Take a look at the past. Opression, impotency, misery. Yet you already see where we are now. How, ladies and gentlemen, can such a puny being like us become a powerful civilization before anything else on this planet of inequality?

- Gant-Denn Daraunte

The Llurebleg (Llurebleg llurebleg), also known as hanyire, are a sapient pelycosaur species native to the planet Xuz Fareh. Their empire emerged quite recently, so their technology isn't very advanced yet.

The Llurebleg are curious about their past. They want to know about the strange structures found on their home planet, what are they used for, and overall who built them.


The original and most widely used name, Llurebleg, comes from Frenton, and means insignificant. This name was made by the Frento when they discovered the Early Llurebleg, which were very low in the food chain at the time, being despectively considered as "puny critters" by the Frento.

The word hanyire was created by the Llurebleg themselves, and means unknown origin in Baranian. It was probably created by them due to their inqusitive nature, which led them to asking themselves about their origins.


The Llurebleg appeared and evolved in the planet Xuz Fareh. Their closest known ancestor in the fossil record was the so-called Early Llurebleg, a small burrowing creature that occupied the lowest spots of the food chain in the planet. Additionally, an animal known as Chonnebleg is extremely similar to the Llurebleg, and a genetic analysis show the two are closely related. The most widely accepted theory suggests the common ancestor of the Early Llurebleg and the Chonnebleg appeared in the northern forests of the planet and eventually diverged in two species, with the Early Llurebleg having moved south and become burrowers, while the Chonnelbleg sticked to the northern areas and became further adapted for life in the cold, snowy mountains.

Due to yet unknown reasons, the Early Llurebleg didn't evolve into sapients and develop their civilization until quite recently, with the first records of non-hunter-gatherer cultures dating from around the year 400 AI. According to modern theories, it was at this time that the Llurebleg splitted once again, leading to the three different scale colors in the species. Cyner, the first advanced city appeared around the year 700 AI, result of the union of several advanced tribes of different "races", and not too long after, the first vehicles of the species: the Nunt-10. Around the year 800 AI, they discovered the electric properties of Thunder Bees, and used them in order to create the so-called JJ-99 technologies; the first aerial vehicle of the species, the 6-T5, was also invented around this time. It was a matter of time before all Llurebleg cultures peacefully (for the most part) united into one nation that spanned across the entire planet.

The year 950 AI, under the leadership of the juter Gant-Denn Daraunte, the Llurebleg finally started developing their spaceship technologies in order to explore the moon of their planet which they relate to an unknown civilization: Gorb Olohya, an operation led by the novice pilots Zano Hylera and Nynn Vandar using the spaceship GT-92. While the of this project drawed the attention and of society at first, the outcome of the so-called Project Fidne led to distrust towards Daraunte, with the young pilots almost losing their lives in the trip and the discovery of a new sapient species, the so-called Androg, which quickly started being referred to as "the Lunatic", rather than "the Great". After the return of the pilots to their homeland, the representative of Anaryas Fanru Dahr attempted to overthrow Daraunte, which led to a series of events that ended with his death and the rise of a malevolent entity known as The Beast. After a day-long period of panic and hysteria for the Llurebleg ended, the following and current juter of the planet, Mye Connis, was elected and rose to power. She has started the developing of a better-planned space age, which might help introduce the Llurebleg to a space age in a better way.



The Llurebleg are quite small creatures, ranging from 1 to 1.5 meters (~3-5 feet) in height. Their weight is between 20-30 kilograms (~24-66 pounds).

The Llurebleg have an anthropomorphic shape. Their mouth is large and broad, similarly to that of a pelycosaur. They have a strange, forward-curving crest on their heads, which is usually hidden by their hats. The Llurebleg have a set of pointy fur-like fillament, on the top of their shoulders, which are also hidden when they wear clothes. They have mole-like hands and big, theropod-like feet, both supported by rather thin limbs. They seem to lack a tail.

There is no notable sexual dimorphism in the Llurebleg species, but females are usually taller than males. Although females do posess mammary glands like other synapsids, these are very small aren't located in the chest or in the laps, but inside the mouth instead, thus being invisible to plain sight. Young Llurebleg are very similar to their parents, beside their smaller crests, shorter shoulder fur and, in the case of females, undeveloped mammary glands.

Llurebleg are covered in scales, which vary in color with the individual. Based on this, there are three known "races" of Llurebleg:

  • Hanyirenels: The most common variation of Llurebleg, overall found in the northern cities. Their skin is brown and green with orange dots.
  • Hanyirulanes: A variation found almost exclusively in the city of Anaryas, but also present in many others. Their skin is dark orange and green with red dots.
  • Hanyidanbara: Mostly found in southern cities. The skin of this variation is yellow and light green with brown dots, causing it to slightly resemble a cheetah.

Traits and abilities[]

Llurebleg are weak in terms of strenght, barely being capable of lifting objects weighing over 15% of their mass. They, however, have developed a remarkably hard skeleton which regenerates quickly, allowing them to withstand serious injures, such as bones breaking from falls. They are also fast and agile.

