dis history suks CUZ IM NOT IN IT WAT DA HELL

- Grak'tona

Da Loron Past is a written book by the Loron themselves, and barely maintained. It is based partially on their own experiences, on their own religion, and partially also on what was told by Da Chikz. The book has been (roughly) translated into common language, as seen below, but is prone to containing factual errors, due to a lazy translation by Norol.


The Loron were originally created by the Taldar, who gave Da Chikz reproductive capabilities to create Loron. The Loron were created to prevent huge threats such as the Grox defeat the Norol, and so the Norol could create a work force with ease. The huge number of Loron was due to the ease of creating a Loron quickly, especially due to advanced reproductive genes the Taldar created. The Norol kept making more Loron, who protected them from many threats, and whena Loron died, the Chikz ate the Loron to gain its genes and cells.

The Traffphyds, however, altered the Norol and the Loron. They made the Loron even more warlike, even more stupid, stronger, and barbaric. While the Norol used to rule over the Loron, the Loron eventually took over, so it was their own civilisation, not the Norol's.

So the barbaric Loron were born, a violent and warlike race that was feared by many.

The Loron were originally an under water species. The Norol would lay Loron eggs in the water, which would hatch the eggs. The Loron would swim and catch fish for the Norol. This is why they evolved their long, spikey mouth, it was used to catch fish from fairly long distances and crush them. It also explains their webbed feet.

However, Loron were killing off many sea creatures, so food became a problem for Loron and Norol. Loron had to move to land, where they became a tribe. Little did they no the land would be a huge problem...

Tribal Stage[]

Loron began their life as tribes people. While the Norol had gone through Cell and Creature stages, it was the Loron who took over.

The Loron decided to go put a bunch of sticks together and, with the Norol's genious behind it, made a hut. But they began lives not so well....

Grenzaar was the most hostile planet ever. There was little water and they had to fight for it. Creatures war so much bigger than them. They had to adapt. They had to grow strong. And that's exactly what they did. They began fighting against the nearby creatures.

This section, like the others, will be broken down into 3 stories: Trenn'Fal's survival, The Species Moves On and The Defeat of a Boss.

Trenn'Fal's survival[]

Trenn'Fal, the first Boss of any Loron, ruled the Loron tribe. The tribe were hunters, who were struggling to survive and adapt on their planet. Their tribe was protected by a Boss, Trenn'Fal, who beat up any other attackers. However, they had not anticipated that Loron would attack them.

Three brothers attacked the Loron tribe. The three wanted to control the tribe, so they tried to beat Trenn'Fal up. After a long fight, Trenn'Fal was beaten up, he could not defeat 3 opponents at once. So he set off into the wild.

He had to hunt for his own food. While trying to attack a pack of Morlods, 5 Filastrokxs attacked him. At the time, Loron were fairly weak. The fight sacred the Morlod off, Trenn'Fal would have to hunt for other food. But that was the least of his worries. The Filanstrokxs hit him with spikes, Trenn'Fal simply responded with a few punches. He eventually, knocked one down. Another, he grabbed by the arm and chucked at the three other Filanstrokxs. He choked one until it was dead. The fourth was about to rise back up but he ripped its arms off. In these days, that took too long and the two got him off. He grabbed one by the arms and ate it until it was dead. The other he grabbed and chucked against a tree. He had managed to survive, and thus, he ate them. They gave him a bit more stamina.

He continued to patrol the jungles, until he came across the Renthom tribes. He camped outside it, raiding them until they put defenders on their food. They had a sentinel tower, with a sentinel on top of it, who looked for dangers. Trenn'Fal would have do do this stealthily. He kept attacking Renthom for a whole week, but each time they wrestled him down. After a few weeks, he was ready to give up and hunt for Morlod, see if there were any. He was hungry, and didn't have much energy, the longer he went without a kill, the smaller his chance of making one.

Then he came across a Renthom who was fishing. The Renthom attacked him by wrestling him. Trenn'Fal was not prepared to by fish food. He tried harder, thinking to himself to put in just a little more effort... just a little more muscle... just... a.... bit... more.... until the Renthom fell to the floor. Tired, but with boosted confidence, he chucked the Trenn'Fal against a tree, knocking it out, then ate it. He returned to his old camp, and had a plan. He went through the trees, round the back of the sentinel tower. He saw the guard through the bush he hid in, when the guard turned his back, he pulled him behind the trees and ate him. he then climbed into the tower. He went up the ladder that led to the sentinel's position, and pulled the sentinel by the leg and jumped down, killing it. he then went into every tribal building, killing every Renthom there. The Renthom were now dead, and Trenn'Fal was now stronger.

