Kyran HistoryEdit

The Kyran started as multicellular organisms on a scorching planet in the outer rims of the galaxy. They formed in the lava, and adapted to the intense, burning heat. They eventually grew small stumps of legs, and waddled on to the shore. The Kyran settled and formed a nest. They reproduced and eventually they decided to migrate, as they were too close to shore. As they were moving, they passed a nest of Zetri (Zebra-like creatures). The Kyran, who were slightly intelligent, trained the Zetri as mounts. The Zetri made migrating much, much faster.

The Kyran developed and advanced, but this was difficult, as the planet's average temperature was 149 degrees at that point. They eventually started tribes and settled in one area. They grew in size, number, and strength. Then, they met the Aepox clan. The two tribes took an immediate disliking in each other. Soon, they were at war.

After the first few years, the Kyran started to decline as the Aepox clan took their villages. Then the Kyran lost Zionick, their biggest village. A Kyran named Zeron then came up with a concoction. He injected a bio-enhancing liquid into every member of the tribe. This gave them the power to turn an enemy on their side for a short amount of time. As the Kyran reproduced, the enhancement became part of their DNA. This helped the Kyran in their war, but not enough.

Then, one day, a few spaceships came from the atmosphere. They landed to check out the planet's T-Score and environment to see if it was ready to colonize. The species, whom the Kyran called Ludia Z'viezed (people of the stars), were Sylits. When the Sylits found the Kyran on this planet, they decided to help the Kyran in their war against Aepox clan. Within hours, all Aepox were destroyed.

The leader of the fleet of Sylits, Aturox, decided to help the Kyran evolve, develop, and advance. This was easy, as the Kyran were very intelligent for their time. The Sylits used technology to move the planet farther away from the sun, giving it a better terrascore. The average temperature was then 88, which made the planet almost T3. With the Kyrans' permission, the Sylits terraformed the planet to T3.

With the Sylits' help, the Kyran eventually entered Space. They immediately became allies with the Sylits in 747 S.A. (Sylit time) and joined the Sylit Republic. They signed the SR Settlement this year to become the third race in the SR.

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