Get outta here.

- Krolequian

The Ottzelloan Lequian, also known as the Krolequian, are a sub-species of the Lequian which live in Ottzello. Adapting to the galaxy's alien planet sciences, they became advanced due to the Chronoscopicspawn. Bringing Lequian culture to UNO, the Krolequians serve a variety of roles within URO.


Early history[]

At around the time the Ottzelloans had learned intergalactic travel, the Defensive System's Bloc were one of the species they contacted. When the DSB learnt of Ottzello's alien planet sciences, they sent several scientists to test this out. The result of testing with Chronoscopicspawn was an entire colony of Chronoscopic-like Lequians, which wre part of the DSB.

When the DSB were in the DCP/Loron War, the Krolequians spread throughout several systems in order to avoid death from OtzDie. They were also the front of DSB invasion fleets.

Perils of Ottzello[]

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Krolequians had to spread further. As they could no longer simply trade with Galot for food and resources, the Krolequian set up their own civilisation. They found it very difficult to contact the DSB, and to help survive, many got involved in the criminal underworld.

During the Third Ottzello Galactic War, many scientist colonies and war outposts were destroyed by the Hostile Xenoform Threat. While the DSB no longer had as much need for them, the loss was still bad for the Krolequians. The Krolequians totally inserted themselves into the criminal society. When the HXTs were eradicated, the Unified Nation of Ottzello helped grant the Krolequians their own colonies and home, and helped them contact the Defensive System's Bloc once again, while others joined the Unified Nation. This increased the two nations' relationships with each other.

When the Unified Nation of Ottzello was destroyed, they joined the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Krolequian are similar to the Lequian, but are taller, more colourful (with Chronoscopic colours), and have horns.


Krolequian are slightly more tough than Lequian, as their genes have been improved by Chronoscopic, as well as from their experiences in Ottzello. They have a generally greater survivability and are stronger with abilities to adapt to any environment.

Being Chronoscopicspawn creatures, the Krolequian have powers of both Light and Dark Chronoscopic. Ordinary Lequian were known to be adept at Chronoscopic, so the Krolequian have powers that fall short of the Ioketa. Besides this, they have superior physiology, and are slightly wiser due to have some view on possible timelines.

Within URO, the Krolequian use The System.


Krolequian society has little that resembles that of the old DSB. They are more war centred, with aggressive and criminal figures living among them. The Krolequians is comparable to the Heeyorian prior to joining UNO, as well partially as to UNO themselves. Several old Lequian sports and games are played, but only for gambling and other dishonest reasons. Lequian culture still spreads, but religion is influenced by the Telzoc.

Their own cities aren't all that special, mainly just consisting of research and war outposts, which are the only thing that resembles the old DSB. The Krlequian society is now very similar to URO's. Many Krolequian cities in the DSB are a hub of criminal activity, due to the colonies being on the outskirts of the galaxy and little Krolequian secuirty, plus the Krolequian's criminal past.

Within UNO, however, they are identical to the rest of UNO's society, and their cities are the same as UNO's.


Krolequian use vehicles from both the Defensive System's Bloc and the Unified Nation of Ottzello, depending on which faction they belong to. In both factions, being Chronoscopic beings, Krolequians are capable of using Chronoscopic/Dark Chronoscopic weaponry. Their devices are similar to those of the Lequian.

Krolequian weapons are similar to the Lequian, but more adapted; from being away from the Lequian and being forced to survive in the criminal underworld, the Krolequian adapted and improved their weaponry, both with and without their Chronoscopic/Dark Chronoscopic enhancements to the weapons.



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