The Kraw Loron are a Kraw Galaxy subspecies of Loron. Unlike their Kraw brothers, they have no gangster persona, and are instead, stupid aliens who work as Emperor Kies's personal army and guard.



One Loron boss, eager to take over some Kraw Galaxy territories for his empire, decided to invade it with a huge fleet. They settled near FRA territory, awaiting to attack the Galaxy, however, they instead decided to fit in with the Galaxy, learning about its various cultures and improving their language skills so that other species could understand them.

Kies' ruleEdit

Kies would end up hiring some for the Loronid Kraw Imperial Guard, though their sheer stupidness would annoy Kies.



The Kraw Loron appear similar to ordinary Loron, but are generally quite a bit shorter, despite still being taller than the average creatures. They also don't tend to be as muscular.


Kraw Loron, unlike normal Loron counterparts, have no gangster persona, and instead are simply idiots who are easily fooled and can join any cause. They will only be aggressive if told to be, and they tend to make few decisions themselves. The Kraw Loron will often bicker amongst themselves, but rarely get into physical combat.


Unlike normal Loron, Kraw Loron tend to use weapons more than others. They will use vibroblades and long range weapons to fight enemies, and wear heavy armour.


Kraw Loron have no special abilities, and for some reason lack the Loron mentalist ability.

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