Kraw - United and Free Kraw Empire
Physical Data
Height 1.68m
Weight 70Kg Average
Lifespan 125 years average
Common Personality The bored kind of heros
Type of creature Reptillian
Language Kraw Universal Language (KUL)
Empire Data
Affiliation Kraw Federation
KUL Name Krawnak Empir
Tier Low Tier 4
Size 400+ colonies
Location Kraw Arm, Kraw Galaxy
Population 240+ Billion People
Government Council-based Democracy
Leader Daaxri Aisek, since 409 KRE
Species Kraw, Tahars, Tyrekians, others
Homeworld Horehronie
Alignment True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral
Currency Kron (1KR = 1§)
Status Active
Age 400+ Years
Formed 01/01/0 KRE
Best Allies Tahar Empire, BNSC
Worst Foes DCP
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptillia
Order Homosauria
Family Sekliulidae
Genus-Species Kraw Horaehori

Look upon our galaxy. The magnificence of Kraw, its beauty, its culture. The Federation we guide might not have thousands of worlds under our grasp, indeed, but this small size hides inner strength and fortitude. Why? Because the Federation is protected by us. Our galaxy's power reflects our own. We are the protectors and guardians of Kraw Galaxy, destined by fate to be a shield that protects it from the darkness of the universe. And I swear by all things sacred... we will not falter.

- Kies Kortograa, a Kraw Commander

The Kraw race, which is part of the Kraw Empire (KUL: Krawnak Empir), are a race of sapient beings in the Kraw Galaxy. They assumed leadership over their galaxy by diplomacy, hence the Galaxy is named after them. Their hero-like acts also contributed to their success as leaders of the Galaxy.

The Kraw can be classified as peaceful and Neutral, though if they see something is wrong with the Galaxy, they will immediatly try to fix it, as they feel the need to do this. Sometimes this is taken to extremes, as viewed in Emperor Kies's policies. Kraw do heroics for respect only, thus they're classified as "The bored kind of heroes".

Their current supreme commander is Commander Inhraahk, succeeding Kies in the line of supreme commander.


Tribal and Civilization Eras[]

In -9073 KRE, The Kraw began building huts to shelter themselves, and started doing primitive agriculture. This started their tribal age. Kraw were carnivores, so their agriculture was based on Zalkarg and Akrodek meat. War was somewhat of a tradition for Tribal Kraw, as the tribes fought for resources, like wood and Zalkargs.

Kraw were believers in a system that kept the planet habitable, and not in a deity. The system was worshipped daily by Tribal Kraw to "keep the system going".

In the Classical era, KrawVision began to unite all civilizations in their homeworld. The Civilization era began in -1099 KRE.

During the last millenium before space, Kraw were interested in what was beyond the "system", so they peeked into space a lot, but not before a Kraw got blind for looking at the sun for too long.

Kraw acted somewhat like humanity, though they were more industrial. The Greater Wars of -444 KRE were one of the more devastating eras for Krawnian kind, so much that 444 is considered a bad luck number.

By the last century, before space, Diplomacy and war were common, networks were common, and Kraw were often Lazy, though they never gave up, and developed the first space programs and "Byzou webs", which were like social websites, only they were global. This behavior continues to this day.

Back then, the Yorgan Empire, Krieskaag and the Byarg Empire were the major nations and often had cold wars and grudges, but the Yorgans decided to ICBM everyone, killing 2 Billion people. Kraw, even today, raged at this incident. The government that ruled Yorg was disbanded and executed, and a new, Kraw friendly government was formed, creating the Kraw Empire. That Government also named the planet Horehronie, their homeworld, but there was a lot of controversy before the name was made up.

Recent History[]

The KSS, the Kraw Space service, reached a point where it could colonize other planets in -1 KRE. Initial tests were disastrous, resulting in the deaths of space commanders, but later on, they made a working new age spaceship, and they launched that spaceship into space. The KRE calendar appeared on that date.

The Kraw explored a lot around space, settling 50 Colonies in 90 years. Though there was a problem. Sonars caught up all the hate and wars around the Galaxy, and the fact that the Galaxy had no leaders. So, the Kraw decided to take over using diplomacy. In 97 KRE, using a mega-communicator, and some hijacking and setting up for the different screens of the Galaxy, the Kraw showed pictures of their history and then Emperor Kimera spoke.

We are the Kraw People. And this is a message for galactic unity. We want a united galaxy, where culture is abundant, but people have someone who they can trust, and someone who will protect them from stronger empires. We can do that because we have helped people before, in other ways. Give us a chance to lead the Galaxy, as we try to prove ourselves to you.

- Emperor Kimera

At first, the empires were weary of the Kraw, due to the ICBM footages, but the Kraw slowly gained their respect by doing favors and helping minor empires. By 100 KRE, 95% of the Galaxy agreed to be ruled by the Kraw.

In 300 KRE, a ceremony chose the Asgord, Iteok and Tahars to be part of their cause of keeping the Galaxy in order, though the Iteok were more rebellious.

By 399 KRE, they had around 400 colonies, and were worshipped as heroes, and even gods.

The Encounter[]

The Kraw played a Major Role in the Iteok-Tahar War of 399-400 KRE. They supplied the Tahars with a Major Fleet in 400 KRE, which Led to the Defeat of the Iteok. Currently they are Exploring other Galaxies to Expand the Kraw Influence.

