Ours is the slow fade to nothing. The whimper before the quiet. We once shook the mountains and worlds of the galaxy. We once held other races within our palm. Now, we have nothing to show for it now. Just ash and dust, not that you parasites would care. We either must turn to drinks and brawling with the Loron and Skordi and the like. Or to something Darker still. It's all we have to forget what we've lost.

- Lu'Braxai Raider Kormaragion

The Lu'Braxai are a gigantic race of brutal warriors, monstrously strong, and near 30 feet tall. These purple-skinned, semi-reptilian race of giants show little care or regard for their foes or very many around them, often lumbering about, drinking heavily, or fighting any who get in their way, or often turning to the other races to join to fight others, such as the Loron or Skordi, not caring for much. They hint sometimes of being once part of a great empire, of a powerful nation, before their fall. Whatever came of it and where is has gone, is a mystery, and evidence is hard to come by, not only because of the Lu'Braxai's uncaring attitude towards others, but also their propensity for crushing any that try to ask about their fallen empire.

Whatever comes of it, the Lu'Braxai that remain in this galaxy, have shown a strong predilection towards violence and using their brutish, bullying strength against those that annoy them. Though seen as a bunch of lummoxes and brutes by their foes, and symbols of strength and power among the Loron and Skordi that can afford them, Lu'Braxai follow their own goals and private ambitions, heedless of the needs of others, or perhaps, more accurately, not caring for the needs of others.

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The Lu'Braxai are largely unknown as far as their origins are concerned. Long ago, it is said they once ruled a might empire, but some unknown calamity rendered "Ashes and dust", and left them few and far between. Whatever occurred, the Lu'Braxai do not speak of their empire's destruction, whether it was their hubris, another alien race, or mass famine. Some say they are silent out of fear, some out of self-pity, and some out of shame, but whatever the case, they rarely speak with others.

Whatever occurred, the Lu'Braxai could be found on a number of worlds, living isolated, lonely existences for centuries untouched. But, as younger races began to appear, the Lu'Braxai, shaken out of their isolation by wars coming to their home or simple colonists, began to become more violent and belligerent. As such, Lu'Braxai soon became common sights among the forces of other races, especially Skordi, Mirus Loron, and even the Darklings, often paid and compensated for their brutal work with promises of vast food, numerous slaves, and whole bars of liquor for himself.

For the Lu'Braxaxi, theirs is a quiet and lonely existence, only broken up by the horrific violence they choose to surround themselves with. Their peers care little, with Mirus Loron and Skordi often trying to goad them into fights and alcohol-induced idiocy like themselves, or simply treated as another testing bed of mutations by Darkling masters.

For the Lu'Braxai, the galaxy only holds infinite disappointments, and only the joys of drunken fights and smashing aside enemies can often relieve it for a few hours.

A multitude of Lu'Braxai Giants would come under the command of the Ironjawz Horde, a Loron-lead coalition and Empire eager to use their strength and power to rampage through and brutalize the galaxy.

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The Lu'Braxai are often found spending their time in isolation and away from the other races of Mirus. The few times they gather is to fight for other powers so they can slake their strong thirst for alcohol, regardless of it it's wine, beer, mead and other alcoholic beverages, uncaring for what it is, so long as they can slug it down. They barely often meet or gather in large numbers with one another, preferring isolation and battle for whatever reason. Many of them are depressive and grumpy, for whatever reason, and disdain speaking with other races, especially about their lost empire and what they have had to endure for so long. These brutes will use their prodigious strength to shatter and flatten whole regiments of infantry, and care little for whatever gets in their way.

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