Llurebleg's hands have apparently evolved to dig burrows. Although their lack of muscular mass won't let them dig extremely quickly, they are capable of digging holes faster than other sapients, this trait having been very useful for their machinery-lacking ancestors when it came to building homes and hiding from predators.


As omnivorous creatures, the primitive Llurebleg fed on both vegetables and meat. Since they didn't have many means of defending themselves against large herbivores, like Grinklers and Wistompt, they probably ate insects and other small animals in order to complete their omnivorous diet. Before becoming civilized, the Llurebleg were at the bottom of the food chain in their planet, only standing up to the smallest animals and non-animal life like plants and fungi. Some of the main predators of the Llurebleg included the Wildcarnagers, the Raptorels and the Jawwhorls. They used to live in underground burrows, possibily to hide from aforementioned predators.

As a civilization, the Llurebleg have lost most of their natural predators due to them living in defended cities now; however, flying predators like the Raptorels or large, strong predators like the Fontis can often surpass the defenses and feed on the citizens. Many of their activities, such as their use of Wistompt as cattle and their commercial routes crossing the territory of aggressive animals like the Stroths, have impacted their environment notably, but it didn't get as far as causing major problems (eg.: the extinction of a species) yet.


The Llurebleg have been taxonomically classified as pelycosaurs of the Sphenacodontidae family. They share genus with the Early Llurebleg; and appearance-wise, despite their many differences, their other closest relatives seem to be the Krylink.

In Dinoman972's personal system, Llurebleg are classified in their own family: Llureblegidae. They, together with the Early Llurebleg, are currently the only members of their family. They share the order Therimorpha with the family Edaficotheriidae, which the Stroth belong to, and as such are close relatives of them.

Their binominal name is Llurebleg llurebleg, refering to the Frenton name of the creature.

Economic activities[]

Primary sector[]

The Llurebleg's agriculture isn't very developed, even in the recent times when they are already designing spaceships. Their agriculture is specially designed for fruit trees, with the most used ones being Moisty Rainleaves, but also growing Swampleaves in some areas of the planet.

As for their cattle raising, Llurebleg have managed to tame the Wistompt species, due to the large amounts and variety of resources obtainable from them, and their peculiarly docile behavior towards them. Their meat is a major food source, their skin can be used for making clothes, and their tusk-like horns can be used for making tools and weapons. However, the Wistompt would sometimes fly away, so the Llurebleg had to adapt their husbandry to them. They keep the animals in large domes built with hard metals, so that they cannot escape, with small holes in the ceiling that allow them to breathe. It is also known that the Llurebleg initially intended to tame Sabales too, but due to their dangerous nature and the lack of useful resources obtainable from them, the idea was scrapped.

Secondary sector[]

The Llurebleg industry is quite developed, but has a long way to go before being completely developed. Their main energy fuel is coal, which is limited in the planet and releases polluting gases to the atmosphere when used. The Llurebleg have designed their factories so these gases (mainly carbon dioxide) are directed to underground pits instead of the exterior, and are contained there to recycle it later (eg.: use it as manure, as fire retardant, as a refrigerant, etc...); this method, however, isn't fully improved and still presents some flaws, such as the lack of a way for filtering and separating said gases, and can turn the deposits in dangerous places due to the inhalation of said gases, thus making the re-obtainance of the gases for recycling very risky. As a response to these problems, the Llurebleg are currently researching on the transformation of renewable sources, such as wind or the light emitted by their star.

Third sector[]

A large amount of the Llurebleg population works in the third sector of economy; however, unlike in modern Earth, this doesn't represent the majority of the population, as much more people is bound to the primary sector.

Most of the Llurebleg working on the third sector are dedicated to trade with other cities. Many others are working on either health care or education.

Culture and society[]

Social behavior[]

The Llurebleg are a peaceful and calm civilization. They are gentle and rarely fight each other for non-rational reasons. The Llurebleg are curious, and a quite large amount of their financial capital is destined to improving technologies in order to explore the galaxy. The Llurebleg don't seem to discriminate each other for sex, race or origin conditions, but discrimination due to different ideologies and other physiological traits (eg.: Olgun Suner's case) is fairly common. Also, there are slight inequalilites between rich and poor citizens in the species.


The Llurebleg's main language is the Banarian Tongue.

Government and politics[]

The Llurebleg have a democratic and polyarchic government, where the citizens choose their leaders. Every 7 years respect the corresponding planet, each city elects its own representative and votes for the one that will rule the planet, known as juter (meaning great boss in Banarian). The current juter of Xuz Fareh is Connis V. The juter of a planet doesn't have absolute power, but its the one whose approval is necessary to implement the most important laws and projects suggested by the representatives of the different cities, other powers or the juter himself/herself. When an important decision must be taken, the representatives of each city in the planet will meet at the capital (Cyner in the case of Xuz Fareh), which also serves as the residence of the juter. There, the representatives will debate about the project and finally take a decision, which must then be approved by the juter. If there isn't a consensus between the representatives, the juter will be the one to choose one of the ideas proposed, without being capable of suggesting and approving it's own at the moment.