He wondered the wilds some more, then saw some Haltroff chasing after the Morlods. The Haltroff were short on food, so hunting Morlods was their best bet. They had to adapt to running longer distances quickly, they had so far. Trenn'Fal chased after them for a few metres, but they were too fast, and soon he slowed to a halt. He decided to camp here to kill off the Haltroffs to have some Morlod meat. After 2 months of trying, he failed to do much besides scavenge. The fighting techniques and wrestling strength he had gained from Renthom fighting wouldn't be of any use. Trenn'Fal, who was about to die, let out his rage by chasing a Haltroff. The scared Haltroff ran as fast as possible, but was grabbed by a Loron hand. It was pulled back, and then eaten. Trenn'Fal had now adapted, he was apable of outrunning the fastest predators. After that, he saw a couple of Morlods. He ran as quick as he could, and outran them all. The Morlod meat boosted his morale greatly. he spent a few more days killing off the Haltroff tribe with his new found speed, and decided to attack his old tribe.

Helooked at his old tribe, and was horrified. The brothers were torturing Da Chikz, killing Trenn'Fal's kids (Loron made from Trenn'Fal's genes) and were fighting over who was in charge. Trenn'Fal witnessed a huge brawl, until only one, the eldest of the three, was left, who was the new boss. Trenn'Fal waited one day, then challenged the brother to a fight. The brother was no match for trenn'Fal, who was so strong by now he could have taken all three, on, taking on multiple enemies was now easy for him.

"Yer gonna regret not killin me dumbo" Trenn'Fal said, marking the first Loron diss in history. They engaged one on one. The brother attacked first, throwing a punch, but his arm was grabbed, then his face, as Trenn'Fal hurled him towards a hut, which collapsed on him. The brother got out, only to feel five blowws to the face, which killed him.

Trenn'Fal had the ultimate genes of Loron, and could now train other Loron to be just as strong. He was the ultimate loron. He was Da Boss (for a while)

The Tribe Moves On[]

It came a time in every boss' life where he would soon die. Of course, in order for Trenn'Fal to still be boss he'd need a son. So Da Chikz created a new Loron clone with his genes, and with those of the brothers. This way he could still technically be Boss, severl bosses have done this when their Killa loron form becomes too old, it happens at least once or twice.

However new problems emerged. With the inhabitants of Groodrub scared off by Trenn'Fal single handedly taking on Groodrub's predators and hardened prey. So the tribe needed to get bigger. It had conquered 5 other tribes of mostly Renthom but was still small. Several Norol decided to spread around and make habitats, so as to escape from Trenn'Fal's tribe. They spread far as possible, until hey managed to create a habitat although they found issues. The predators were far too strong to survive for Da Chikz, and the only ones who could take on all were the loron. So the Norol, using Trenn'Fal's genes, created more Loron. They werent clones of Trenn'Fal, just based on his genes and of the same way Norol create loron.

When the Loron managed to protect the Norol, they established villages around that area, went hunting and became a proper civilisation in a few days, now that the Loron had adapted greater. They made more Loron and more Norol, although the young Norol decided also to escape the Loron, and ran into the same problems. With the huge monsters out there, although the Loron were strong, it would take several of them to beat the Hyper Epics that roamed the planet, so several Norol died, although the safe habitats they did find became Loron villages, where they killed Epics, while killing Epics required a lot of work, it would feed the tribe for ages (although the Norol were developing food storage, the Loron didn't care and left it lying around anywhere).

This meant that several loron tribes were popping up everywhere, bothering the wildlife of the planet. Several species were hunt to near extinction, the Loron had made many species endangered. Although soon they would be fighting a greater foe- themselves.

With the Loron tribes spreading all over and expanding, Trenn'Fal's tribe were still the biggest, although they discovered other Loron tribes fairly soon. The villages enraged Trenn'Fal, with huge numbers he managed to take down several in the surrounding area, the intense training of his boyz and numbers beat his opponents swiftly. Within a few days, 8 tribes were conquered, growing their number largely. With the villages of other species undwer their control for slaves, Loron villages had no use besides hunting or military. This was still beneficial, as they wanted to search for any other Loron tribes.

Trying to claim Da Epiks Rejon, an area where epics were plentiful but one of the only sources of food, and full of wildlife and plants. Several Loron lived there. Trenn'Fal attacked one of the villages, but it was bigger than before.

With his army of Speer Boyz, Hamma Boyz, Flamey Boyz and Bulldozas, he was about to take it by force. The Speer Boyz had spears crafted by Norol, the Hamma Boyz used clubs which the Loron knew as hammers, the Flamey Boyz had fire sticks and the Bulldozas where the early Loron-pushed bull dozers which would later become the Loron's favourite method of destroying enemies.

