEdit

The Mandaron Tribe was a very aggressive tribe. They only had one ally.

Civilization StageEdit

The Mandaron had a very large military. They destroyed entire nations. They had no allies.

Space StageEdit

The Mandaron formed the Mandaron Empire after achieving global domination. They had two allies until they betrayed one of them. The two former allies went to war. After a devastating war, the Mandaron Empire won and was reorganized into the Mandaron Federal Republic.


The Mandaron have average technology that is not as good as the Caalans, but is good enough to suit their needs.


Manderon is the homeplanet of the Mandaron. Its name is actually a typo and was supposed to be the same as the species.[More coming soon]



A normal Mandaron citizen.

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