Krillia are tiny little fresh water marine creatures who scavenge the ground for food, graze and help filter the lake. They travel in underwater schools and tend to be very fast and blend in with their surroundings. They live 3-5 years and can be very curious and playful. This makes them good pets.


  • krillia are based mainly on the Fresh water shrimp correctly known as Gammeridae.
  • krillia are very social and thus usually hunt, or scavenge in packs.
  • krillia usually nest in caves and lay their eggs there.
  • krillia mating grounds are usually found in dense kelp or seaweed forests.
  • krillia evolved to form primitive communication similar to whales.


  • krillia is now an GA adventure in which you swim around living life as a krillia.
  • Do to their diet Krillia are a vital source of nutrients.
  • Krillia have 6 main legs but have an two inside their mouths to break down food.