The Speer Boyz charged, with Trenn'Fal leading them. They were faced with mostly enemy rchers, some weapon that Da Chikz invented. However nothing hit, so the enemy threw spears instead. Dodging them, the Speer Boyz charged up and stabbed the approaching enemy club soldiers as fast as possible. The Hamma Boyz then broke apart the wooden walls, and killed the villagers. The enemy was looking desperate now. The Norol were captured, adn the Loron were burning the village down, they were half way until...

They saw the other side being broken apart faster. No weapons were used or anything. The loron walked forward, breaking a few more buildings with one kick. He broken another. And another.Yet another. A fourth. Fifth. But how quickly they smashed. One punching smashing wood? They saw him.

"Dats Ror'Gatha dat is." one loron said. "Hes da tuffest of all of Da loronz eva."

"Yeah right Ill smash his face ta pieces. he aint tuffa dan me, I is Trenn'Fal fer Roz'Tah'Flok's sake!"

"Boss?" a Loron from Trenn'Fal's group said, "I dont fink dats right, lets see you smash up a hut in one punch."

"Yoo boyz! Ova dere! Yeh dats right, yoo lot! Ya so dum. Ya needed an army ta take out dis village i did it by maself. In fact Ive been doin it by maself fer 30 years eva since I was kicked out of ma vill. An now I gonna kill ya littel wimpy boss."

"Boyz get bak too da vill. Dis gonna be a hard battel."

"Oh yoo bet it is. prepar ta die, losa."

The Defeat of a Boss[]

Smash! Trenn'Fal was hurling back and crashed into a tree, making it topple over on top of him. He coulddnt remember what had happened, besides a huge bang. He ran back to a village, and got healed up by Da Chikz. He felt something a Loron had never felt- confusion. Why couldn't he beat Ror'Gatha, someone who used his genes? It made no sense.

Trenn'Fal went into the arena. He was smashing everyone to pieces. But for once, he wasn't enjoying it, he was thinking. No wait, for once, he was thinking. Why? Why were these going down easily and yet Ror'Gatha was so tough? He would just have to do one thing- fight. So he went and looked for opponents.

Trenn'Fal in his past forms had smashed other thigns to bits and got tougher. Maybe if he took on huge stuff, and lots of huge stuff, he'd be the biggest, baddest Loron around? So that's what he'd do. He'd smash about 10 huge creatures and do it quickly. It would be pretty tough, but if he did, no one could stop him. And if he kept doing it, Ror'Gatha would be easy.

So he looked around. He went away from nearly all villages, and found a place several Epics were gathering. They all gathered away from villages, but around animals to eat. Trenn'Fal tore apart several tough animals he once struggled against when he was first born in his first incarnation. Until he reached about 14 epics. Loron, who are way too stupid to think first, just attack. So Trenn'Fal threw himself at the first epic. He smashed it until it's foot nearly broke. With the other foot it tried to crush him. He just about managed to stay alive under there long enough, and rush out. Then he climbed up the beasts' legs and up it's body, until he got to the eyes. He ate them, hung on tightly, then tore up the head until he could eat the brain. Then, time to move on to the next one. Another Epic flung him far, but he landed on a third Epic's nose, and ate the eyes, repeating his previous tactic.

He was enraged at the second epic. He would repay it. He charged up, and, with great strength, tore skin from the leg. The epic screamed, then fell to the ground. Trenn'Fal ate the brain. He then charged home to tell the others about food, and they all had Epic Creature to eat. It fed the whole tribe.

Trenn'Fal was sure he needed more training. He went back 3 times more, thinking he could beat them all. But he couldn't. Every time he arrived, more appeared. He wasn't realising that surviving more and more epics made him tougher by adaption, he merely thought he was failing. Got a lot of food, but still.

At one point, he gave up. He felt he'd never be so bad. He took his anger out on the hut... and smashed it. He smashed the statue of him. And just then, he noticed- that ook him one punch. With a huge teethy grin, he decided to take out the boss of another tribe- Flak'Toha.

Flak'Tohas tribe was huge. Not as big as Ror'Gatha of Trenn'Fals, but still really large. Trenn'Fal wanted that tribe. A normal Loron gives up to anything tougher than him and with Loron colours, so once he'd beaten Flak'Toha the tribe would be his. He hurried along, with a few Boyz of his.

Flak'Toha was tough. He had survived Ror'Gatha without running away twice before, so beating Flak'Toha and he'd prove he could beat Ror'Gatha. So he called Flak'Toha and challenged him.

