We like to help... and to be helped back later.

- Baron Markanva

The Lamelota were a race of primate-like creatures native of Planet Lonlur, located at the Mirianis Sector of the Borealis Galaxy's Western Arm. Known for their deceitful and mercenary-like mindset, they were among the most distrusted races of the region until their destruction by the claws of the Alvino Brood during the Second Borealis Galactic War.

A calculating people, the Lamelota were not open to the idea of diplomacy and instead treated international affairs as commerce, only pledging allegiance to the one who paid them the most. This distrustful nature ultimately was their downfall, for there was no one to help them when reality struck and they found their worlds devoured by swarms of Alvino slave drones.


The Lamelota originated from a neighbour territory of the Zoles Imperium, in the arid planet called Lonlur. As their society evolved, the Lamelota developed a mercenary-like way of life, enjoying taking jobs for profit. The Lamelota Empire was formed during the time of the the Great Purging, meaning they are among the galaxy's youngest space-faring natives. Their attitude soon made them both trusted and distrusted across the galaxy.

The Alvino killing off the Lamelota

The Lamelota had been dealing with many groups of criminals and bounty hunters across the galaxy while warding off space pirates. During the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Lamelota suffered casualties from both the Xi'Arazulha and the Borealis Consortium Network, and during the Vague invasion forward, they became a constant victim of the Alvino Brood. While they tried to implement the War Economy on their society, they could not managed to due to suffering heavy casualties to the Alvino. However, a few months back, the leader of the Lamelota had made deals with Falrik Zaarkhun in hope of getting enough credits to produce weapons to fight off the Alvino threat. The Lamelota and Zaarkhun had a contract, which the Lamelota agreed to create a fake corporation known as "Lamelota Megacorporation" in which Zaarkhun was the true CEO.

This, however, was all in vain, with Zaarkhun refusing to aid the Lamelota in their war. The Lamelota Empire came to an end when all colonies were devoured by the Brood, the species having too few survivors to maintain a growing society, meaning the species was then extinct.



Lamelotas were man-sized primate-like mammals with a distinct purple fur filled with black stripes. A pair of bony horns adorned their heads behind their ears and their distinct long eyebrows. The most noticeable trait of the Lamelota were the pair of membranes on their backs used for heat regulation which vaguely resembled the wings of a moth.


Lamelotas were known to be deceitful and could turn on their employers if the profit was too low, or if someone offered them something better. Some Lamelota, however, were known to be genuinely good-natured and usually migrated from the Empire due to not fitting in their society, though they are also also assumed to be extinct. The Lamelota were also known for never allying with others, seeing it as an act of affection which they did not want to have.


Lamelota technology was simple but efficient, obtained both from their own development and from scavenged space pirate ships. In combat, Lamelota troopers prefered to fight at mid range with powerful blaster guns, seeing melee combat as too dangerous. Their biology was considered average in terms of combat and they possessed no natural abilities which would give them an edge over aliens with a similar body build.





  • The Lamelota were extincted due to their creator's dissatisfaction with them.
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