Religion and folklore[]

The majority Llurebleg don't seem to have a religion, despite their desire to know about their origins, as according to the opinion of several individuals "the truth can only be achieved through solid fact, and speculation will only lead to mistakes and deception". The species has never considered having a god or gods to recognize and worship as their lords. However, the Llurebleg past is known to have myths about mystical creatures and other supernatural phenomena, recopilated in a centuries-old folklore that's still followed by some individuals to this day, mainly the elder ones.


Llurebleg start going to school at the age of 2 years and officially reach adulthood at the age of 11. The students are divided by age in three groups: 2-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds. After the age of 11, students are allowed to leave school, but they can choose to continue until the age of 14 years at most.

Since Daraunte's government, most studied subjects are those related to space travel, with technology, physics, PE and ethics being the main lessons to learn for students; followed by biology, maths and language; and with subjects such as music and art being considered the less important.


Llurebleg buildings are usually tall and thin, but with a wide base for stability. After years of evolution seeing how important thorns and spikes were to wild animals around them (mainly for protection against predators or for hunting their prey), the species has considered spikes and thorns a symbol of good luck, and as such they are present in some of the most important buildings, such as the Nurkane.


Much like humankind, the Llurebleg have a dress code that discourages not wearing clothes on certains parts of their body. In the case of the Llurebleg, these parts seem to be the hip, the crest and the spikes on their shoulders. As long as these requirements are met, the ways of dressing up are completely free and there is few to no discrimination for clothing likings; as such, the Llurebleg present a wide array of different suits and uniforms for each individual. However, there seems to be some quite general likings between many individuals: statistics show that at least 80% of the population prefers wearing large hats, long shoulder pads and an uniform body suit. Few Llurebleg wear actual pants, shoes or gloves. There is no separate dress code for males and females, since the only morphologic distinction between them is the mammary glands in the females, which are hidden in the mouth and don't need to be covered in clothes as such. Even if they were visible, the mammary glands don't seem to cause any sort of sexual excitation in the Llurebleg species, unlike in many other humanoid species such as humans themselves.


Planetary vehicles[]

There are two notable types of vehicles designed by the Llurebleg:

  • The Nunt-10s, large land vehicles designed for transporting goods and resources. They posess large storages and only three seats for the drivers.
  • The 6-T5s, air vehicles specialized in the transport of civilians. They are fast and have many seats.

The Llurebleg haven't designed any aquatic vehicles yet, since most of Xuz Fareh's water is located underground.

Space travel[]

The Llurebleg started the development of their space technologies after Daraunte III's election and his approval for Project Fidne. Their current spaceship design is the GT-92, a small spacecraft capable of traveling relatively short distances, such as that between Xuz Fareh and the satellite Gorb Olohya. More advanced spacecraft designs are still in the making, this time under supervision of the juter Connis V.


The Llurebleg don't have very advanced weaponry capable of significantly hurting other living beings, due to their peaceful nature. Their cities are defended by guards, but their weapons are very rudimentary and hardly cause any damage against spaceships, vehicles and armored beings (eg.: Pycari). They have also designed a security system for cities and vehicles named JJ-99, which consists of energy turrets/cannons which shoot stunning charges at attackers that rarely cause death. These are useful against preventing attacks from wild predators and reducing enemy troops, but are mostly useless against spaceships, vehicles and war machinery.

Since the approval of Project Fidne, scientists are researching to improve weapons and implement them in the GT-92 for the expedition to Gorb Olohya, due to the possibility of the unknown civilization and other living beings in the sattelite being more dangerous than those in Xuz Fareh. Currently, the deadliest weapon invented by them is the JJ-00, a variant of JJ-99 designed to cause death rather than simply faint. It's still rendered rather useless against non-biological threats, though.


The Llurebleg communicate between cities by public devices similar to Earth's old public telephones. Private phones aren't a thing in the civilization, and communication inside cities only exist face-to-face or by letter. Communication between planets and with alien species is still in development by scientists.

Relations with other species[]

Allies and affilations[]

The Llurebleg haven't allied with any other intelligent species so far.


The Llurebleg haven't become enemies with any other intelligent species so far.


  • The Androg: Although pilot Corono had a rather friendly reaction towards the discovery of sapient Llurebleg, no formal alliance has been established. The lack of trust by some Llurebleg is a reason for this.

Notable individuals[]

Quotes on them[]

By themselves[]

Take a look at the past. Opression, impotency, misery. Yet you already see where we are now. How, ladies and gentlemen, can such a puny being like us become a powerful civilization before anything else on this planet of inequality?

- Daraunte III

We, my fellow partners, shall not let our doubts unsatisfied, nor cause our curiosity to starve until death. We have the resources, we have the workforce, we have the capability. All we need now is the will, the desire. The desire of going beyond our cities, beyond the atmosphere itself! Let's make another revolution, one that will defy everything we knew about ourselves until now!

- Daraunte III

By other species[]

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Unlike most other creations by Dinoman972, which were created before starting the fiction and then reused for it, the Llurebleg was created exclusively for the fiction.

Other Trivia[]

  • Their head slightly resembles that of real-life pelycosaurs such as Sphenacodon and Ophiacodon, being this one of the reasons for them to be classified as sphenacodontids in the wiki.