"Oi yoo. Get here. Imma smash yoos to pieces." Trenn'Fal said.

"COM DEN BLUD IMMA KNOK YOO OUT" Flak'Toha cried. And he charged up to Trenn'Fal, punched... and was grabbed and shovoed to the floor.

Flak'Toha got up, tried to bang Trenn'Fal, but Trenn'Fal grabbed him and chucked him against the Tribal Hut, which came toppling down on Toha. Fal laughed. His opponent was as good as dead, so he kicked him in the face. Flak'Toha was dead. Although one of Da Chikz would reproduce him, he was now defeated. The tribe bowed to Trenn'Fal, who was now determined to take on Ror'Gatha.

He went to the village he had once been defeated at. He watched Gatha dictate his boyz. They were scared of him. they didn't love him at all. That was not how a Loron is meant to lead. So Trenn'Fal challenged a fight.

The two circled each other for some time, then stopped. Trenn'Fal charged up to Ror'Gatha, who tried to use an uppercut punch to knock Trenn'Fal away again. But he was expecting it. He had faked his move, then spun around to dodge it and kicked. Ror'Gatha was surprised. Trenn'Fal grabbed the statue of Ror'Gatha (at the time these weren't very heavy at all, not even made of stone) and chucked it. Ror'Gatha was taken aback. he had strength, but not toughness. Trenn'Fal had both. He punched Trenn'Fal, who only backed away a few metres. Then he tried to punch him in the face. Fal ducked and punched Gatha in the stomach twice.

"DATS IT I MUST KILL YAS" Gatha yelled... and Trenn'Fal shooved a stick in his mouth. Gatha spat it out, but his mouth was paining. Gatha couldn't go on. He fell to the floor, and was crushed by Tren'Fal.

It had been a long fight. But Trenn'Fal had done it. He'd killed Flak'Toha and Ror'Gatha. But suddenly he was grabbed from behind. It was another boss; Frag'Torr.

Frag'Torr was an unheard of Loron. He specialized in sneaking around and taking land off Bosses when they weren't expecting it. If he had Trenn'Fals land, as his Chikz had told him, he could unite the whole tribe. Frag'Torr didn't know about that, but he wanted fame.

It was a long brutal fight, Frag'Torr barely had any stamina left. Eventually, he fell to the floor, lay there, tired. He was waiting for Trenn'Fal to crush him, but nothing happened. So he looked up, and saw Loron gasp in horror and yell "HOW DID HE DON DAT". So he looked left.

Trenn'Fal had died.

Civilisation Stage[]

Loron lives later evolved to Civilisation. The many slave tribes Trenn'Fal took over created new, powerful technology, them, along with Da Chikz, were working on weaponry to defeat their Loron masters. Although it all turned out wrong...

This story is divided into 3 parts, The Next Stage, Who Da Boss and Da Propa Big Loron Empire.

The Next Stage[]

Frag'Torr was not very popular.

He sneaks around, and he killed the old boss, and dared to call himself Big Boss.

So the Loron didn't like the new Boss, although those who tried to fight him got smashed.

If Frag'Torr was going to be liked, he'd need to act.

This was the time when Loron decided to be cunning rather than stupid. So Frag'Torr did several things, ultimately making the Loron more powerful, earning respect from them and sorting out slaves.

First off, he decided to find 10 Loron. Rather than finding them, he got one of Da Chikz to create 10 more Loron; they could now use both Frag'Torr and Trenn'Fals genes, but Frag'Torr specifically requested the new Loron to be more like him.

He named them Da Sneaky Boyz. Boyz who followed his ways of sneaking, which he had developed for hunting. He got Da Sneaky Boyz to assassinate Bosses. A Boss now meant someone who ruled a village, and if they betrayed him he'd lose power. So he got them to assassinate several Bosses. Since Loron were easily fooled it looked as if another tribe had killed them, so the Loron waged war on nearby tribes. Frag'Torr participated in many battles, and slaughtered many bosses without stealth.

He then checked on several Renthom slaves. The Renthom were growing intelligent, and were currently developing a "vehicle"- something which moves, and energy weapons. So Frag'Torr told them that if they developed them they will be let free. Since this was a new boss, the Renthom were convinced it was the right thing to do.

They created new vehicles, new energy weapons, and finished building new buildings made of metal. They discovered power sources, batteries fuels and many other things. Then Frag'Torr told them to give him a few, and let Da Chikz inspect them. The rest they would use to tear up Loron villages, and scare the Loron.

When Da Chikz checked the vehicles and understood them, they could create their own, better military vehicles. They also placed buildings in different positions, and networked them together to share power. This started cities.

