Lanatiz is no more. We are Lanatharch.

- Lanatharch drone

The Lanatharch are a species of androids native to the Friura Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. They are the result of the race known as the Lanatiz attempting to upload their minds into machine bodies for the purpose of achieving their species' equivalent of transhumanism, only for them to fall under the control of Regnatus. In the current era of the galaxy, the Lanatharch are the most prominent faction still aligned to Regnatus.


The Lanatiz, the species which preceded the Lanatharch

The Lanatharch are the result of the technological ascension of the Lanatiz, a technocratic species hailing from planet Minzevo at the Friura Sector. The Lanatiz were noted to be isolationistic xenophobes by most, going as far as create great barricades of defenses around Cold Relays leading to their worlds in order to keep outsiders out. Their only notable part in galactic civilization was being among the members of the first Polar Crystal Alliance for the sake of defeating the Wranploer Legion during the First Borealis Galactic War, though after the war was over, the Lanatiz eventually retreated back to their territories and cut off contact from the rest of the galaxy.

The reason behind their isolationism was that they had discovered Borealis' Vida'Rranlora database at the heart of their worlds, and were utterly obsessed with studying its technological marvels. Unbeknownst to the Lanatiz, however, was the fact the Vida'Rranlora was under the control of the Borealis Grox Empire for billions of years, and exposure to the Database was slowly corrupting the Lanatiz with the effects of indoctrination. Their obsession reached its apex when the entire race uploaded their minds into machine bodies in order to emulate the Vida'Rranlora and attempt to reach their greatness, only for them to succumb to the control of Regnatus completely in the process. With this, the Lanatharch, as they became known, became the caretakers of the Vida'Rranlora Database, eventually coming under the direct command of Commandant Khensu.

The Lanatharch were discovered by the Zoles Imperium during the Second Borealis Galactic War, when Grand-Commandant Vekaron sought the Lanatiz when attempting to discover the whereabouts of the then-kidnapped King Rebaris, only to discover their worlds stripped bare of resources and the Lanatharch waiting for him instead. Over the course of the war, the Lanatharch were confirmed to be under the control of the Grox, and the Vida'Rranlora Database was eventually sieged; with their position lost and their barricades destroyed, the Lanatharch retreated to uncharted space.

In the current day, skirmishes between the Lanatharch and the Polar Crystal Alliance are still prominent, as the creatures remain loyal to Regnatus and his legacy, such as the AI known as the Hollow King who was able to rally them to its side.



The Lanatharch are a species of highly advanced sentient machines. Despite their biological origins, they possess no biological parts to their composition, being completely synthetic instead. They are tall humanoids with prominent horn-like structures, reminiscent of the bony horns once sported by the Lanatiz before their extinction.


Lanatharch drones are devoid of any emotion that most creatures can discern. The creatures are believed to have spent most of their existence as part of the collective consciousness shared among Regnatus' minions, and with his death, they now attempt to follow his directives out of their own volition. The Lanatharch have expressed no interest in diplomacy with other races, and communication with the Polar Crystal Alliance has always resulted in warnings followed by violence.


The highly advanced bodies of the Lanatharch are fairly resistant to damage, and the creatures are able to fire powerful turbolasers from their hands. They are also noted for being agile, having been witnessed jumping long distances and crawling through vertical surfaces of ceilings with great speed, though they are not noted for their physical prowess.




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