The Krylinks are a small empire of 14 planets. They are part of the Sylit Republic.


Krylink scientists have found that they started as small multicellular organisms that grew onto land. The Krylinks grew numerous and made nests. They were mostly friendly with other nests, and made allies. Then, they entered the tribal era.

There were 6 major tribes, Mayjerex tribe, Kryant tribe, Archlink tribe, Brabilis tribe, Sibilbrab tribe, and Kostum tribe. At first all were peaceful, but then The First War started. It was a religious disagreement. It started with Mayjerex tribe and Sibilbrab tribe. Then Kostum tribe joined. At the Battle of Big Red Hill, the Sibilbrab army was utterly destroyed. Both the Mayjerex tribe and Kostum tribe took their chance. Sibilbrab tribe was attacked and, with no army to protect them, they were all killed. As Mayjerex tribe and Kostum tribe were battling, Brabilis tribe destroyed Kostum tribe's village. As they were attacking Mayjerex tribe's village, the Mayjerex tribe came back from the battle and attacked Brabilis tribe's army. It was a draw as neither were beaten. The Brabilis tribe returned to their village, to find that it had been looted while they were gone. The citizens were still there, but their money and valuable items weren't. The leader of Brabilis tribe, Amleck, swore vengeance against the tribe that did this.

Kryant tribe and Archlink tribe decided to ally, and then joined together as the Krylink tribe. They entered The First War by attacking Brabilis tribe, whom they beat. (Kryant tribe was the one who looted Brabilis tribe's village before that.) The Krylink tribe allied with Kostum tribe, who had rebuilt their village. Together the two tribe destroyed Mayjerex tribe. Then Krylink tribe backstabbed the Kostum tribe and took them by surprise. Krylink tribe defeated them. They grew and expanded, and eventually entered the Civilization era.

The Krylinks dominated the continent. After years of advancing, developing, and exploring, then found nothing on any of the two other continents. They took their time and evolved.

Soon, they made space shuttles. Eventually, they made a colony on their moon. The next step was colonizing another planet in their star system. They decided to take a break from colonizing and keep advancing in technology.

One year, they met their first alien species. They species were called Sylits. The two species quickly became friends. That same year, Sylit and Krylink scientists discovered that the two species shared 87% of their DNA. They decided to join together and form the Sylit Republic.


The Krylinks adopted all of the same traditions as the Sylits after they met. They threw out their customs.

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