While Frag'Torr was becoming slightly more popular among Da Boyz for his fighting, while the Norol were improving lives for Loron and themselves and the Renthom were gathering slaves to help them with their work, Frag'Torr's cunning plan (arguably the only cunning plan in loron history) was working well. As soon as the Renthom were charging in, guns a blazing, the Sneaky Boyz were ready. They had placed explosives on the ground at the route of the Renthom vehicle armies, explosives that the Renthomhad been testing for some time. They were told they would test them. And they did. On Renthom. The slaves and the Loron watched as Frag'Torr blew up all the slave's vehciles and smashed several vehicles to bits.

The Renthom surrendered. They had failed to free themselves, and would be Loron slaves for eternity. Whereas the Loron had phased up. They were now in the Civilisation Stage, and would be yet more feared. With the Norol's technology, there was little stoppng the Loron. Sadly, several other Loron tribes had took the same route...

After this, Da Sneaky Boyz started training more Loron who wished to be "sneaky like da big boss". Furthermore, Loron found a huge interest in speed from vehicles Da Chikz made.

Who Da Boss[]

Frag'Torr, after being reproduced several times, had made huge improvements to the Loron (see timeline). The Loron empire looked unstoppable. Until, however, a new war begun.

Rival Loron empires had begun to spread, rooting from Frag'Torrs. Da Big Boss sent his huge armies to kill most of them, but then went on "Da Huge Crusade".

Da Huge Crusade, the precursor to Massiv crews, was when Frag'Torr united all Da Loronz to fight against a rival empire. stuck on one continent, they attacked several who had learned to go out to waters. The Loron empires who had developed sea travel were using it for fishing, when hunting got boring. Frag'Torrs empire decided to take this, show it to the slaves and Da Chikz, who expanded on this concept. It would later be used for great tragedies...

But, eventually, Frag'Torr was challenged. Not by a rival empire. But by Da War Boss, Flak'Toha. Descendant of the ancient Flak'Toha who once fought Trenn'Fal and failed to kill him, Flak'Toha believed in vehicular weaponry being a way forward, and disagreed with many of Frag'Torrs ideas, mainly his idea of keeping slaves. He felt Da Loronz were too strong to need any, and slaves should be eaten, and so challenged Frag'Torr.

SMASH! Frag'Torr dealt a blow to Flak'Toha, who responded with a basic roundhouse kick. Flak'Toha stomped hard on Frag'Torr, who spat blood, before biting Flak'Tohas leg. Flak'Toha broke free. Frag'Torr called several vehices to attack Flak'Toha. Flak'Toha charged at them, smashing most to pieces. He was a true believer in Loron once using these, and them being much tougher. He threw most away, one he picked up and threw at Frag'Torr. After huge pain, Frag'Torr was barely standing. In an unexpected attack, the last thing he saw was a tree hitting him at full speed. It had been grabbed from the ground and smashed on Frag'Torrs head thrice, killing him.

Flak'Toha became the most feared figure among all Loron. Later on in his rule, in one of hs incarnations, he fouded Da Propa Big Loron Empire.

Da Propa Big Loron Empire[]

Flak'Toha, new ruler of Da Loronz, proved to by a scary figure. With the power of the largest Loron empire, Flak'Toha ordered creation of large, new armies to fight the rival empires. Flak'Toha did things differently from he others. Rather than leading one huge fleet, he sent several fleets of ships loaded with boyz to multiple continents, fighting different empires. He appointed different Propa Big Warbosses to lead them, this tradition is still well known today.

Flak'Toha ordered the slaes to research new technology. They, along with the Norol, developed the AIs, or Da Geekz, to do this job for them. With this disocvery, slaves were now unnecessary, and so they were al eaten.

Flak'Toha was disgusted at how civilised the other Loron empires were. He was insulted by their request to surrender, mainly because he didn't know what that is. Using new technology, such as planes, he sent planes (which were effectively suicide bombers, as they weren't very good at staying in the air) to destroy the defences, then the huge Loron hordes defeated the rest. The Loron crushed all opposition very quickly, assimilating many empires.

Flak'Toha's rule led to the launch of a new project, Da Spaceship Fing, created out of Loron desire to take the cheese from the moon. while they didn't achieve this, the Norol taught them to clonize the stars, and the Loron loved the idea of finding aliens to eat. So Flak'Toha ordered the Norol to improve this. However, one other Loron nation existed, which were undiscovered. They had beat the Propa Big Loron Empire to the space stage... but not for long.

Space Stage[]

The space stage has vastly different documents around Loron, as this was the point at which many Loron split off into various different factions.

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