The Lequian are a great race, they have similar aspirations and goals to us. They have proven good allies, and although they fight evil like we do, we believe they should be more aggressive towards the enemy. Peace can only be achieved through force and victory!

- Warlord Kilnok

The Lequians are a sapient species of humanoid reptilian native the Turr Kyolm Belt. They originated on the lush world of Votch and have over the centuries spread across the Gigaquadrant, becoming known as a valiant force for good and justice, to the point of being obsessed with ending suffering. Their cultural conditioning towards equity and fairness and massive distaste for injustice and corruption has led to them overthrowing their own government for unaccountability, and since led efforts to end all forms of domineering and cruelty across the universe.

They once made up the Lequian Star Empire, a great regional power that confederated with its neighbours to create the Defensive Systems Bloc, and later were one of the leading forces in its democratisation. They have very little influence outside the DSB, though within those boundaries that have impacted the universe through their constant fight to defeat the forces of domineering, spanning from giving military and humanitarian aid to revolutions to fighting in the War of Ages and general peacekeeping as part of the Seven Starr Alliance.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

The planet Votch was home to a variety of dinosaurian life, much like Earth and many other planets, though on Votch the dinosaurs developed a third order apart from Saurischia and Ornithschia: Simischia, or the ape-hipped dinosaurs. The Lequians developed from this third order.

Lequians and their immediate relatives were generally forest dwelling animals, living in small creches making nests in and around the trees. They were intelligent and agile, they were well adapted to their forest habitat. Their more notable features include their bright colouration and tusks. The former is believed to be a warning to predators of the vaguely toxic nature of Lequian flesh, while the latter is believed to be for defending against predators through a devastating bite.

Lequians spent a long while living in their forests, without technological progression or further physical evolution. During this time the Sts-Polunde took Lequian specimens and spread them to three other worlds, where they evolved into distinct Lequian species. Lequians eventually began transitioning to civilisation after a period of climate change forced a movement from their forests into open ground, requiring the Lequians to adapt by the use of tools to survive.

Civilisation Edit

Movement beyond the forests and the act of tool making created a momentum that carried the Lequian species across Votch and into more complex agricultural societies. Two particular states spearheaded technological progression, a warlike empire of slavers, and an egalitarian commune of artisans. These two powers with totally dissimilar function existed in contention with one another, until an unforeseen cyclone destroyed the artisan civilisation. The slaver empire was free to expand to its will, setting the precedent for future Lequian civilisations.

Lequian history on Votch was turbulent and bloody, as in every stage of advancement rival empires tore at each other in attempts to control the entire planet to satisfy senseless lusts for power. Towards the end of Votch-bound history, three great alliances clustered around three superpowers entered into cold war and nuclear arms race. A fragile balance existed for a century before it was broken, and the alliances annihilated in nuclear war. The richest and most powerful of the neutral countries took the opportunity to expand itself and its influence until in practical terms it controlled the entire planet.

Interstellar Influence Edit

The unified Lequian species began settling its solar system, and moved further out to form the Lequian Star Empire. The Empire maintained a form of manifest destiny mentality to space, expanding rapidly and moving into either conflict or exertion of influence with other powers, including the Gnosh Imperial, Quinals Republic, and Kirgle Holy Empire. A far greater conflict, a devastating war, ultimately broke out between the Lequian Empire and the Zarni Empire, which brought in the Lequian's former rivals as allies and caused them to confederate into the Defensive Systems Bloc. The Lequian species were clearly the dominant members of the new confederacy.

Internal strife began to plague the Lequian Empire and the DSB at large. There was widespread dissatisfaction with the government, fueled by people applying the state's messaging of having to quell injustice in the universe to the aristocratic government itself. The Lequian people, and the people of the greater DSB, led protests, riots, and boycotts to democratise their society. A bloody conflict was expected, but a swift movement managed to depose Emperor Kirdroon and sent the aristocracy fleeing. Democracy and socialism was implemented within Lequian society and the Defensive Systems Bloc as a whole. The DSB ceased being Lequian-centric, although they still play an important role and serve as the external image of the Bloc.

Culture and Society Edit

Lequians, like most other beings, are variable in culture as they spread themselves out and continue to develop their own subcultures, or merge into other cultures they encounter. The culture of the primary Lequian civilisation within the Defensive Systems Bloc, which combines their traditional culture with a greater culture of the Bloc, emphasises fairness and equality, with an absolute distaste for suffering. Aberrations do exist, the Milky Way being scattered with an occasional Lequian warlord clinging to a need for domination over partnership.