BNSC-Zazane War[]

In 18/02/401 KRE, the Kraw entered a war to save the BNSC from the evil Zazane. Kies was helping the BNSC in defending Reach, however, they were unsuccessful. This made the Kraw hate the Zazane.

War of Champions[]

In 21/04/401 KRE, The Iteok declared war on the Kraw. The Kraw initially lost Jokraata, one of their planets, but managed to defeat the Iteok and trap the Iteok again, this time, under defensive colonies.

2nd war of the Black Fog and the Asgord Genocide[]

The Kraw also took part in a war against the Loron, to defend the Iteok Khereg. The result was victory in the Allied side. The Kraw are also trying to defend the FRA against the ULE and other empires. This war made the Kraw hate the DCP.

The Kraw kept the DCP at bay for a while, until the Kraw became Trigger happy, and got their weaknesses caught. The DCP then destroyed 95% of the Kraw Fleets and destroyed the Kraw's shipyards, leaving the Kraw Stranded for a good while. During this time, they also had their forms slightly Re-arranged by the Hrezi AI. They were partially recovered in Hexnaar 403 KRE, but they only were back to normal much later, in late 404 KRE.

During the end months of 404 KRE, they assisted the Apalos civilization in forming the Kraw Federation. As the Kraw Galaxy recovered from the Anihilation and other minor events, the grudge the Kraw had against the DCP and other empires was still imprinted into their society, which led to the Kraw's need for a more rigid leader, hence the election of Emperor Kies in 407 KRE. Kies then appointed Inhraahk to succeed him as the Supreme Commander of the Kraw Empire.

Kraw Culture[]

The Kraw are a Race with a culture similar to the Empire of Halloway, however, Kraw society isn't very social, though Kraw usually visit Krawnet networks like the Kraw Galaxy Video Database, which is free from any copyright laws, as they're non-existant in the Kraw Empire..

In Kraw Television, there are varied shows, like Talkshows, Sports, News and light humor, and also series such as "Egzilak" (Exile), however, the Kraw's favorite show is the KrawVision song contest. Byarg has the most wins in the contest, with 397 wins.

Criminal Kraw are sent to jail like Humans, only torture is legal for the worst crimes for interrogation purposes, though there are no death penalties. The crime Rate is the 2nd Lowest out of the Major 4 Races. Only the FRA have a lower crime rate.

Kraw Demographics are balanced (55% men, 45% women), and men and women have an equal share of power. The Current Kraw Population is 234 Billion.

Kraw are generally nearly emotionless, and only show emotions in strong moments. Aside from that, Kraw almost never smile or get angry, and never greet or insult people, unless they are insulted at or greeted at. They speak with a normal voice 90% of the time, except when in extreme sadness.

The Kraw's favorite sport is Kalbol, which is like Handball, only the goal is to throw the ball at hoops, them having a diffrent pattern in each match. Each match lasts 60 minutes and has 2 parts, each with 30 minutes. The one to score the most points wins.

Empire Size[]

As of: 01/03/408 KRE

The Kraw now have 425 Colonies, located in the Kraw Arm, but the Kraw also have a City in the BNSC Colony of Tantalus, in the Epsilon Eridani System, Milky Way. The Kraw main territory is currently in a good status, still finalizing its recovery.


The Kraw have the 2nd Most advanced Technology out of the Major 4 Races, only surpassed by the Tahars.

But despite this, The Kraw possess many Technological advancements, like a Helmet that can grant the user with mind control, through a Neuronic Signal, and many advanced weapons, some from the Tahar Empire.

From the Tokzhalan Empire, the Kraw also have Quantum Replicators, which advanced the social status of all Kraw by a lot, however, the Kraw currency, the Kron has not been abandoned despite this. Also, the Kraw Empire has non-phasic shielding. The Kraw have to watch out so that this technology doesn't fall into evil hands.


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  • Zarni - "Tried to attack the FRA."

Quotes from other Users[]

A Cool Civilization, Hope they can advance in the Future!

- Gablinus-Avis

A very nice civilization. They look like they can work hard... they look like potential slaves!

- Captain Votarah

We have recently discovered this civilization. This empire has a similar philosophy to ours, perhaps an alliance shall be beneficial...

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

This Species had racial abilities far beyond are's, an alliance will be welcomed by our people..

- The Kazalori Head of The Kazalori Empire

Subject:Kraw/An advancing species, though very far away from the home galaxy./Threat level:low/conclusion:Leave it until the expedition returns

- Alrit database

Seeing you are in our galaxy now (Milky Way), pherhaps an alliance will suit us both. Any multiple galaxy-faring empire is of high interest. If you wish to visit us, our home planet is 131 parsecs from Sol, which has been colonized anyway.

- Magoses, the overlord of the Hellspino Empire

Threat detected -- wait...this no threat.

- Da'lan

These are very intelligent beings right inside the galaxy! We cannot wait to start building ships for you.

- The PEN

You are foolish to believe you can defeat the might of the Gros. I'll enjoy seeing you being stomped flat by our Cheuriths!

- Commandant Kolger

Very noble of you to risk your lives for the asgord.We shall bear the weight together now, and fight for the end of the cruel gros,and free those slaves they have kept under their fist for to long.

- Ugandalore the Great
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