The Leptliss, often (and sometimes pejoratively) known as Frogbugs, were a centauroid amphibian species from the planet Batrakimeptra in the Girdo Galaxy.

History Edit

As with the Eskesians and Tsajaginykar, the Leptliss were descended from six-limbed aquatic proto-vertebrates that were amongst the hardy species chosen by Ultraterrestrials to be seeded on habitable planets throughout the Girdo Galaxy. The remainder of the Leptliss's pre-spaceflight history is poorly recorded, but they appear to have developed primitive aquaculture during the 28th millennium BC, with city-states arising shortly after a supervolcano eruption some 20,000 years later.

In the early 15th century AD, nuclear physics was developed within a militaristic nation which was in possession of the only mines of radioactive materials known at the time; remarkably foresighted hopes of new weapons technologies caused its government to immediately ban further exports of said minerals as well as block the flow of technical information out of their borders to prevent any rivals or even allies from gaining knowledge about the new science. Although this had a devastating effect on the country's rate of technological progess, and reciprocation of this silence by the rest of the world forced them to resort to using espionage to access their allies' publically-available engineering research, they were testing nuclear weapons by the end of the century and were able to essentially hold the rest of the planet hostage by the 1520s, and upon the surrender of all other Leptliss states, academic freedom was once again established.

The next 720 years saw the Leptliss colonise their home star system before the discovery of faster-than-light travel in the 2240s led to a focus on interstellar expansion. Between the late 23rd and early 27th centuries AD, the Leptliss Empire grew to become the largest civilisation in the Northern Arm of the Girdo Galaxy since the defeat of the Grand Galactic Fleet in the late 34th century BC, conquering species such as the Celestials, Fungrooms, and the Mollusc Shoals. Its coreward expansion was kept in check by the Grox Empire, while its rimward boundary was held back by a state of constant war against the Flies, who were seemingly immune to Leptliss diplomacy. The Leptliss-Fly War was brought to an end in 2668 by the Girdo Empire's conquest of the latter, with the Leptliss Empire being defeated two years later after an endless series of Droner assaults, finally bringing the entire Northern Arm under Taukappan control.

As with all Girdo species, the Leptliss became part of Apalos after the galaxy was destroyed.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Leptliss were six-limbed creatures, capable of both quadripedal and bipedal motion. Their front pair of limbs were used entirely as arms, and their hind limbs were used purely as legs as their hind feet were incapable of grasping actions, but their middle limbs could act as either: generally, they would aid in stability and jumping strength when used as legs, and would be held off from the ground for running that required either high speed or stamina. Despite the fact that the middle limbs resembled the forelimbs much more than the legs, standing in the latter situation required the Leptliss to hold its two pairs of arms out in front of its body, a pose that was difficult to maintain and was described by many alien species as looking "awkward".

Leptliss heads possessed an armoured crest, mainly for sexual display but also to protect the skull when attacking prey, which in the wild would have been primarily performed with their multitude of needle-like teeth. As well as a pair of antennae at the bottom of their crest, the Leptliss also had a pair of nearly-forward-facing eyes to the sides of their mouth which left a blind spot directly in front of their jaws; from the 2200s onward this flaw would often be removed by implanting an artificial third eye above the mouth.

Society and Culture Edit

Leptliss cultures are highly varied, with homogenisation having been discouraged by the government of the early Leptliss Empire in order to prevent conquered states from rebelling against perceived attacks on their cultures and ways of life. However, a strong sense of duty and imperial loyalty and a belief in the value of military service were instilled in the populace by extensive propaganda campaigns, an art which had been mastered during the previous three centuries and only improved over the next eleven. Once the Leptliss were incorporated into the Girdo Empire's group mind, these feelings were easily manipulated into a powerful sentiment in favour of galactic unification, and many Leptliss became more loyal to Taukappa than most native Taukappans were.

Notable Individuals Edit


Commodore Hlraka letting out a battle cry.

Two Commodores of the Girdo Empire, Hlraka of the starship Starfighter and Laimu of the Peacemaker, were Leptliss. They were both highly-decorated Admirals of the Leptliss Star Navy before that organisation was defeated by the Girdo Empire.

Commodore Hlraka was originally nicknamed "the Flame of Batrakimeptra" before becoming part of the Girdo Empire, but after leading several campaigns of de-terraformation during the Girdo Galactic War, particularly as part of the invasions of the Pirakkei clans in the Imperial War Against All and the Fectonian colonies in the Post-Grox Crisis, he became known as the "Purger of a Thousand Worlds" among the Empire's enemies instead. This title lasted until all of Empire's enemies had been either eradicated or incorporated into its group mind. After the Empire achieved intergalactic travel, Hlraka participated in the Girdo Campaigns by leading the Human Republic Campaign and winning a duel against one near-Human warrior in order to bring the near-Human's unwilling race into the Kindred Coalition.

Laimu, on the other hand, was more of a diplomat than a warrior, and was part of the Girdo Empire's diplomatic staff in the Cyrannus Galaxy. He also participated in the Girdo Campaigns by negotiating a deal with the Dalek Empire, also vanquishing one of their drones in single combat.

Trivia Edit

  • The lept part of the name "Leptliss" comes from lepidosauria and herptile while the liss part is from lissamphibia. The planet name "Batrakimeptra" comes from Greek batrachos, meaning "frog", and the Latin cimex, meaning "bug".
  • The modern Leptliss were created on March 31 2015, and are based on two older creations of Ghelae, the Frogbug and the (original) Leptliss.

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