The Kzishaya are a felinoid species, native to the Quadrants and are known for their brutality and cruelty. The Kzishaya inhabit a small region in south-west of Quadrant 21, where they have set up their own imperium. The Kzishaya often venture beyond their border, to raid and plunder planets, ships and kill all in their path.


The Kzishaya are a species with a felinoid origins, native to Quadrant 21 and known for their brutality and cruelty. They are far relatives of the far more and humle Caizini who they despite and hate.

Killing victims is a sport for the Kzishaya (old appearance)

The Kzishaya are classified by other species as a dangerous species, often accussed of piracy and theft. However none dared to intervere due to the Kzishaya natural strenght and immense physical power. There skin and fur is so endurable that they need multiply phaser bolts before being knocked down. The Kzishaya are also quite large, measering 2.50 to 3 meters in which they can easily overpower smaller and weaker species. Another notable trait of the Kzishaya is that they dislike humanoids above all other species, believing them to smell and corrupt. The Kzishaya are quick to anger and have a short temperament. In their own culture they often held gladiator contests, with the victor getting prizes or their own vessels, or in fact even their own humanoid slaves!

Their large claws they use to tear apart their enemies, and their sharp teeths are used to rip off flesh of their victims. The Kzishaya refuse anyone to enter their territories, as they dislike other species and feel themselves as supreme to others. It is also known that they eat their victims.


Early History

Not much is known of the Kzishaya history, much of it has been destroyed during an event the Kzishaya describe as the "Infection the Brood". Over time, the Kzishaya managed to reach space, though there is some dispute within the Kzishaya ranks that they developed a space craft of their own or managed to obtain one. The Kzishaya reached space around 50 BQF and soon expanded and obtained multiply planets. Their territory borders both Icolian and Serlgmec space. The nearby Southern Trade Route runs between the Serlgmec and Kzishaya space, and became one of the most dangerous sections of the route due to the Kzishaya raiding trade convoys. Because of their activities, they soon shared a strong rivality with the Quadrantia Loron.

They also began sworn enemies of the Andormaru, who began hunting the Kzishaya for sports. Upon the same time they learned of the excistance of the Caizini, who they began killing for fun at every sight due to them hating the Caizini for being relatives.

Selling slaves (old appearance)

Quadrantia Disorder and Dark Times

In 01 NE, the Kzishaya became aware of Rambo presence and began gathering information about them. When they learned that the Rambo had became a protactrate of a far larger and more powerful Empire- the Kzishaya council feared that Imperial patrols will make it harder to raid convoys and steal their cargo. After learning this information the Kzishaya have tried to contact other empires for possible alliances in 01 NE, however their disturbing history and short temperament made it difficult to negotiate anything at all.

As such the Kzishaya also began to take hostages and began selling them to parties both within Cyrannus and the Quadrants for large amounts of money.

In 02 NE the Kzishaya ventured far away from their borders, raiding Rambo and Empire vessels along the trade route and at the borders of the Rambo Deep Space Colonial Sector. During one raid they managed to destroy a Imperial corvette and killed the entire Basileus crew- earning their hatred.



Kzishaya Raider.png
Kzishaya Raider

The Kzishaya use small raiders, with a size of 35 meters they are easily underrestimated and overlooked by sensors. The Kzishaya use them for for their piracy activity, boarding vessels and for transport of slaves across the quadrant.

The hull plates are specialley made and as such are difficult to detect at radar and sensors. The class is equipped with shields and weapons, capable of warp 7.



Yellow face.pngHuh?

  • Basileus - Haha, they crumbled before us!
  • Icolian - We know where they live and stay away from them
  • Rambo Nation - Perfect and easy targets!

Red face.pngBe affraid, very affraid of us!



Ready to be hunted, overgrown cats?

- Andormaru

Our evil and fallen relatives

- Caizini

A dangerous and aggressive species

- Rambo Nation

You have made a powerful enemy. We will grind your species into dust!

- Nirndal

Ooh, these are good. I should think about about contacting them...

- Zarveltyr


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