Kymarrians are smart, brave little creatures. Their homeworld of Kymarria is a lush beautiful planet located in the Atylent system. They are what you call miniature brutes. They'd make strong allies, but they'd also make hard opponents. If you don't like wars, be careful not to upset one of these creatures.

Note: The last word in species type refers to the stripe color. There were the species Yellowia and Redia, until they went extinct long ago.

See here for their history.



The Kymarrians home planet is named Kymarria. It may be quite obvious, hence the name Kymarrian, as in the creature name of Kymarrian came from the planets name.


The planet Kymarria is the 1st planet in the system of Atylent. It is close enough and far away enough to become what I like to call a lush planet. Lush planets are T3 planets in green orbits with their atmosphere blue, their oceans cyan, and their land green.


Kymarria is bustling with life. It's everywhere. There's just too much to list. The dominant species is of course the Kymarrians.



Kymarrians are basically intelligent scavengers. I am assuming you know what scavengers are. If you don't, scavengers are omnivores that eat anything they find. Same is true with Kymarrians, except for the fact that Kymarrians don't graze, hunt, or scavenge. They just eat anything, including garbage.


Kymarrians have a lifespan of 150 Kymarria years, which is equal to 280 Earth years.


A Kymarrian's abilities:

  • Strike: Lv3
  • Bite: Lv2
  • Speed: Lv4
  • Health: 40
  • Sight: Yes

Body Color[]

The only non-extinct species of Kymarrianae, the Black-Striped Kymarrian, is...well...black striped. It was body color that determined the difference between species of Kymarrianae. All Kymarrianae are/were gray colored with a huge, wide, red stripe on the front of their bodies. The other stripes were either black, yellow, or red. The stripe color of the body really determined the species.

Tribal Life[]

The basic tribal life for a Kymarrian is guarding the village armed with nothing but a whip and your claws. You could also be a fruit gatherer, a hunter, a fishermen, a healer, or a warrior, or if your lucky, the chieftain. If you got your jobs done for the day, you could spend the rest of the night at the fire dancing to the drumbeat of a drum nearby, or roasting Jeluseha, a type of sweet fruit.


After destroying all opposing tribes, the Kymarrians became the dominant species of Kymarria. Unfortunately, the planet became divided by the 10 nations that rose to the technology age. Blue Nation was the most powerful through economic and militaristic means. Think of it like a chain reaction. The Blue Nation was very wealthy, so they spent a lot of that wealth for a strong military. Eventually, the Blue Nation rose to power and destroyed every other nation on the globe.

The Kymarrian Empire[]

The Beginnings[]

In the year 2250, the planet Kymarria had been completely united through militaristic force by the Blue Nation. In the year 2253, an idea came up. That idea was to start researching for the technology to travel through space. Famous scientist Gherald Kunki was in command of the group. The original group did not finish the project. All of the team died in a chemical explosion. However, 90 years later, Gherald's son Janshon discovered the lost plans to the planned UFO.

An Empire Formed[]

After Janshon found the UFO plans, he set out to find a team to help develop the UFO.


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