Want my services? I won't charge you too much...

- Loktan

Loktan are a species native to Ottzello. Loktan mostly reside in criminal factions (such as the former Borealis Consortium Network), although several also work with Union Republic of Ottzello. They are a rat-like race and engineers, serving as scavengers, and often working away from the general populace and hidden in small corners of cities hard to get to.



The Loktan evolved as scavengers on a largely desert world in the Ottzello Galaxy. They' pick up anything they found and examine it, and often made homes out of just about anything close by. Through this scavenger lifestyle, they became very inquisitive, and thus, intelligent.

Space stage[]

By the time they reached the space stage, they were serving as engineers, scientists and scavengers. They were picked up by many criminal organizations, including Zaarkhun Consortium, which is how they escaped extinction in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The Loktan became close to the Heeyorian, which they share similarities to. Later, when the Unified Nation of Ottzello was formed, most moved there.

Joining Wranploer and UNO[]

After many events, the Unified Nation moved to the Borealis Galaxy, in the Ottzello Sector. Several of the Loktan joined the Wranploer Legion, although the rest remained in UNO and with Zaarkhun. This later evolved into the Borealis Consortium Network.

When the Consortium Network was destroyed, many were employed with the Oltauris Consortium. Meanwhile, when the Unified Nation was destroyed, most Loktan joined the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Loktan are short, green, rodent-like creatures with pincer mouths.


Loktan are inquisitive scavengers, but also great engineers. Their role is mainly in science and engineering, as well as thieving and trade. While they are intelligent with equipment, they aren't so good when it comes to battle tactics.


Loktan can make good weapons and devices out of just things they find, so when given high budgets and proper resources, they can create truly incredible pieces of kit.


Thanks to their short size, Loktan are capable of sneaking into any nook and cranny, making them good thieves. They are also good at improvising using very few tools, as well as scavenging worlds for good pieces of equipment. The Loktan are also fairly high in numbers. Also, being Chronoscopic organisms, they have some Chronoscopic powers.




  • Name - Gyjak
  • Affiliation - Oltauris Consortium
  • Status - ActiveThe

Gyjak was a Loktan captain of the Borealis Consortium Network notable for being mute for unknown reasons, being completely incapable of speech. Despite her diminutive size, she was a dreaded warrior, feared by lower ranking soldiers across the Network. She was always accompanied by her partner, the Wranploer named Billig.

During the invasion of Vijaha at the end of the Second Borealis War, Gyjak and Billig were thought to have been both killed in combat by the Polar Crystal Alliance. However, Gyjak later returned during the Ice Age, still serving under Billig in his new Oltauris Consortium.



  • Technobliterator was planning on both new minor UNO races and a wranploer species. With the Loktan, both were created in one.
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