Lequians, having long being raised by the monarchist government to believe the notions of fighting evil across the universe, have since evolved this notion into combating all forms of injustice and oppression, beginning with expunging their culture of lingering traces of racism and sexism. Lequians are known across the Gigaquadrant to often dwell on the slightest forms of injustice they see, stereotyped as a people obsessed with politics. When speaking with citizens of nations beyond the DSB, they will often encourage scrutiny of governments and power structures. The democratic Lequian government raises children to always scrutinise government action; to demand total transparency and to listen to the policies being presented rather than showmanship that presents them. This has led to the Lequian state, and the DSB as a whole encouraging the same political awareness, possibly being the most democratic state in the entire Gigaquadrant.

Classism is totally non-existent within Lequian culture, with any attempt to set oneself above other people being viewed with immediate hostility. Lequians have done away with a ruling class, leaving only a singular working class that encompasses the entire species. Without rulers attempting to divide them, blue-collar and white-collar workers are not viewed differently, and the work of artists is appreciated as being work rather than a mere hobby. Lequian culture is devoid of any need for Lequians to do anything to validate their existence, all Lequians are acknowledge of having the right to live comfortably without having to appease a ruler to earn it.

Unlike other progressive species across the Gigaquadrant, the Lequians did not enjoy the luxury of never having developed discrimination. Their history of Votch was drenched in discrimination, from skin colour to things as petty as accents. Many of the more petty forms, such as accents and height, died out over the history of their civilisation, and racism was slowly phased out when the traditional supremacists in that field died out in nuclear war leaving the oppressed to gain dominance and then choose to end racism rather than switch places. Sexism continued on into the Lequian Star Empire, but continued to fade away until finally the revolutionary government made full equality a cultural norm through a strong series of education programs.

A curious feature of Lequian culture is their notions of marriage. Traditionally, a Lequian would marry two others, one of the opposite sex and one of the same sex. This would result in marriages being chains of individuals, with the smallest possible being a group of four. Consequently, Lequian culture did not have a homosexual and bisexual rights movement, but rather a monosexual monogamous rights movement against an enforced bisexual bigamous norm.

Biology Edit

The Lequians are a reptilian species with a generally humanoid body plan; having a torso with two locomotive limbs and two manipulator limbs, with a head separate from the torso, all in ascending order. As simischians they show a great deal of convergent evolution with mammalian primates, especially in the structure of the pelvis. As with all vertabrates, Lequians are supported by an endoskeleton composed of calcium and phosphate salts intermixed with organic components. They are endothermic creatures, with their body temperature being regulated by their metabolism. The heat generated is not a much as in many mammals, which allows Lequians to avoid overheating in the absence of mammalian methods of cooling.

Internally, the Lequians are largely unremarkable, but have two notable features. Firstly is a set of membranes in their brain and a series of extra nerve fibres with the direct function of generating and directing Mystic Energy. Lequians have never used Mystic Energy in nature, only discovering it accidentally during their middle ages, so it is believed that the Lequians were at some stage altered by an alien race, often assumed to be the Sts-Polunde but some suspect other powers to be responsible. Secondly, Lequians raised in the original forest habitats have a limited toxicity to their flesh, causing predators severe indigestion. This is related to the forest diets; Lequians absorbing the poison of fruits that they themselves are immune to.

Lequians are omnivorous, capable of digesting both plant based material (primarily fruits, flowers, and roots; leaves and stems being more difficult) and animal based material. Ancient Lequians in their forests were mostly herbivorous, and developed a more carnivorous diet as they left for other habitats. The protein from meat fueled brain development, allowing the rise of civilisation, although modern Lequians have been going back over to vegetarian diets now that technology allows them to identify and mass-produce protein rich plants.

Notable physical characteristics of the Lequians include their skin, tusks, and quills. Lequian skin is primarily covered in scales that provide limited protection and keep in moisture. The interesting part of their scales is their vibrant colour, which is believed to be the result of aposematism relating to their toxic flesh. The specific purple-blue colouration is suspected to be a direct link with the Lequian's natural affinities for Mystic Energy, which manifests in those smae colours. The tusks of the Lequian are a defence mechanism, a last resort in case a predator pounces upon a Lequian. The tusks were used to deliver a lethal bite to the throat, killing the predator swiftly. Since developing civilisation, the tusks have been largely useless. Lequians have a row of large quills running down their backs, getting longer towards the centre of the posterior. Likewise, a mass of feathers similar to hair covers the Lequian head.

Sexual dimorphism in Lequians is minimal, and what dimorphism is seen is largely the result of cultural attitudes towards gender. Lequian reproductive organs are entirely internal, and while not in use are still difficult to tell apart.

Other Species Edit

Felequian Krolequian Magmortiquian Neomorph
Felequians are a species of Lequian specifically created by the Iron Bloc as a genetic improvement of the Lequian species based upon the old Neomorph experiments. The most notable difference is the skin colour, being green and black instead of blue and purple. This was a manipulation of pigment for purely ideological reasons. More substantial modifications include heightened strength, iron laced bone structure, and chainmail-like scutes under their skin. The brain has been enhanced for quicker thinking, though the Mystic nerve fibres have been lost. All these improvements have been written into the genetic code by Iron Bloc scientists, making Felequians a proper species in their own right. Krolequians are a form of Lequian that evolved in the Ottzelloan colonies, through a series of deliberate manipulations and the supernatural influence of the Ottzello galaxy. Their affinity for Mystic energy has been completely switched out in favour of becoming Chronoscopicspawn, allowing them abilities with that essence. Physically, Krolequians are taller, are coloured with yellow and green patches like most Chronoscopic life, and have a set of horns instead of quills on their heads. Culturally, the Krolequians have been jaded by their collective experience in Ottzello, and thus retain an aggressive and unfriendly attitude. Magmortiquians are one of three Lequian transplants taken from Votch by the Sts-Polunde. They were placed on the boiling planet Salacin, where they were able to adapt to the extreme heat present on that world. Physically, they have are much larger than base Lequians, have differnetly developed heads, and many mineral growths along their body, among other differences. Magmortiquians are notable for their diet, which involves directly inhaling the red spice of Salacin and feeding of it. Their crystalline growths are in fact the digested spice. They have red-orange skin matching this spice, and will gain different hues with different spice. The Lequian Neomorphs were an experiment by the Lequian Star Empire during its last few months, trying to improve the Lequian species through genetic manipulation. Their goals were largely what went into the later Felequian mutations. Several specimens were created from volunteers, until the program was shut down after the revolution. Physcially, the Neomorphs have dark skin, are more muscular, and have a second set of tusks. After the revolution, the few created Neomorphs stuck together, and they were viewed with suspicion as possibly setting up a counterevolutionary eugenics commune. This turned out to be false; they merely wanted to live with those that had gone through the same experience.
Octanoquian Ovikion Satalkese Lequian Water Lequian
Octanoquians are another transplant of Lequian part of the Sts-Polundes experiments, this time relocated to the planet Octan. Natural disasters concerning an asteroid poisoning the atmosphere drove the Lequians underground, where they evolved into a new species. The limbs of Octanoquians have switched role, with their forelimbs serving as legs and hindlimbs serving as arms. Their skull has noticably elongated, and their scales have significantly subdued colours. Ovikions are deliberately engineered species created from scientists wishing to adapt better to the conditions of the planet Skyron rather than terraform the world. Ovikions have vaguely amphibian-like green skin, highly sensitive orb-like eyes, less heat generated from their bodies, and a metabolism designed to suit the lifeforms of Skyron. The mutation turned out to be of great interest to many Lequians who willingly underent transformation, and now Ovikions are one of the most prolific Lequian species outside the base Lequians. Satalkese Lequians are another species of Lequian engineered specifically to survive on a particular planet. When the small colony on the distant desert world of Satalkis was cut off from the Lequian Star Empire, the scientists on the planet transformed the populous into a race better suited for the planet. Satalkese Lequians have thicker scales covered with a waxy substance to prevent loss of water through evaporation. Beyond this, there are many other less obvious features. Satalkese Lequians cool air they exhale, so vapour in the air condenses and is reabsorbed by the Lequian. Satalkese Lequian excrete uric acid, so no water is lost. Since being developed, Satalkese Lequians have spread themselves to many other desert worlds in the DSB. Water Lequians are the third species of Lequian transplants seeded throughout the Turr Kyolm Belt. On the watery world of Nosluiq, the Lequians took to the oceans and developed into sea bound creatures. Their arms have been lost and tranformed into flippers, and their quills have been replaced with fins or a variety of tendril feelers. They have echolocation abilities to aid in their aquatic lifestyles, though their vision remains strong. Their bodies are capable of withstanding great pressures and their lungs capable of holding great deals of air.

Trivia Edit

  • The canon description of Lequian appearance has evolved somewhat from their in-game models, though the creators does not feel he has the skill to accurately replicate their canon appearance.
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